Softmadeit Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend & Cars

Welcome to this post about Softmadeit Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend and Cars, via Afrokonnect. Jerry Chuks, better known by his stage name Softmadeit, is a well-known TikTok influencer and content creator from Nigeria on the platform.

His lively and alluring dancing moves have earned him a lot of attention, and he is well-known for his Tik Tok and Instagram dancing videos as well as his participation in Trendy Tik Tok challenges.

Softmadeit’s current estimated net worth is $250,000, or approximately 394,555,000 Nigerian Naira. He made over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars as a content creator. His sources of income include the commercialization of his TikTok profile, his YouTube channel, his ambassador engagements, and his modelling gigs.

We are going to have a look at the biography of Softmadeit, a popular Tik Tok performer from Nigeria, in this post that is dedicated to biographical information. Further post material can be found below.

Softmadeit Biography, Net Worth, Real Name, Girlfriend & Cars

Early Life and Background Information

Jerry Chuks, the person who would later become popularly known as Softmadeit, was born on August 2, 1996 in Festac, which is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. The young man was born in Lagos, although he is originally from Imo State, which is located in Eastern Nigeria.

He was raised in a manner that was faithful to the Christian religion. King’s College was where Softmadeit had his secondary school education, and Babcock University was where he received his institution of higher learning education. What is known about his history is not very extensive but expect extra updates, as is customary to our standard at Afrokonnect.

Professional Career of SOFTMADEIT

After videos of Softmadeit dancing to popular Tik Tok and Instagram Dance challenges went viral on the internet, he gained a lot of popularity. While his TikTok handle, Softmadeit, has acquired a staggering 4.2 Million+ followers and over 65 Million+ likes, I myself am a subscriber to his channel.

Softmadeit is not only a dancer but also a model, an entrepreneur, and a brand ambassador in addition to being a social media content creator. ┬áThe brandname “Softmadeit” has collaborated with a wide variety of organisations, including Tecno and Lagos City Polytechnic, amongst others.

Up to this point, this Tik Tok star has established a name for himself in the realm of content creation for social media platforms. Along with other colleagues of his, such as Poco Lee and a great number of other individuals, he is recognised as one of the most talented dancers in Nigeria.

Additionally, Softmadeit is a member of a Tik Tok Group known as “The Geng.” This group is well-known for its ability to collaborate on the production of material with other members now in the fold.


At the moment, Softmadeit has an estimated net worth of $250,000 which equals around 394,555,000 Nigerian Naira. As a content creator he recorded over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The commercialisation of his TikTok profile, his YouTube channel, the ambassador deals he has, and the modelling assignments he has are all sources of income for him. Also, we can state that his Twitter account is successful in generating revenue. Even more than that, the young man is an entrepreneur so thumbs up to him.

What is the real name Softmadeit?

Jerry Chuks is the real-name of Softmadeit. Though he is widely known by his moniker, the government only recognise him legally as Jerry Chuks.

Who is the Girlfriend of Softmadeit?

At one point in time, there were rumours circulating on the internet that Softmadeit was involved in a romantic relationship with Beauty Goddess, a popular Tik Tok influencer and fellow member of “The Geng.”

On the other hand, Softmadeit and Beauty Goddess expressed their disagreement with the notion and maintained that they were merely good friends in the Content Creation sector and that there was no connection between them. It is not known to the media that Softmadeit is currently involved in a romantic relationship at this time. Eyes wide open, fingers crossed, and waiting for more information to land into our hands and update you.

Softmadeit Biography, Net Worth, Real Name and Girlfriend


You can find Softmadeit Social media accounts via:

  • @softmadeit_ on TikTok
  • @softmadeit_ on Instagram
  • And, @MadeItSoft on Twitter (X)
  • YouTube: Softmadeit

Does Softmadeit has a Sister?

The sister of Softmadeit is known as Chito, and she is also a TikTok Influencer herself; I guess you could say that it runs in the family, I suppose.

How Old is Softmadeit?

As of the year 2024, Softmadeit is 28 years old and depending on when you stumble on this post, know that his date of birth is August 2, 1996.

What is the relationship between Softmadeit and Beauty Goddess?

It is not true that Beauty Goddess and No Softmadeit are dating; rather, they are simply pals.

Which state does Softmadeit come from?

The Nigerian state of Imo is where Softmadeit was born.


The specifics of Softmadeit’s automobiles are unknown at this time. On the other hand, the young man has been seen striking postures in his photographs very close to the automobiles that are listed below;

  • Vehicles such as the Range Rover,
  • Lexus SUV, and Mercedes-Benz

These are the car that fans have seen Softmadeit use over the course of recent years.


  • Softmadeit has More than four million people follow him on TikTok, more than seven hundred and sixty-seven thousand people follow him on Instagram, over seven thousand people follow him on Twitter, and more than seven thousand people subscribe to him on YouTube.
  • In the capacity of Ambassador, he has worked with a variety of enterprises and organisations, including Tecno and Lagos State Polytechnic, among others.

Conclusion about Softmadeit Biography and Net Worth

Softmadeit biography and net worth
Softmadeit – via Afrokonnect

Whatever it is that you do in this world, you should create a mark and establish a reputation for yourself, just like Softmadeit, who is acknowledged as one of the Celebrity dancers in Nigeria at the present time.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog post; I would appreciate it if you could leave your feedback in the comments section and mention your favourite Tik Tok dancer or favourite Tik Tok star. Enjoy yourself by clicking on the other intriguing posts that are listed below.


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