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Best Investments To Start in 2022 – Online Investment Platforms

The Best Investments To Start in 2022 - Online Investment Platforms and More via Afrokonnect.

The Best Investments To Start in 2022 – Online Investment Platforms, Real Estate investment and More via Afrokonnect.

Which Investments Is Best To Start In 2022?,

This is just a guess but if you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for guidance and advice for investing some of your money.

You are probably wondering what the following are:

  • Best investment platform for beginners
  • Best online investment platform
  • Angel investment platform
  • Startup investment platform
  • Alternative investment platform
  • Real estate investment platform

Which investment platform is best in Nigeria 2022

Well, here is the good news. This article gives you the answers you need by explaining investments and how they work and also provides comprehensive answers to questions you may have.

What is Investment?

Investopedia.com defines an investment as an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation,

A good purchased as an investment is not for immediate consumption but is to be used in the future for the purpose of creating wealth.

A key takeaway to this definition is that for any form of investing to take place,

capital has to be put to use to acquire stocks, real estate property, part of a business, bonds etc in hopes of a bigger return in the future than what was originally put in.

There are various forms which investments can take, some of which are;

Stocks – Best Investments in 2022

This is a security that represents the ownership of a fraction of a corporation (as defined by investopedia.com),

A unit of stock is called ‘share’ and buying a share indicates fractional ownership of the corporation in proportion to the total number of shares.


According to nerdwallet.com, a bond is a loan from an investor to a borrower such as a company or government,

The borrower uses the money to fund it’s operations and the investor receives interest on the capital invested or in this case, lended.

Best Investments in 2022


An annuity is a long-term investment that is issued by an insurance company and is designed to protect the investor from the risk of outliving his or her income.

There are other forms of investment which are;

  • Bank products
  • Alternative and complex products
  • Initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies
  • Saving for education
  • Security futures
  • Options
  • Retirement
  • Insurance
  • Mutual funds and ETF’s

Now that investment and it’s forms have been explained in detail, we can move to the next part of the article:

Which Investment is best to start in 2022

With more people looking to go into investing in the coming year,

You need adequate information to make sure you’re putting your eggs in the right basket or baskets and, we’re here to help.

Below is a list of best investments that are going to be very profitable in 2022;

Technology – Online Investment Platforms

It is no longer news that to make money, you have to find a solution to an unsolved problem,

And then after sharing the solution you’ll start making your money,

Where are we going with this? Let’s see.

Right now, over 76 million Nigerians use the internet,

At the same time, there are so many issues especially financially wise that we face in the country that can be solved by technology.

The unfortunate news is that tech companies are being underinvested in.

To solve this issue, you can invest in tech companies or you can build one yourself, Obviously the former is preferable.

Best Investments in 2022


Fact: In 2018, the Minister of Agriculture in Nigeria at that time in person of Mr Audu Ogbe announced that $22 billion was being spent on food importation,

You can imagine how much that figure would have grown with the ever increasing population.

The rise of this figure has to be reduced or impeded in some way and this can only be done by encouraging local farmers and agriculture companies to increase quantity of quality of production.

What other way to do this than to invest in the agriculture sector?

An example of this is the Bank of Agriculture which was created to assist agriculture-oriented businesses get finance and support,

Food will always be a necessity in the country and with the growing population, it would be quite a profitable venture to invest in the Agricultural sector.

I strongly recommend you read more about How To Start A Restaurant Business – A Step by Step Guide, If starting a restaurant business is something you’re passionate about.

Best Investments in 2022

Real Estate Investment 

Real estate is quickly becoming an hot cake in the country’s economy and that is due to the high rate of migration to major cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt etc.

With migration comes the need for housing and that is why you should invest in the real estate business investment weather you’re in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa or in Europe, America or even Asia,

And good thing is you can make your profit without having to get your hands dirty.

Oil and Gas

Nigeria depends on the oil and gas sector as the country is one of the largest oil producers in the world,

The oil and gas sector is also one of the biggest income generator for the country.

The interesting thing about this sector is that there are various areas that you as the investor can key and inject your capital into.

You just have to find your preferable option(s) and invest.


Nigeria has various natural resources which have been under explored and practically ignored,

Some minerals like koalin, tin, gold, coal, limestone are available in large quantities but they have not been mined yet and that is where your investment comes in.

Best Investments in 2022


Nigeria, Ghana and most African countries are becoming over dependent on importation,

We go as far as importing toothpicks and this is due to lack of adequate processing/manufacturing facilities.

Investing in more manufacturing companies would reduce dependency while at the same time, creating jobs for the unemployed which translates to economic progression.

Transportation – Best Investments in 2022

In major cities, there are crowds with inadequate transport facilities available,

Investing in alternative but effective modes of transport makes good investment.

Other Investments you can venture into includes but not limited to;

Best investments platform for beginners in 2022

For beginners, TD Ameritrade is best for the following reasons; 

  1. It is super easy to use
  2. It has educational content
  3. And, It also has all the tools new investors require to succeed.

An added bonus is that stock trades cost $0 which means it’s completely free!

Best Online Investment Platforms

The following are online investment platforms to consider when investing.

  • Webull
  • Merrill Edge (Comes with great research tools)
  • Trade Station
  • TD Ameritrade (Overall best for beginners as stated earlier)
  • First trade
  • Robinhood (Easy to use but no tools)
  • E*TRADE (This is the best web based platform)
  • Ally invest
  • Fidelity (Has excellent research and education)
  • Charles Schwab and
  • Interactive brokers.

Angel investment platform

Angel investment platforms are online platforms that connects business owners with experienced investors,

It helps fast growing companies find investors.

Right now, angel list which is an example of such platforms has over 270,000 investors.

How it works

Business owners can create a profile with which they can share more information on their businesses,

And if there are interested investors, they will invest .

In as much as it is very possible to make money from angel investing,

The possibility that angel investors could lose their entire investment should not be ignored.

That is why many angel investors are usually high networth people and people who can afford to invest in multiple businesses and industries to spread the risk.

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Some angel investing websites include;

Angel List, Life science angels, Tech coast angels, Golden seeds LLC, Hyde Park Angels, Funders club, Angel Invest Network.

Startup Investment Platforms

These are Investment platforms for start ups (businesses that have just began),

The difference between Start-up Investment platforms and Angel Investment platform is that while Angel investors chooses to invest in fast growing businesses, industries and companies,

Start-up investment platforms act as seed planters for new businesses.

There are various startup investment platforms and these include:

  • Seed invest which is stated by various websites as the best for start-ups
  • Start Engine
  • Republic
  • We-funder
  • Empower Africa

Alternative Investment Platforms

Wikipedia explains alternative investment as an investment in any asset class excluding stock bonds and cash,

It includes invest in precious metals, hedge funds, private equity, film production, CRYPTOCURRENCY, non-fungible tokens, real estate, forestry and shipping.

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Such platforms include;
  • Crypto.com (Minimum investment is $1 and Target return is varied)
  • Masterworks (Investment in paintings. Minimum investment is $1000 and the target return is between 10-25%)
  • Alumni ventures
  • Crowd street
  • Diversy Fund
  • Ground floor
  • Vinovest (Investment in fine wine. Minimum investment is $1000 and the target return is 2.25% – 2.85%)

Real Estate Investment Platforms

These are platforms that allow you invest in real estate companies and businesses either as part of a crowd or as an individual,

These platforms include;

Surrenderinvest, Realty Mogul, Peerstreet, Equity Multiple, Diversy Fund, Crowd street,

In Nigeria, such platforms include: Rise vest, Wealth.ng, Coreum etc.

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Best Investments in 2022

The Best Investments To Start in 2022 - Online Investment Platforms and More via Afrokonnect.

So far, answers to the following have been provided,

  • Best investment platform for beginners
  • Best online investment platform
  • Angel investment platform
  • Startup investment platform
  • Alternative investment platform
  • Real estate investment platform

This brings us to the last part of the article which is probably the most important if you’re looking for investment platforms in Nigeria.

Which Investment Platform Is The Best In Nigeria? – 2022

Truth is, there are various investment platforms in Nigeria and all have their pros and cons,

Our job is to present to you the various options available and then you choose what works best for you depending on your budget and the interest rate you prefer.

Without further ado, here are the best investment platforms in Nigeria

  • Farmcrowdy
  • I-invest: Purchase and manage treasury bills
  • Cowrywise: Agric, halal and market funds investment.
  • Piggyvest
  • Carbon (Formerly called Paylater)
  • Risevest: Invest in foreign stock
  • Trove: Invest in Chinese, Nigerian or/and American stocks and shares
  • E-Farms
  • Payday Investor by ARM
  • Chaka: Invest in local and foreign stock
  • Bamboo: Allows you invest in American and Nigerian stock.
  • Fint: Connects creditworthy borrowers to lenders. Lenders get back their money interest.

Best Investments in 2022

Watch the video below about 8 simple steps to start investing in 2022, how you can turn $150 to $3000;

Note that there is always a risk factor associated with an investment as investing is oriented towards the potential for future growth in income,

There is always the possibility that the Investment may not generate any income or that the value depreciates over time.

This is why it is necessary to invest in multiple businesses because they can act as shock absorber if any of the investment platforms do not generate income.

The Best Investments To Start in 2022 - Online Investment Platforms and More via Afrokonnect.

Above Image is an Investment tips I suggest you check out and take note of them,

On that note, we’ll round up this article about The Best Investments To Start in 2022 – Online Investment Platforms, Real Estate investment and More via Afrokonnect.

Christina Aguilera Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career

Christina Aguilera Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career
Christina Aguilera - via Afrokonnect

Christina Aguilera Biography, Age, Net Worth, Movie and music Career – 2022 via Afrokonnect.

We will be revealing to you everything about the popular American entrepreneur, versatile artist and a professional model,

She’s also known as the lady with a golden voice who sings crispy Acapella flawlessly,

Christina Aguilera uses her vocal abilities to speak out on sexuality, domestic violence and feminism.

So without further ado, let’s move into the main theme.

Christina Aguilera Biography, Net worth and Career

Before anything, Christina Aguilera was born on the 18th December in 1980,

Professionally she’s an American singer, songwriter, actress and a television personality.

Her biological father goes by the name “Xavier Aguilera” while her mother is known as “Shelly Moraine”,

Her father who’s legally known as “Xavier Aguilera” was a member of the United States army,

As a result of the nature of his job,  Christina Aguilera and her family had to move around a lot,

Her mother was a violinist and pianist, which is one of the major reasons she picked an interest in music.

While growing up Christina Aguilera attended Wexford’s Marshall Middle School and the Rochester Area School District,

During those times, Bullies used to have their way with her at schools,

However, against all odds she went through high school and finished her basic education successfully.

Unfortunately, Christina Aguilera’s parents divorced while she was still a child,

Precisely when Christina Aguilera was only about six years old her parent separated and stopped living together,

As a result, Christina Aguilera and her mother relocated to Pennsylvania to live with her maternal grandmother,

A landlocked state in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern and Appalachian regions of the United States,

Several sources on the internet reports that her father used to abuse Christina’s mother psychologically, emotionally and even physically,

Well, enough about Christina Aguilera background Information and Biography, let’s take a look at her career and more.

Christina Aguilera Career, Net worth, Appearance and Songs

Christina Aguilera is mostly credited as one of the singers notable for resurrecting adolescent pop in the late 1990s,

She is often referenced to as the “Voice of a Generation”,

More so, that didn’t just happen in a blink of an eye, it was years of preparation, Sacrifice and dedication,

She kept working even when she was faced with several family issues and scandals,

In 1999 Christina Aguilera released her first studio album,

Her single “Genie in a Bottle” became a household tune and a hit instantly,

Since then, Christina Aguilera has recorded seven studio albums with singles like Ain’t No Man, Dirrty, Beautiful among others.

Career Songs, Albums, Performances, TV Shows, Awards and Recognition

In 1998 Christina Aguilera auditioned for the Mulan soundtrack,

After She produced the song Reflection,  RCA Records offered her a recording contract, which she gladly accepted.

The following year in 1999 Christina Aguilera launched Christina Aguilera, her debut album,

The project featured some blockbuster singles such as Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Want,

The album charted at number one in the United States and internationally for reasonable timeframe.

At the Superbowl XXXIV in 2000, Christina Aguilera sang a duet with Enrique Iglesias,

In the same year, she received the Grammy for Best New Artist.

She went on to release “Mi Reflej”, her Latin-pop album for which she learned Spanish,

Nobody Wants to Be Lonely, a duet with Ricky Martin, was the hit single from the album.

In 2000 Christina Aguilera release another album “My Kind of Christmas”,

The project went platinum, selling more than 3 million copies globally.

Christina Aguilera released her fourth studio album “Stripe” in 2002,

The album was certified multi-platinum and sold a record-breaking 4 million copies worldwide.

Christina Aguilera Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career

In addition, she released her fifth studio album, Back to Basics, in 2003 which sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide.

Her smash single “Ain’t No Other Man” off the album won a Grammy,

In 2008 Christina Aguilera starred in Martin Scorsese’s Shine a Light documentary,

Two years later in 2010 Christina Aguilera released “Bioni” which came her sixth studio album in 2010,

The project featured the likes of Peaches, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj among others.

Christina Aguilera co-wrote majority of the songs in “Burlesque”, her first full-length featured film,

She co-starred alongside Stanley Tucci, Kirsten Bell and the rest of the cast,

While Steve Antin, a well-known filmmaker, wrote and directed the picture.

In 2012 Christina Aguilera seventh studio album “Lotus” was released,

The album later became one of her most successful till date,

She had three top-ten singles on the international charts in 2013.

Pitbull’s single “Feel This Moment” included Christina Aguilera as a featured artist,

The song was certified platinum by the RIAA after reaching number eight on the Billboard Hot 100.

In April 2015, she appeared in a regular role as Jade St. John, a pop singer attempting to break into country music, on season three of ABC’s musical drama series Nashville,

She also sang a disco song called Telepathy as the soundtrack of a Netflix original series called The Get Down in 2016.

Then she acted in the romance science fiction flick Zoe as a voice actress for The Emoji Movie in 2017,

They shot the film in 2017 and released it in 2018.

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Christina Aguilera Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career

Christina Aguilera gave a tribute to Whitney Houston at the American Music Awards in November 2017, performing a medley of songs from The Bodyguard,

She joined Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic for two nights at the famed Hollywood Bowl in July 2021,

They completely sold out both performances.

Then, in early October, Christina Aguilera sang the original series’ theme song in a soundtrack for The Addams Family,

She also sang two medleys for ABC’s Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary special, including original songs including Reflection, When You Wish Upon a Star, and Loyal Brave True.

Later, in October 2021, she published a song called Pa’ Mis Muchachas, which included Becky G, Nathy Peluso, and Nicki Nicole, who are Spanish singers,

It’s the first song from her long-awaited second Spanish album,

Which will be released more than two decades since her first, Mi Reflejo, was released in 2000.

Personal Life, Relationship, Children and Appearance

During several interviews Christina Aguilera categorically stated that she likes to go shopping, watch movies and hang out with her friends in her spare time,

She also enjoys dancing, listening to music and participating in sports.

Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin are her favourite singers,

While mayo and avocados are her favourite foods, Her favourite colours are black and red.

In the majority of her photos and appearances, Christina Aguilera appears seductive,

With her choice of clothing at events, the controversial singer has been chastised by some and complemented by others,

She stands at 5 feet 2 inches (1.57 meters) and weighs 50 kilograms (110 lbs).

Relationship And Children

In 2005 Christina Aguilera married her record producer and boyfriend “Jordan Bratman”,

The wedding was a nondenominational affair that cost her $200,000, 000.

Unfortunately, in 2008 Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman separated,

Though the two have a child together who’s name is “Max Liron Bratman”,

They never received a divorce, though, and have been apart ever since.

Christina Aguilera Perfume Business, Investment and Net worth

While Christina became more and more popular, she decided to venture into her personal business,

In 2016, after founding her own production company, MX Productions, she signed a contract with Lions Gate Entertainments to develop a music competition program, named Tracks, which was aired on Spike Tv.

Aguilera unveiled a new fragrance that is both feminine and sexy, using ingredients that have personal meaning for her,

She released a new perfume and this time with her name on it, her fragrances was ranked among the United Kingdom’s best-sellers in 2007 and 2009.

The alluring bottle and the outside box, draped in black lace, are inspired by Mae West’s clothing designed by Marcel Rochas,

Christina Aguilera’s new style of highlighted sexuality,

According to her she believes it is the most significant, it reflected in the black lace, the bottle in the shape of a woman’s body, and the reference to Marylyn Monroe.

This business also contributed to the net worth of Christina Aguilera which is why in the next section of this article we will talk about her Net Worth.

Christina Aguilera Net Worth – 2022

Christina Aguilera Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career
Christina Aguilera – via Afrokonnect

In 2001, Christina Aguilera signed a deal with Coca-Cola to star in a series of television commercials, the deal was reported to worth up £50 million,

Following the birth of her first child in 2008, Aguilera was paid $1.5 million to submit her baby pictures to People Magazine, which became the 9th Most expensive celebrity baby Photograph ever taken.

Over the years, Christina Aguilera has sold over 75 million albums worldwide,

As of 2019 Christina Aguilera has recorded over 19.7 million albums sales certified in the United States,

According to Billboard she is the 20th best-selling artist of the 2000s,

Additionally, she also sold over 3.3 million albums and 6.1 million singles in the United Kingdom.

Christina Aguilera has ten number-one singles on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart,

Aguilera has also been involved in marketing initiatives during her career, endorsing numerous brands,

Including the likes of Sears and Levi’s (2000), Skechers (2003), Mercedes-Benz, Virgin Mobile (both in 2004), Pepsi, Orange UK, Sony Ericsson (both in 2006), Oreo (2017) and SweeTarts (2021).

All these successes had a great impact on the net worth of Christina Aguilera.

From her music royalties, Personal investment like her perfume business, Brand endorsements deals, performance fee and her other streams of income, Christina Aguilera has an estimated net worth of US$170 million.

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Christina Aguilera Songs (Discography)

  • Christina Aguilera (1999)
  • Mi Reflejo (2000)
  • My kind of Christmas (2000)
  • Stripped (2002)
  • Back to Basics (2006)
  • Bionic (2010)
  • Lotus (2012)
  • Liberation (2018)

Christina Aguilera Movies (Filmography)

  • Burlesque (2010)
  • The Emoji Movie (2017)
  • Zoe (2018)

Profile Summary


Christina María Aguilera

Date of Birth

December 18, 1980


New York City, U.S.


Years active



Jordan Bratman

(m. 2005; div. 2011)


Matthew Rutler (2010–present; engaged)



Social Media

Christina Aguilera is an active user of the social media platforms,

She uses the platforms to promote her art, business and beauty,

Notably is her large follower-ship on Instagram,

She has over 7.8 million Instagram followers and more than 22 million Facebook likes.

You can follow Christina Maria Aguilera on the following official social media accounts:

Instagram: @xtina

Facebook: Christina María Aguilera

This brings us to the end of this article about Christina Aguilera Biography, Age, Net Worth and Career,

We hope you enjoyed reading through the publication, don’t forget to drop a comment if you have anything to say.

Firstrand jobs – First National Bank (FNB) Graduate Programme 2021 for South Africans

Firstrand jobs

Firstrand jobs – First National Bank (FNB) Graduate Programme 2021 for South Africans, Apply via Afrokonnect,

With FNB, you can be part of a company that offers you a career, not just a job.

With a wide range of employment options and business areas to choose from, you are bound to find a perfect fit.

The Bank supports the recruitment and advancement of individuals with disabilities.

In order for us to fulfill this purpose, candidates can disclose their disability information on a voluntary basis.

The Bank will keep this information confidential unless we are required by law to disclose this information to other parties.

Purpose – Firstrand jobs 

Trainee role is a developmental pipeline for key roles in business units.

Experience and qualifications

  • Minimum Qualification : Students currently completing their final year of university degrees in: Commerce (Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Economics etc), Actuarial Science, Maths, Statistics, Engineering, Marketing, HR, Industrial Psychology, Information Systems, Computer Science, This is not an exhaustive list of degrees

FNB careers requirements

  • Final year BSc (Any Field) or BEng (Any Field) Graduates or Postgraduates who wish to pursue an application development career.
  • Eligible candidates must at least have a Level 5 or C or 60% for Pure Mathematics and English in their final matric results.
  • Must have matriculated in the last 8 years.
  • Applicants must be willing to relocate to study and stay in the Gauteng Province at their own expense.
  • Must be willing to undergo screening assessments in Gauteng at their own expense.
  • Applicants must have a SA Citizenship, must have no bad credit rating and no criminal record.

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Firstrand jobs – Responsibilities

  • Deliver exceptional service that exceeds customers’ expectations through proactive, innovative and appropriate solutions
  • Provision of an efficient execution of role responsibilities through careful and timeous planning, reporting and updating of all related information in the relevant role of learning
  • Participate in the innovation process in the business and contribute toward new innovations against objectives
  • Engage in knowledge sharing and projects to maximise skills required for the role and relevant career exploration by executing all activities required to be efficient and successful
  • Manage graduate development plan by completion of training assignments
  • Manage graduate development plan to increase own competencies and skills by attendance of training
  • Also, Manage own development to increase own competencies
  • Live the values of the business through demonstrating and displaying of the values required in the business

Firstrand jobs

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Firstrand jobs – First National Bank (FNB) Graduate Programme 2021 for South Africans

How to Verify Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Online

Verify Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Online

How to Verify Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Online, Via Afrokonnect.

The NPHCDA has commenced a nationwide “Operation Verify Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Online” exercise.

The exercise will enable you confirm your personal information such as name, date of birth, and correct damaged QR codes,

Verifying your personal information will enable government to secure your vaccination record against impersonation and other fraudulent activities.

This exercise is also one of the ways we are checking the criminal activities of those who may have obtained the vaccination card without taking the vaccine.

We will invalidate all COVID-19 vaccination cards illegally obtained by unvaccinated people during this exercise.

This also gives international travellers the opportunity to verify their vaccination records well ahead of their travel date,

We therefore advise such persons to verify their records a week prior to their travel date to avoid delays at the point of departure.

However, newly vaccinated persons are advised to verify their vaccination records 24 hours after.

To verify your COVID-19 vaccination records, please visit https://www.vaccination.gov.ng/verification-guide, and follow the instructions.

Verify Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Online

If for any reason one is unable to access the website,

Simply call the NPHCDA COVID-19 helpline: 0700 220 1122 for assistance.

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Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) SME Grant Scheme for Job Creation

Association of Ghana Industries SME Grant Scheme

Association of Ghana Industries SME Grant Scheme for Job Creation, Apply via Afrokonnect. 

The SME Grant Scheme for Job Creation is implemented by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI),

AGI is supported by the Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation – which operates under the brand ‘Invest for Jobs’.

The program is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), 

while it is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, among others.

The aim of the Grant Scheme is to provide a comprehensive demand-based support package to 60 growth-oriented small and medium enterprises (SME),

Especially those in the manufacturing sector to enhance their productivity, efficiency, competitiveness and innovation,

It also serves as job creation through a combination of technical training (supply chain management and financial management training),

More so, business coaching as well as financial assistance for the procurement of critical machinery, tools, and equipment needed for the core operations of their businesses.

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Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) SME Grant Scheme for Job Creation – Requirements 

  • Are you the owner or manager of a growth-oriented company with preferably 10 to 250 employees?
  • Is your business located within Greater Accra and the Ashanti Regions?
  • Is your business formally registered, you have a Company Bank Account, and necessary permit?
  • Are you ambitious and passionate about growing your business?

Association of Ghana Industries SME Grant Scheme


For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the AGI SME Grant Scheme for Job Creation

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme for study in Hungary

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme for study in Hungary

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme 2022/2023 for study in Hungary (Fully Funded), Apply via Afrokonnect.

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship programme was established by the Hungarian Government to promote the internationalisation of the Hungarian higher education,

And to attract top foreign students from all around the world who can establish personal and professional attachments to Hungary while enjoying high quality education in the heart of Europe.

While studying in Hungary, the students will also enjoy affordable living costs with great benefit-cost ratio,

A safe and friendly living environment with convenient public transport, a vibrant cultural life, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

When the graduates return to their home countries with marketable skills and knowledge,

They can build civil, political and economic relationships, contributing to Hungary’s image and recognition abroad.

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme 2022/2023 for study in Hungary (Fully Funded) Benefits

  • Tuition-free education

    • exemption from the payment of tuition fee
  • Monthly stipend

    • non-degree, bachelor, master and one-tier master level: monthly amount of HUF 40 460 (cca EUR 130) contribution to the living expenses in Hungary, for 12 months a year, until the completion of studies
    • doctoral level: according to the current Hungarian legislation, the monthly amount of scholarship is HUF 140 000 (cca EUR 450) for the first phase of education (4 semesters) and HUF 180 000 (cca EUR 580) for the second phase (4 semesters) – for 12 months a year, until completion of studies.
  • Accommodation

    • dormitory place or a contribution of HUF 40 000 to accommodation costs for the whole duration of the scholarship period
  • Medical insurance

    • health care services according to the relevant Hungarian legislation (Act No. 80 of 1997, national health insurance card) and supplementary medical insurance for up to HUF 65 000 (cca EUR 205) a year/person.

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Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme for study in Hungary – Duration

Duration of candidate’s chosen program:

  • Bachelor programmes: Fulltime: 2-4 years. Partial: 1 or 2 semesters
  • Master programmes:  Fulltime: 1.5-2 years. Partial: 1 or 2 semesters
  • One-tier master programmes: Fulltime: 5-6 years Partial: 1 or 2 semesters
  • Doctoral programmes:  Fulltime: 2+2 years Partial: 1 or 2 semesters
  • Non-degree programmes:
    • Preparatory course in Hungarian language: 1 year
    • Other preparatory and specialisation courses: up to 1 year

Call for Applications for doctoral programmes 2022/2023

Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme for study in Hungary

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Hungarian Government Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme 2022/2023

Ray Emodi Biography, Movie Career and net worth

Ray Emodi Biography And Net Worth
Ray Emodi Styled by Victor Nja for Tuffgvd - Via Afrokonnect

You are going to find out about Ray Emodi Biography, Education, Age, Movie career and net worth via Afrokonnect.

Arguably one of the trending lover boys currently rocking our screens,

Not just a lover boy, Ray Emodi is also a fashionista, musician and a model,

The actor loves to share pictures and videos showcasing his stunning looks, which have won the hearts of many, especially his female fans.

Over the years the handsome and 6 ft 4 inches actor has proven to be an asset to the Nollywood industry,

He has shown that he has what it takes to convince producers for a lead-role and appear as main character in movies,

In this publication we will be focusing on everything about the award-winning Nigerian actor, writer, model and musician.

Ray Emodi Biography, Education, Movie Career and Net Worth

So first of all, Ray Emodi was born in Enugu, Enugu is the capital of Enugu State in Nigeria, It is located in southeastern Nigeria.

He was born on the 4th September in 1990,

Notably, Ray Emodi is the son of popular former Nigerian senator “Joy Emodi”,

His mother known as Joy Emodi is the first female Senator in Nigeria,

She represented the Anambra North constituency of Anambra state, Nigeria.

According to Ray his mother was instrumental in the success of his career as she has always supported him,

He spent most of his early years with his mother because his siblings left for boarding school when he was younger,

It was during that time Ray Emodi started harnessing his acting skills and picked interest in acting.

After his basic education, Ray Emodi went ahead and studied Business Management and International Strategic Enterprises at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom,

He obtained a degree certificate there and while still at it, Emodi acted in three films to satisfy his longings for performing.

Afterwards, Ray Emodi moved to California in the United States to improve on his acting skills,

While he was in the United State America Ray Emodi secured a degree in acting at the New York Film Academy,

That was when he decided to focus fully on his acting career and decided to become a professional actor,

He came back to Nigeria to pursue that dream and that brings us to the next section of this article about Ray Emodi career.

Ray Emodi Career, Movies, Biography and Net Worth

Now that we’ve seen a bit about Ray Emodi biography, let’s dive into his career before we digest his Net Worth,

Ray Emodi is one of the big names in the Nigerian movie industry known as the Nollywood.

He has worked his way to the top of the chart by consistently delivering good content to views,

His breakthrough came in 2018 when he came back to Nigeria to start acting professionally,

His lead role in the 2018 movie “Heaven on My Mind” brought him to limelight

The Nigerian drama stared top actors and actresses including the likes of Ini Edo, Uche Jombo, Mercy Aigbe, Chika Chukwu, Femi Adebayo and Adenu Adebo,

One of the movies he starred was endorsed by the former Senate President of Nigeria, Bukola Saraki.

He went on to do even more greater things, Ray Emodi also starred in some popular award-winning Nigerian movies such as “Trophy Wife” and ”A Daughter’s Dilemma”.

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Career Awards

Ray Emodi has won a several awards during the span of his career including;

  • Revelation of the Year award – City People Movie Award
  • Best New Actor of the Year – City People Movie Award
  • Best Upcoming Actor of the Year – City People Movie Award

Aside from acting, Emodi is also a musician and he has released some songs;

His debut single titled “Night Time” was released in 2016 which featured a fast-rising act, Ouma as produced by Austin Fig.

He released another single titled “Give her Ring” featuring Shakar El.


Ray Emodi has appeared in over 20 movies so far, he is popularly known for other Nigerian based movies such as;

  • For you don’t say
  • God’s Own Villa
  • Animus
  • The Other Wife
  • The Vendor
  • Happy Endings
  • Trophy Wife
  • A Daughter’s Dilemma

Ray Emodi Net Worth and Biography 

Currently Ray Emodi is a musician, writer, and an actor,

He makes his money through endorsements deals, his Movie gigs and through personal investments,

From all these streams of income, Ray Emodi is set to have an estimated net worth of $300,000 which equals 123,204,000 Nigerian Naira.

Ray Emodi Biography, Movie Career and Net Worth

You can watch a video below about Ray Emodi if you’ll like to know more about the actor’s biography and Net worth;


Is Ray Emodi a Nigerian?

Contrary to widespread publications online, Rays Emodi is a Nigerian and he only went abroad for educational purposes,

However, he is a complete Nigerian from Anambra State.

Ray Emodi Parents

Incase you missed it, Ray Emodi was given birth by former Senator for federal republic of Nigeria “Joy Emodi” and late “Dr Okey Emodi”,

Together they have four children including Ray Emodi who is a Nollywood actor.

Ray Emodi and Nancy Isime

Well, Ray Emodi and fellow Nigerian actress Nancy Isime are just close friends and colleagues,

They are not dating, married or even planning to get married to each other,

Even though social media users have constantly tried to push that narrative over the years,

Neither Ray Emodi or Nancy Isime have come out publicly to declare any sort of romantic relationship between them.

Destiny Etiko and Ray Emodi

Different sources on the internet claim Ray Emodi and popular Nigerian actress Destiny Etiko are dating and planning a wedding together,

These rumors have not been verified yet though the two are very close and have been spotted severally away from the set.

Now we are about to round up this article about Ray Emodi Biography with a profile summary below.

Profile Summary

Ray Emodi Biography And Net Worth
Ray Emodi Styled by Victor Nja for Tuffgvd – Via Afrokonnect


Ray Emodi

State of Origin

Anambra State



Date of Birth

4th September 1990

Place of Birth

Enugu, Nigeria


Joy Emodi & Late. Dr Okey Emodi


6 ft 4 inches


Actor, Musician & Model

Associated Act

Nancy Isime, Ini Edo, Uche Jombo, Mercy Aigbe

Net Worth


Social Media

Ray Emodi is an active user of social media and you can follow him on;

Instagram: @rayemodi

Twitter: @RayEmodi

Facebook: @Ray Emodi

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YOVISIMMER Biography: The Rise of a Musical Icon.

Yovisimmer Biography

YOVISIMMER Biography: The Rise of a Musical Icon via Afrokonnect.

Agu Uchenna popularly known as Yovi is a Nigerian singer, producer and songwriter born in Ilorin, Kwara state in Nigeria originally from Enugu state in Nigeria.

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YOVISIMMER Music career

Yovi started his career as a music producer with the moniker lussy beats in Ilorin and he became successful,

After several months of production, he decided he wanted to be an artiste and started reaching out to several people in the music industry in Nigeria.

He contacted Terry G who later introduced him to his first manager Ayodeji Alawemo,

Ayodeji and his business partner Ronkay decided to sign Yovi to their management company Regnum Dynasty,

and operate as a music label until they can get a bigger label to sign him.

Regnum Dynasty signed a deal with Les Roses Rouges records of the artiste Reminisce to have Yovi on their roster.

An agreement that lasted for a year and after which Yovi continues with Regnum Dynasty as a label and management company.

Currently signed to Music Monsters Empire (MME) which is tagged as  the new big deal,

A new record label with talented monsters.

The amen crooner Yovi also known as simmer will be dropping some vibes to our ears before the Christmas,

And will also be introducing a new act, You’ll all not want to miss this fun.


Yovi dropped the cover of Ycee’s popular song Omo Alhaji and called his own Shepesi which became an underground success,

Next came the acclaimed single called Amen a highly inspirational track that was translated to many languages and remixed with other artistes.

  • All For You
  • Osha Pra Pra.
  • Osha Pra Pra remix ft Harrysong and Orezi.

The Amen crooner also has hit songs with the Mayor of lagos, Davido, Wizkid amongst other top notch artiste in and out of the federation,

This brings us to the end of this article about YOVISIMMER Biography: The Rise of a Musical Icon via Afrokonnect.

European Union (EU) Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships 2022/2023

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships

European Union (EU) Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships 2022/2023 for Nigerians, Apply via Afrokonnect.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters are high-level integrated study programmes at master level,

The programmes are designed and delivered by an international partnership of higher education institutions from different countries worldwide.

Erasmus+ funds scholarships for students to take part in these programmes,

The masters programmes themselves offer these scholarships to the best-ranked student applicants worldwide, in annual application rounds.

Applicant profile

  • Students at Master’s level from any country worldwide may apply.
  • You must have obtained a first higher education degree or demonstrate a recognised equivalent level of learning, according to national legislation and practices, in the degree awarding countries.
  • You may also apply if you are in the final year of your first degree studies and will graduate before the master’s programme starts.

Benefits of European Union (EU) Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships

EU scholarships cover the cost of a student’s participation in the programme, travel, and a living allowance.

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Activities and outcomes

  • Erasmus Mundus joint masters programmes provide 60, 90 or 120 ECTS credits. This means that they last from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 24 months. The majority are 24-month programmes.
  • Your study must comprise at least two study periods in two countries (different from your country of residence). Programmes offer different study tracks that meet this condition.
  • The successful completion of the study programme will lead to the award of either a joint degree (i.e. one single degree certificate issued on behalf of at least two higher education institutions of the EMJMD consortium) or multiple degrees (i.e. at least two degree certificates issued by two higher education institutions of the consortium).


Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the European Union (EU) Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships 2022/2023 for Nigerians

Mohbad Net Worth, Biography, Songs and Marlian Records

Mohbad Net Worth and Biography
Mohbad - via Afrokonnect

Mohbad Net Worth, Biography, Songs, Breakthrough, Naira Marley Marlian Records and everything  you need to know about the singer via Afrokonnect.

Getting signed by an artist like Naira Marley is a big dream for a lot of up and coming artist in Nigeria,

Having a number one song in the country is another form of that dream manifesting,

In 2020, Mohbad’s “Ponmo” rose to No. 18 on Billboard Top Triller Global chart,

The young Nigerian Street rapper, Singer and songwriter has been keeping a great momentum since he became a Marlian in 2019,

Mohbad has an Extended Play (E.P) titled “Light” which was released on 17th December under the Marlian Music,

He also has hit songs like KPK, Sorry, Ponmo featuring Naira Marley & Lil Kesh to his credit.

Mohbad is continuously proving that he is here to stay with a lot of potential to become one of the greatest to ever do it,

Which is why in this article we will discuss Mohbad biography, how he got signed and his current Net Worth.

Mohbad Biography, Net Worth and Marlian Records

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji is the real names of fast rising Nigerian musician popularly known as Mohbad,

He was born on the 8th of June in 1996, Mohbad is a certified Lagos breed,

The singer was born and raised in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Notably, if you ever wonder why Mohbad speaks Yoruba fluently,

Is because Mohbad was born into a Yoruba lineage in Lagos where Yoruba and English was and still the dominant language.

Mohbad started and completed his primary and secondary education in Lagos state, where he grew up,

According to him everything about him revolves around Lagos where he had to struggle to make a living.

Oba Imole is another industry name of Mohbad, a Yoruba word which means king of light in English,

His interest in music started at a very tender age,

As a result he started releasing freestyles on Instagram to seek attention and showcase his talent online,

This is often times seen as the start of his music career,

More so, now that we’ve seen a bit about Mohbad background and where he came from,

Let us quickly recap his music career, songs and how he got signed by Naira Marley before we dive into his Net worth.

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Mohbad Career, Songs, Marlian Music, Biography and Net Worth

Though most people started knowing Mohbad after he got signed by Naira Marley in 2019,

A huge chunk of his fanbase came after KPK alongside extraordinary Nigerian producer Rexxie,

However, Mohbad started his career professionally as a singer, songwriter, rapper and a recording artist since 2016,

He rose to prominence properly in 2020 when he caught the attention of Naira Marley through his freestyle videos on Instagram.

Before Mohbad got signed and became a popular name in the Nigerian music industry,

Mohbad used to freestyle and record song covers then post them on Instagram,

Zinoleesky and Lil Frosh are some of his peers that came into the industry via same strategy.

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In 2020 Mohbad was pitched amongst young artists in Nigeria to look out for alongside the likes of Joeboy, Rema and Fireboy DML,

So far so good Mohbad has featured some A-list artists in the music industry such as Naira Marley, Davido, Lil Kesh and Ghanaian midget Shatta Bandle,

Mohbad has also graced some the biggest stages, he has performed at Marlian Fest and Zlatan Ibile’s concert among others.


Some of the songs released by Mohbad includes but not limited to the following;

  • Mi O Foh (2019)
  • Owoale Feat. Lil frosh & C Blvck (2019)
  • Imole (2019)
  • Komajensun Feat. Naira Marley (2020)
  • Dido Lobo Feat. Naira Marley & C Blvck (2020)
  • Ponmo Feat. Naira Marley & Lil Kesh (2020)
  • Ko Por Ke X Rexxie (2020)
  • Light (E.P) – (2020)
  • Feel Good (2021)

Mohbad Net worth in Naira and Dollars

Finally the part most people are interested in any article about Mohbad biography and Net worth, 

So following his rise to stardom a lot of his fans and audiences want to know Mohbad Net worth and how much he earns,

Mohbad who loves to show off his wealth on social media is living in affluence, certainly with the help of Naira Marley,

Additionally, Now he is getting solo bookings for shows, his songs are doing positive numbers on digital stores,

Which also proves that the growth has been evident,

Currently Mohbad is amongst one of the richest new acts in the music industry.

As of the time of this publication Mohbad has an estimated net worth of $40,000 which equals N16,423,200 Nigerian Naira.

We expect this numbers to rise significantly because of the pace at which Mohbad is moving and the influence of his label and Naira Marley.

Profile Summary

Mohbad Net Worth and Biography
Mohbad – via Afrokonnect

Real Name

Ilerioluwa Oladimeji

Stage Name

Mohbad, Oba Imole

Record Label

Marlian Music

Associated acts

Naira Marley, Davido, Zinoleesky, Rexxie, Bella Shmurda 

Date of Birth

8th June 1996

Place of Birth

Lagos state, Nigeria

Net Worth

$40,000 which equals N16,423,200 Nigerian Naira

Marital Status

Not Married


Is Mohbad Married

Mohbad is not married at the moment, the singer said he is focused on building a strong foundation for his music career before any commitment.

Watch the video below if you’ll like a visual presentation about Mohbad Net worth and Biography;

On that note, this is the end of this article about Mohbad Net Worth, Biography, Songs, Breakthrough, Naira Marley Marlian Records and everything  you need to know about the singer via Afrokonnect,

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