Obi Cubana Biography, Source of wealth & Net Worth in 2024

Obi Cubana Biography, Net worth, Mother Burial,
Obi Cubana - Via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about Obi Cubana Biography, Businesses, Source of wealth, Mothers Burial and Net Worth in 2024 via Afrokonnect. So, today I will be revealing information about one of Nigerian’s headline makers, a business mogul, entertainer, internet sensation and a philanthropist who has worked his way to the very top from the bottom.

If you’re among the people wondering who is Obi Cubana and wondering how he made so much money then you’re in the right page, because I will reveal to you everything you need to know about the Nightlife entrepreneur.

At one point Obi Cubana was literally one of the most talked about lavish spenders in Nigeria. Notably his mother’s burial was one of the most trending topics online in 2021, that was when a lot of people realized how rich Obi was.

First of all to know how Obi Cubana made so much money we have to go back to his background information, which is why I’m starting this article with his biography, that will enable us know where he is coming from.

Obi Cubana Biography, Source of wealth and Net Worth in 2024

Early Life and Background Information

Even though majority of people know him as Obi Cubana his real legal name is Obi Iyiegbu and he was Born on the 12th April in 1975. He is an indigene of Anambra State from a community in Demili-South Local Government Area and of course a Nigerian by means of birth.

While growing up Obi Cubana started and completed his primary education at the Central Primary School where he secured his first leaving school certificate, he continued his secondary education at Dennis Memorial Grammar School, where he received his West Africa Senior School Certificate.

In 1998 he proceeded to University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he graduated with a degree in Political science. Right from his university days Obi Cubana was known for entrepreneurial skills and passion for creating wealth, immediately After graduating from University, Obi cubana decided to focus on his business properly.

Now that we have a little background information about Obi’s educational information and Family ties, let’s slide into the next section of this article about his businesses, Personal Life, source of wealth and Net Worth.

Obi Cubana Investments, Source of wealth, Biography and Net Worth in 2024

There’s a general believe among the Igbo’s (A tribe in Nigeria) that only Business can give you generational wealth not even Government. Looking at Obi Cubana one cannot even doubt the fact that he has created a generational wealth for his families and their unborn children,

More so, this success by Obi Cubana didn’t happen overnight, it was just pure persistence and hard work, according him he has been turned down countless times but he kept working and believing, today the business mogul owns some of the most expensive hotels across the country.

The first independent recognizable investment engaged by Obi Cubana was in the Nigerian hospitality industry when he started working with Ibiza Club in Abuja in 2006, after three years Obi established the Cubana group, a palatial hospitality brand offering Restaurant, Hotels and nightclub,

Cubana group was established in Owerri, Imo state capital, Nigeria, now spread across the country. The same Cubana group is responsible for hosting the famous Hustle and Bustle event in Abuja, Nigeria, in mid 2021 Obi Cubana’s Hustle and Bustle hosted some of the biggest stars in Nigeria.

The likes Davido, Wizkid, Patoranking among others all came to the Hustle and Bustle powered by Obi Cubana. Obi Cubana has worked closely with notable associates, one of which is his close friend and business partner “Cubana Chief Priest”.

Cubana Chief Priest has worked alongside Obi to manage and build wealth together, aside their entertainment hub the duo have collaborated on other businesses like Cubana Real Estate, Cubana Dubai among others.

Personal Life and Wife of Obi Cubana – Ebele Iyiegbu

This article won’t be complete without talking about Obi’s Personal life and his beautiful family. On that note, Obi Cubana is married to a lawyer in person of Mrs Ebele Iyiegbu, they got married in 2008, together they have four children namely; Alex, Ebube, Ifeanyi and Kosisochukwu,

Just like her husband, his wife Ebele also a business woman, Event planner and a philanthropist. Mrs Ebele is the owner and founder of the non-government organization “KIEK foundation”. She also owns her personal private businesses with investment in different sectors of the Economy like her Casa Cubana homes in real estate.

Obi Cubana Mother’s Burial

An ideal Obi Cubana Biography article isn’t complete without highlighting his remarkable Mother’s burial. Unfortunately for Obi Cubana he lost his mother who has been there for him through thick and thin,

She was buried on the 16th of July in 2021, friends and well wishers came to support Obi during his mother’s burial ceremony, a burial ceremony that lasted a week long in Oba, Anambra state, many people regarded it as one of the biggest burial ceremony in Nigeria, different people brought gift of all kinds ranging from Cows, Cars, Cash and more.

During Obi Cubana mother’s burial he received 346 cows, 20 Rams, and 72 Goats, out of those 346 cows 46 came from his close business partner and associate “Cubana Chief Priest”, 10 cows came from his billionaire friend “Jowe Zara” and so on.


Additionally, Obi Cubana customized a $100,000 diamond pendant and neckpiece in respect to his late mother. 

Awards and Recognition

Obi Cubana has been recognized for his business achievement and has won several awards over the years, some of the awards won by Obi Cubana includes but no limited to;

  • Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2016
  • Northern Nigeria Peace Summit/Award in 2017
  • Right Ville School special leadership Award in May 2017
  • Ghana-Nigeria Achievers Award in 2017
  • Nigeria Film corporation Entertainment as Icon Award in 2017
  • Democracy Heroes Award in 2018

Now that we’ve seen a bit about Obi Cubana biography and Personal life let’s dive into his Net Worth.

Obi Cubana Net Worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

Obi Cubana’s car fleet includes Lexus LX, Mercedes Benz 4matic S450, Range Rover, Rolls Royce Phantom and more. The Nightlife entrepreneur owns clubs and other properties worth more than $2 billion across several states like Lagos, Abuja, Enugu and Port Harcourt among others,

From all these investment, Properties and personal endorsements deals, Obi Cubana is reportedly to have an estimated net worth of $500,000,000 in 2024, which equals over 205,750,000,000 Nigerian Naira.

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Profile Summary

Obi Cubana Biography, Net worth, Mother Burial,
Obi Cubana – Via Afrokonnect

Full Name

Obi Iyiegbu A.K.A Obi Cubana

Date of Birth

April 12, 1975






Ebele Iyiegbu

Net worth

$500 million


Cubana Chief Priest, E-Money, Davido, Wizkid


The success that Obi Cubana has achieved is a result of her determination, strong community, and entrepreneurial spirit. He rose from modest origins to become one of Nigeria’s most prosperous businessmen, amassing a huge empire in the hotel, entertainment, and real estate industries. Obi Cubana has achieved personal achievement and contributed to the economic growth and prosperity of his community by his unwavering commitment to excellence, vision, and the creation of opportunity for many others.

Obi Cubana’s charitable work and commitment to giving back have been just as influential on society as his economic ventures. His dedication to social responsibility and community development is evident in the many times he has utilised his platform to help the downtrodden. Obi Cubana has inspired countless others to make a difference in the world through his philanthropic work, job creation, and mentorship programmes.

Finally, the story of Obi Cubana is an inspiring tale of kindness, perseverance, and compassion. His legacy will serve as an inspiration to young entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs all across the world as he keeps making progress in business and philanthropy.

Obi always insists Miracles or rituals doesn’t make you rich, hard work does and on that note, this brings us to the end of this article about Obi Cubana Biography, Businesses, Source of wealth and Net Worth in 2024 via Afrokonnect. If you enjoyed reading this text kindly share it on social media.


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