How to Develop Skills of Communication: Best Skills to Learn

How to Develop Skills of Communication, Best skills to learn to make money: Most in Demand skills via Afrokonnect.

Communication skills are one of the most essential, in fact the most essential to survive in the 21st century,

Especially in this era where everything has gone very digital, communication skills for almost everything cannot be overemphasized,

Because in every human endeavours, communication has been key right from time immemorial.

Effective communication skills has been the primary source of commercial, industrial and organizational breakthroughs,

In fact, years ago, The Conference Board of Canada, an independent, non-profit applied research organization, developed the Employability Skills 2000+,

Which lists the critical skills that employees need to succeed in the workplace,

Communication skills, tops the list of fundamental skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

This basically means that effective communication skills will always be one of the most outstanding skillset to possess for a long long time,

Knowing how to listen well and communicate clearly will help you express yourself in job interviews, business meetings and in your personal life as well.

How to Develop Skills of Communication: Best Skills to Learn

Everyday on LinkedIn, big organizations are looking for communication experts who can do the following:

  • Advertise their products and services on social media and other traditional media.
  • Write alluring advertisement copies, sales page or emails
  • Write interesting articles about a product or brand
  • Publish blog posts that guide customers on a certain product
  • Good customer care representative who can communicate effectively with clients and solve their problems.
  • Also, clearly work thier way through interviews, deal making and business conferences.

These are just some of the communication skills needed in this digital era,

Other communication skills include: PR, Broadcasting, Public speaking and even acting,

Big multinationals are also ready to pay handsomely to who has the expertise in getting an engaging messages across their wide range of audience.

In this article we’ll be looking at how you can develop your communication skills in this era and become a professional business person or an indispensable employee.

1. Understand basic Communication skills

The basic communication skills are:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Non verbal communication
  • Listening

Now you know that communication is the process of sending and receiving messages for a purpose,

It’s also a mechanism for establishing good relationship.

Having known this, it’s essential for you to know how to communicate using these basic skills,

A. Speaking: Speaking skill is the most important of all communication skill, it is an expressive form of art that can make things work out for you anywhere.

The art of speaking out to a large audience makes you more articulate, and admired by your colleagues or your boss.

In a business setting, speaking up on organizational matters help you step up your game as an excellent employee.

B. Writing: This is another essential skill needed in the workplace,

Now many employees, probably like you reading this article might think that you have to be a perfect writer to write.

Basically, all that is required of you is to know simple grammar and construct good sentences in the English language, Then you’re good to go.

Writing skills as part of your CV gives you a cutting edge over others,

You get to send emails, and even be a social media manager with your writing skills.

C. Listening: This is also an important basic communication skill, you should learn how to be a patient listener,

So you can get all the fact rights and respond to them effectively.

How to Develop Skills of Communication

2. Learn to Engage Your Audience

An audience is anybody you’re trying to get a message across to,

Now, to be a good communicator, you must learn how to engage your audience;

You must get their attention first to let whatever message you’re trying to communicate sink.

For instance during public speaking, storytelling can be used as tool to start your speech,

In a TED talk for example, most speakers use storytelling as a tool to begin their speech.

Other ways to engage your audience are:

  • Making eye contact
  • Listening effectively
  • Replying to messages on time
  • Returning a call

How to Develop Skills of Communication

3. Improve your Digital Media Skills

In this era of the 21st century, digital trends are all over the place,

Digital innovations have made communication a lot easier.

In digital innovations, we’ve got social networks and email for instance.

Now, developing social media skills and using the social media as a communicative tool can make you relevant in this age,

With social media, you could be employed as a social media manager, social media marketer or even a brand influencer,

We’ve written an article about HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON SOCIAL MEDIA, Read it up and learn more.

Email writing too is a special digital media skill to be developed because emails are one of the most effective ways to talk to clients directly and persuade them to take an action.

Also, on the digital media skill, you should learn how to do the following:

  • Organize virtual meetings
  • Make online calls
  • Send cold emails

How to Develop Skills of Communication

4. Practice Makes Perfection

Practicing your communication skills and learning new things in communication trends helps you develop good skills of communication. 

5 Most In demand Skills of the Future

The leading and big organizations are in a never-ending search for potential employees who possess the top skills and the most sought-after abilities,

So, if you wanna be relevant as an individual in the nearest and later future,

here are top five most in demand skills you should learn and possess apart form developing good skills of communication.

1. Effective Communication

This article is emphasizing on communication because it is that one skill that will never fade away,

Definitely one of the Most in Demand skills,

Possessing effective communication skills has the ability of skyrocketing a business as well as an individual advantageously,

So, for the next century, communication will still be in the top most sought-after skills in the world.

Yes, because big company executives are ready to pay individuals who are good speakers, excellent writers, professional social media experts, seductive advertisers among others,

Although, basic communication skills include speaking, writing, listening, non verbal cues, etc,

Emotional intelligence, persuasion, and negotiation are still regarded as top communication skills of the future. 

Furthermore, now that everything has gone digital, you’ll have to hone digital communication skills,

About 95% of leading executive hire individuals who have digital communication skills,

As all writings, speaking, negotiation and even persuasion will be done virtually,

This is the reason why the following skills has been added as skills of communication;

  • Online communication
  • PR
  • Social media management
  • Customer representative
  • Digital marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Digital advertising
  • Journalism

How to Develop Skills of Communication

2. Coding and Software Development

We’ve agreed that communication skills are number one of the the most in demand skills of the future,

In this article, the second most sought-after skills for the next 20 years or more is coding and software development.

Big IT companies are forever ready to pay huge salaries to software engineers who have great coding skills,

Those who know how to develop softwares that can solve problems and provide the best of services to humanity,

Coding and Software development is also another Most in Demand skills that you should consider.

3. Network Development

For over a decade and a lustrum, the world in its entirety has been duly united by the digitalism— the internet, especially,

Networking has been made a lot easier, to keep the internet running and make networking much better,

The world will need more network engineers, administrators, and architects.

And all of them have one skill in common: networking development and administration,

There is no shortage of networking-related certifications; the list is pretty extensive which includes CCNA, CCIE, JNCP and many others.

Clearly, networking development/engineering is an important job given how many certifications are out there.

Computer networking was and shall continue to remain a core skill not just in 2021, but also one of the most popular skills in the future.

Best Skills to Learn: Most in Demand skills

4. Cloud Computing

In the last few years, a large number of companies have moved their entire company data and physical infrastructures to cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

This means that cloud computing is one of the most relevant skills of the future,

Individuals who are professional in cloud computing shall always find an employment space on professional network like LinkedIn.

Cloud computing is here to stay and deserves to be on the list of the highest-paying skills in 2021,

The top most in demand skills in the future shall be incomplete with cloud computing.

How to Develop Skills of Communication: Most in Demand skills

5. Data Science

If you’ve learnt and professionalize yourself in data science and analytics, then congratulations, you’re have made yourself relevant in these days.

A data analyst has that unique ability of analysing data using statistical methodsand analytical skills to bring out the results from data sets,

Analysts can derive results even from vague data points and details.

Knowledge of SQL, R, SASS, PowerBI, and similar tools can have you stand out as a capable analyst,

Big companies on LinkedIn, and even Facebook are looking for professionals in data science everyday.

Skills to Learn to Make Money as a Student: Most in Demand skills 

Normally, as student you shouldn’t be focused about earning money, rather you should focus on studying hard,

However, you as a college student you are trying to take care of yourself while you are still studying hard, which is possible.

That’s what makes you an outstanding student—a student entrepreneur who has probably built a career in his own while studying,

If you’re a student reading this post, then you should read on,

Because this section is all about skills you can learn within 3 months and make money from while you study at college,

Before that, I recommend you watch the video below about Communication rules that will never change;

1. Social Media Management

If you love being online, networking, and you have a knack for creating engaging content that will make the internet break,

Then you can move on to acquire a digital skill today known as social media management.

Big companies are willing to pay social media managers in Nigeria up to 200k and above,

Imagine earning this while you’re studying in university or college,

Basically, a social media manager is in charge of a social media account for a business person, a brand, company or a celebrity or influential figure.

Most of the time, student social media managers are in charge of representing a company’s across social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest,

They serve as freelancers as the sole voice of whatever brand or business they are representing on social media.

Basically, social media managers do the following:

  • Organize social media campaigns
  • Create content the brand or product
  • Respond to comments, messages, as well as complaints
  • Improve web traffic via social media
  • Optimize brand awareness
  • Establish conversion strategy

Online courses from Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare and even YouTube can help you get started as a social media manager while you study,

Also communication skills are important for social media management as social me mydia has become the most popular communication media.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Most in Demand skills 

Affiliate marketing is regarded as the surest way to make money online,

Whether you’re a student, single mum, nine-five employee or just anyone looking o earn extra income, Affiliate marketing is sure,

Affiliate marketing is also known as third-party marketing, You sell a product and earn a commission from it, That’s basically what affiliate marketing is.

Through an affiliate marketing program you can be an affiliate for a number of products and earn commission from each products you sell,

For a successful affiliate marketing career, communication skills sucha as: copywriting, advertising and marketing are quite essential,

If you own a website, you might want to create content around what you’re selling as an affiliate.

Best Skills to Learn: Most in Demand skills

3. Content Writing

Content writing services is one of those you can render as a student and trust me, you’ll take care of yourself real good when you do this,

If you have a good command of the English language with excellent research skills, then content writing is for you.

The demand for written content on website, social media and emails are very high,

There many content writing niches you can specialise in, Some of the content writing niches include:

  • Article writing
  • Blog post writing
  • Email writing
  • Social media content
  • Product reviews
  • Journalism
  • Buyers guide
  • Ebook writing
  • Lifestyle and culture.

Magazines and newspapers and online journals are looking for writers who they can pay weekly, a handsome amount of money, 

A beginner content writer who’s hardworking can earn up to ₦50k every month which is quite good for a hustling student.

How to Develop Skills of Communication: Best Skills to Learn

4. Copywriting

Many people confuse content and copywriting but they’re two totally separate skills,

What we saw above was content writing, Let’s see what copywriting is.

A copywriter’s job is to form compelling ad copies to sell products, educate and engage consumers, writing product descriptions, email blasts, banner advertising, etc.

Their job also includes brainstorming on concepts and develop storyboards,

They work with marketing and other creative teams/departments to refine communication strategies and ensure continuous brand messaging.

If you intend to become a good copywriter, then besides writing grammatically correct texts you should also focus on mastering techniques of ‘brand recall’, learn to evoke responses from people.

A good copywriter is expected to have a better understanding of the human psychology behind every buying decision, write/form compelling ad copies and come up with catchy jingles for brands,

Correct copywriting skills will enable you to make good landing pages, sales pages, and email sequences to grab the attention of people.

You will find a plethora of instructions on how to become a professional copywriter on the internet,

To start with you can read a few detailed articles and try joining a course that will only help you understand copywriting progressively,

That’s why I suggest you read our article about Online Jobs you can start from Home.

Best Skills to Learn

5. SEO

SEO is one of the most sought-after skills in this era of digitalism,

This is because business want to rank their website’s content on the first page of the search engine,

As a student you can take on this skill from Udemy and Coursera.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing website traffic through organic search results,

As an SEO specialist your primary job is to improve the ranking of businesses website by working on both aspects of quality and quantity.

Your job is to optimize the website content and by doing so attract an ample number of organic visitors to their website,

SEO strategies keep evolving speedily, this is why SEO specialista needs to keep a close track of the search engine algorithms,

Hence, website optimization is a continuous and never-ending process.

While SEO improves your organic search, Google Analytics enables you to understand user behavior, measure marketing efforts, and make well-informed decisions.

One of the key advantages of these behavioral metrics is that it provides SEO specialists with valuable information on which pages get the most engagement.

How to Develop Skills of Communication: Best Skills to Learn


How to Develop Skills of Communication: Best Skills to Learn

We’ve come to the end of this article, The skills discussed above would surely make you the kind of money you desire as long as you keep learning and thinking about the future,

Because skills, digital skills especially, rules the world of today.


Zodwa Wabantu Biography, Relationship, Age and Net worth

Zodwa Wabantu Biography, Relationship, Age and Net worth via Afrokonnect.

Just Incase you stumbled on this article and you’re wondering who is Zodwa Wabantu?

Zodwa Wabantu is a renowned South African dancer and socialite born on 30th October 1985.

She used to work for a South African debt collection company until she quite the white-collar job to become a dancer,

She made a living off her dancing skills and her emergence in the entertainment industry gave her much fame and wealth,

Though in July 2020 she experienced a major setback after the break-in at her home in Durban,

She lost over R100,000 worth of items as a result of that incident.

Zodwa Wabantu is known to dress unclad,

One of her most talked about outfit came at the Vodacom Durban July party at Greyville Racecourse,

That was when Zodwa Wabantu pulled up in a black hugging dress that had a high slit which left nothing to the imagination,

Zodwa proudly affirmed that she wanted to show that she doesn’t usually go on undies.

Wabantu is a socialite and a dancer popular for the fact that she performs without wearing panties,

In this publication we are going to focus on Zodwa Wabantun biography, career, boyfriend and net worth.

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Zodwa Wabantu Biography, Net worth and Career

Incase you don’t know Zodwa Wabantu real name is Zodwa Rebecca Libram,

The professional dancer was born on 30th October 1985 in Gauteng Soweto, South Africa.

While growing up Zodwa Wabantu lost her mum when she was only 11 years old,

So she was raised by her grandmother and uncle from the age of 11 to adulthood,

Because of her family’s financial situation Zodwa Wabantu had to start fending for herself at the age of 16.

According to Zodwa Wabantu:

My mom passed away when I was 11. That is the reason I left home when I was 16.

Life was changing and it wasn’t easy. I had to fight for food and I could see then that that isn’t the way life should be.

I was asked why I was eating when my cousin’s weren’t.

So I had no choice but to move. I knew I needed to hustle.

Zodwa Wabantu Career, Biography and Net Worth

A lot of celebrities had to go through the fire to get the ice and Zodwa is definitely among that category,

Notably, Zodwa quitted her white-collar job to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

She used to work for a debt collection company South Africa until she became a professional dancer,

Gradually, Zodwa Wabantu drew attention to herself and made her way to the hall of fame,

One of her most remarkable performance was when she performed her unique dance routines at Durban’s Eyadini Lounge.

Zodwa Wabantu has also performed at Rock Club situated in Soweto, South Africa,

Usually her performance are seductive, sexual and Unclad,

She loves it when her fans touch her body during performance.

The rest remains history as she has became a big name in the mainstream.

Zodwa’s style of dance has made her worked and dance for several renowned celebrities in events and music videos,

Unfortunately in 2017 Zodwa was banned from performing in Zimbabwe due to the style of her performances,

As a result, she was also deported from Zambia for dancing bare shortly after.

Zodwa Wabantu Marriage, Relationship and Son

At the moment Zodwa is not married and she hasn’t admitted or hinted about getting married soon,

However, Zodwa Wabantu has a son named is Vuyo,

Zodwa Wabantu said she is doing everything with her power to ensure her son gains financial freedom.

During one of her interviews with TshisaLive she admitted that she almost got married to “Ntobeko Linda” who happens to be her former fiancé,

For some private reasons the marriage was canceled in 2019 according to Zodwa Wabantu,

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the dancer said “I canceled the wedding. I am no longer getting married. I and Ntobeko are finished. We have split”.


Zodwa was also in a relationship with Vusi Buthelezi, but she has confirmed that the relationship she shared with him has ended.

She told Drum Magazine that though she and Vusi were living together during the lockdown period in South Africa, they have split and Vusi is no longer in her home.

She revealed that one of the reasons she broke-up with Vusi was that things were not working out,

He left and she has learned that you must allow people to leave.

She has also been entangled with DJ, Thabo Mabongwane from Black Motion but it didn’t yield to any marriage.

Most recently there seems to be a situationship between Ricardo Olefile Mpudi and Zodwa Wabantu,

The two have already taken this to social media media;

Even though she has broke up with her boyfriend who was later publicly accused him of being a fraudster,

Zodwa Wabantu has a young man in her life known as Ricardo Olefile Mpudi, some claim he is young enough to be her son,

As a result their relationship has become controversial with a lot of people airing their opinions.

Zodwa Net worth

As a Dancer Zodwa make money from her performance fee, Endorsements deals and appearances,

In 2018 Zodwa Wabantu made her first million from a contract with MojaLove as a star presence in her reality show.

In October 2021, Zodwa was appointed as brand ambassador for Mazda Menyln,

She also owns own show called Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored Which is pretty much doing well for her in the Mzansi entertainment industry.

According to several reports, Zodwa charges more than 35,000 Rands for each appearance,

That’s a lot of fortune from her entertaining dance skills alone,

She also has an endorsement deal with a Durban medical centre,

From these multiple streams of income we Estimated Zodwa Wabantu net worth to be around R1.3 million which equals $87,178.12 United States Dollar.

Profile Summary

Zodwa Wabantu Biography And Net Worth
Zodwa Wabantu – Via Afrokonnect


Zodwa Rebecca Libram

Date of Birth

30th October 1985

Place of Birth

Gauteng Soweto


South African


Dancer, Entrepreneur, Media personality, socialite

Net Worth

R1.3 million

Years active



You can watch the videos below about her Biography, Family and more;

I hope you enjoy d this Publication about Zodwa Wabantu Biography, Marriage, Age and Net worth via Afrokonnect,

Don’t forget to share and drop a comment if you have a suggestion.

Holland Scholarships for Bachelor’s and Masters Study in the Netherlands

Holland Scholarships 2022/2023 for Bachelor’s or Masters Study in the Netherlands (5,000 Euros), apply via Afrokonnect.

The Holland Scholarship is meant for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA),

Students who want to do their bachelor’s or master’s in the Netherlands.

The Holland scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science,

As well as several Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences.

The scholarship amounts to € 5,000.

You will receive this in the first year of your studies.

Please note that this is not a full-tuition scholarship.

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Application criteria for Holland Scholarships 2022/2023

  • Your nationality is non-EEA.
  • Applying for a full-time bachelor’s or master’s programme at one of the participating Dutch higher education institutions.
  • Meet the specific requirements of the institution of your choice. You can find these on the website of the institution.
  • Do not have a degree from an education institution in the Netherlands.

Participating research universities in Holland Scholarships 2022/2023;

Below is an overview of the Dutch research universities participating in the Holland Scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year.

You can find the specific closing dates and the fields of study for this academic year on the website of the institution you want to apply to.

Participating universities of applied sciences 2022-2023,

Below is an overview of the Dutch universities of applied sciences participating in the Holland Scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Holland Scholarships 2022/2023

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Holland Scholarships 2022/2023

Nancy Isime Net worth, Biography and Career

Nancy Isime Net worth, Biography and Career via Afrokonnect.

The first thing that comes to some people’s mind when they hear the name Nancy Isime is “Trending” showing on Hiptv,

It’s a show where A-list Celebrities in Nigeria and across Africa are interviewed about their career by Nancy Isime,

Others know Nancy Isime as an actress, Model, Fitness enthusiast, Tv presenter and also an entrepreneur,

Recently she started her own Television show called the “Nancy Isime Show” showing on DSTV,

Depending on how you perceive her personality and career, in this article we will discuss everything Nancy Isime.

Over the years Nancy Isime has shown that she’s good at what she does,

Weather she’s on set for her Nollywood movie gigs or hosting events like the Headies Award,

Whatever the case may be, Nancy Isime is undoubtedly always on point and never disappoints with her delivery,

Which is why she is among the best female characters in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Nancy Isime Biography, Net Worth and Entertainment Career

Before we discuss about Nancy Isime career and current Net worth it is Imperative that we look at her biography,

That will expose us to her background information and enable us know her origin and roots, so let’s dive in.

Nancy Isime was born on the 17th of December in 1991,

Though she was born in Edo, shortly after her birth they relocated to Lagos state, Nigeria,

She completed her basic education there, Then Nancy Isime went to University of Port Harcourt to secure a certificate,

She also secured a diploma degree in the University of Lagos.

While growing up she lost her mom when she was just 5 years old,

So Nancy Isime was raised by a single dad, who she always compliments because of his positive impact on her life,

Nancy Isime admitted that relocating to Lagos State, the central hub for entertainment industry in Nigeria was one of the reasons she dived into entertainment,

She decided to start her entertainment career as a professional model,

That was the beginning of her career in the Nigerian entertainment industry, which takes us to the next section of this article.

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Nancy Isime Entertainment Career and Net Worth

So after relocating from Edo state to Lagos due to some private reasons, Nancy started off as a professional model,

Nancy Isime gradually began working with different brands and attending fashion shows in Nigeria,

In the process she achieved a lot from that niche including fame, awards and recognition,

Up until in 2011 when Nancy Isime quitted modeling and decided to join the Nollywood movie industry.

Her acting talents and skill inevitably brought more fame and publicity not just in Nigeria but also in some African countries,

Between 2011 to 2015 Nancy Isime was already a household name in the industry,

Right now Nancy Isime is among the shooting stars in the Nollywoood industry.

Nancy Isime Movies

Below are some the movies where Nancy Isime has either featured as a major or minor character;

  • Hex (2015)
  • Tales of Eve (2015)
  • On the Real (2016)
  • A trip to Jamaica (2016)
  • Hire a Man (2017)
  • Finding C.H.R.I.S (2017)
  • The Surrogate (2017)
  • Treachery (2017)
  • Kanyamata
  • Tempted
  • Guilty
  • A Better Family (2018)
  • Club (2018)
  • Johnny Just Come (2018)
  • Liars and Pretenders (2018)
  • My Name is Ivy (2018)
  • Sideways (2018)
  • Disguise (2018)
  • Merry Men: The real Yoruba Demons (2018)
  • Don’t get mad get even (2019)
  • Hire a Woman (2019)
  • Adaife (2019)
  • The Millions (2019)
  • Beauty in the Broken (2019)
  • Another Angle (2019)
  • Merry Men 2 (2019)
  • Levi (2019)
  • Living in Bondage: Breaking Free (2019)
  • Made In Heaven (2019)
  • Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards (2020)
  • Creepy Lives Here (2021)
  • The Razz Guy (2021)

Nancy Isime Net Worth, Endorsement deals and Biography

A lot of people in the Nollywood industry, Music and even her early audience from the fashion and modeling industry are curious about Nancy Isime net worth,

They all want to know how much she bags from all these conglomerates,

From hosting events like Headies award, anchoring shows like Trending on Hiptv, and most recently owing her own show the “Nancy Isime show”,

That is why we are going to evaluate all of Nancy Isime earnings in the entertainment industry and declare her net worth,

After evaluating her earnings and endorsements deals we’ll be able to figure out her Net Worth, so let’s move.

Endorsement deals

Based on our findings and research conducted, we found out that Nancy Isime has two (2) major streams of income,

The first stream comprises the movies, shows/event she host, appear and features in,

Of course she gets paid to appear in movies or to host event.

Her second major stream of income is through endorsement deals,

Endorsement deals in Nigeria and all over the world are perfect means by which entertainers and celebrities make huge chunk of their profit,

Basically they promote and endorse brands in exchange for money,

Even though no one can say exactly how much celebrities make from endorsement deals except when stated publicly, we can only make a rough estimate.


Averagely in Nigeria celebrities earn anywhere from N1 million to N5 million naira per endorsement deal depending on the nature and agreements,

According to Wikipedia Nancy Isime has acted a total number of 32 Nigerian movies as of the time of this publication,

Notably, none of these movies are tv shows or series,

So let’s estimate how much she made from 32 Nigerian movies,

Normally production companies in the Nollywood industry pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per movie depending on the nature of the movie and character profile,

So if approximately she charged $2000 per movie it will be an estimated revenue of $64,000 which equals 26,269,440 Nigerian Naira, hmm well that’s a lot.

Nancy Isime Net worth and Biography
Nancy Isime – via Afrokonnect





Nancy Isime Net Worth in Naira and Dollars 2021

Since 2015 Nancy Isime has been acting movies for the Nollywood industry,

She has hosted one of the biggest and most prestigious awards in Nigeria,

Nancy Isime is currently sponsored by telecommunication company “Airtel” to host Trending on Hiptv,

She also has private businesses running as well as several endorsements deals running in millions,

From all of these, Nancy Isime has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million United States Dollars which equals 615,690,000 Nigerian Naira.

Profile Summary


Nancy Isime

Date of Birth


Place of Birth

Edo State, Nigeria


Actress, Tv presenter, Model, Entrepreneur

Net worth

$1.5 million Dollars

Associated act

Bovi, Don Jazzy, Peruzzi,





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You can watch a visual presentation of Nancy Isime Biography below;

Nancy Isime Boyfriend and Relationship

We all know some celebrities love to keep their relationship and love life private, One celebrity that’s hardly caught in any form of Situationship or Relationship saga is Nancy Isime,

So, Nancy Isime Finally Opens Up on her Relationship Status and you can watch below;

I hope you enjoyed this article about Nancy Isime Net worth, Biography and Career via Afrokonnect.

Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa (ALIWA) Youth Leadership Program 2021

Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa ALIWA Youth Leadership Program (AYLP) 2021 via Afrokonnect.

Welcome to the Application portal for the ALIWA Youth Leadership Program (AYLP),

Sponsored by the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy, Abuja.

About the ALIWA Youth Leadership Program

This partnership between Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa (ALIWA) and the Public Affairs Section, U.S. Embassy Abuja,

Seeks to build leadership capacity, promote active citizenship and mobilize grassroot impact by youths at community and state levels in Nigeria.

Targeted at Nigerians between the ages of 20 – 30,

Participants are challenged to think more critically and deeply about their values and ideas, and those that make the good society.

Highly thought-provoking and practical, we expect participants to emerge from this program with new perspectives as they confront the difficult challenges and choices of our country.

How will it run?

The program session is a virtual program designed to run for nine (9) calendar months.

Each cohort will convene a dynamic group of participants for lively, intensive roundtable discussions in moderated seminars combined with opportunities to take action. SEE ALSO: DAAD University Summer Course Grants Scholarships for Study in Germany 

The program is structured into 3 parts:

An introductory three (3) months with moderated seminars by ALIWA Fellows,

A three (3) month break for practical application of learnings and skills. Participants will be supervised and paired with mentors,

assigned further readings and also embark on individual or group projects.

A concluding three (3) months of moderated seminars to reinforce the preceding 6 months’ experience and prepare the participants to be lifelong change agents and leaders.

ALIWA Youth Leadership Program (AYLP) Eligibility?

  • Young adults (ages between 20 to 30) at the time of nomination
  • Demonstrated potential for leadership and a personal commitment to serve within their communities
  • Ability to engage on complex and diverse text
APPLY HERE Please send an email with the title “AYLP-NG/PAS” to if you require further information. ALSO CHECK OUT: Holland Scholarships for Bachelor’s and Masters Study in the Netherlands

DAAD University Summer Course Grants Scholarships 2021/2022 for Study in Germany

DAAD University Summer Course Grants Scholarships 2021/2022 for Study in Germany, apply via Afrokonnect.

The DAAD University Summer Course Grants Scholarships aims to deepen knowledge of the German language (general language, technical language) and regional studies.

DAAD University Summer Course Grants Scholarships Requirements

  • Students in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of all disciplines are eligible to apply.
  • Bachelor students must have completed at least two university years at the start of the scholarship.
  • The minimum age at the start of the scholarship is 18 years.
  • As a rule, applicants must be enrolled at a university in the programme countries (except Germany) both at the time of application and during the entire scholarship period.
  • There must be two years between two funding awards for a university summer course.

Language skills

  • Applicants must be able to follow lectures in German and participate in working groups.
  • German language skills must be proven at the time of application.
  • The language certificate cannot be older than 2 years at the time of application.
  • The following language certificates are usually accepted: onSET-Deutsch, TestDaF, Goethe Institut certificate, DSD, DSH, telc Deutsch, ÖSD-Zertifikat, baccalaureate (for specialised language courses only).
  • If you already have a language certificate from 2020 for attending a course in 2021 that has been approved by DAAD lecturers, you can submit it this year as an exception.
RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: Cost Of Living In Germany For Students | Full Info


  • Funding is provided for participation in language, regional studies and technical language courses offered by state or state-recognised German higher education institutions and language course providers affiliated with higher education institutions.
  • Course providers and courses offered can be found on the DAAD website at:
  • The courses are taught exclusively in German.

Duration of the funding

  • The courses have a duration of at least 18 teaching days (max. 5 days/week, excluding arrival and departure days) with at least 25 teaching hours per week each.
  • The scholarships cannot be extended.
  • The courses usually take place in the months ofJune to November.

Value of the DAAD University Summer Course Grants Scholarships

  • One-time scholarship payment of 1,061 euros; scholarship holders from the “Least Developed Countries” receive a scholarship in the amount of1,236 euros.
  • Payment of a country-specific travel allowance (exception: Western Europe), see: travel allowance.
  • Health, accident and personal liability insurance benefits.

Application Documents – DAAD University Summer Course Grants Scholarships

Certificates, transcripts, attestations and translations can be submitted in uncertified form.

The DAAD Head Office in Bonn reserves the right to request additional certified copies of the documents submitted.

Documents to be uploaded to the DAAD Portal:

  • Online application form
  • Complete curriculum vitae in tabular form (in German)
  • Letter of motivation (in German)
  • Copy of the graduation certificate (for Bachelor’s students) or copy of the Bachelor’s degree certificate from the university (for Master’s students) with indication of the final grade(s), if available (with German or English translation).
  • Performance records of the last two years in German or English
  • Language certificates (with German or English translation, if applicable)
  • Other documents that you consider important for your application, if necessary with German or English translation (e.g. proof of internships, certificates of employment).
  • In addition students with certificates from the first year of higher education are also eligible to apply.

The application is made online via the DAAD Portal.

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the DAAD University Summer Course Grants Scholarships 2021/2022

Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Wife, Source of Wealth and Net worth  

Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Source of wealth, wife, Investment and Net worth via Afrokonnect.

Recently I published an article about Obi Cubana, a close associate and a friend to Cubana Chief priest,

After the release a lot of people have been sending me message to also drop a publication about Cubana Chief Priest,

That is why I went back and researched about Cubana Chief priest so you don’t have to worry about that anymore,

These two guys are currently among the most lavish spenders in Nigeria, even your favorite celebrities can attest to this fact.

They don’t just spend money, they invest and also engage in philanthropic activities,

In no time I’ll be sharing with you all the information I gathered while on this research.

Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Net worth and Background Information 

His legal and official name is Paschal Chibuike Okechukwu though he is popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest,

The person we all know as the general manager of Cubana Conglomerate (Owerri) was born on the 2nd April in 1981.

Cuban chief priest drives his origin from Owerri, Owerri is the capital of Imo State in Nigeria, set in the heart of Igboland.

You can tell he is a proud indigene of Imo State if you follow him on social media as he always represents his roots proudly,

Paschal Chibuike Okechukwu is the second son of his family raised in a small town called “Orsu” before he moved to Aba in search of greener pasture.

Notably, he was born and raised in a Christian home and his mother wanted him to become a Catholic Priest,

However, he ended up being a nightlife entrepreneur and a Club chief priest instead.

Unfortunately for Cubana chief priest he never had the smoothest upbringing while growing up,

He wasn’t raised with a silver spoon, in fact his biological father abandoned him and his siblings when the going got tough,

His family was faced with serious hardship and financial crisis as his mother took the role of a father,

She provided for him and his other siblings to the best of her ability,

It is no surprise that Cubana Chief Priest has the face of his late mother tattooed on his body,

It’s a shame that he lost his mother before she could enjoy the fruit of her labor despite going through all the obstacles together.

Wife and Children

More so, Cubana Chief Priest is currently married to his dear wife “De Angels,

Who is also an entrepreneur, running her own bar and restaurants in Owerri, She also gives back to the society through her Women initiatives program,

Together, Cubana Chief Priest and his wife are blessed with two boys namely Chukwuebuka and Obinna.

Cubana Chief Priest Career and Net worth

Cubana Chief priest is one of the top business heads in Cubana groups – a popular luxurious hospitality and leisure company,

The group owns several leisure establishments in Nigeria including;

Grand Cubana hotels, Cubana night clubs, Pablo Cubana, Rolex hotels, Opium Cubana and Crave Cubana.

While a lot of people regard Cubana Chief Priest as the self-proclaimed celebrity bar man,

He is also the General Manager of Cubana Conglomerate in Owerri, Nigeria,

Currently, he is arguably one of the biggest individual shows promoters in Nigeria,

Who often associates himself with some of the biggest names in the industry as well,

The likes of Davido, Patoranking, Burna boy and Mercy Eke among others are some of the big names in his circle,

No wonder he calls himself the biggest promoter in Africa.

Cubana Chief Priest Career, Biography, Wife and Net Worth

All of this wasn’t an overnight miracle, Cubana chief priest is of the view that all good things must come through hard-work and commitment,

It was his hunger for richest and quest for a better life that motivated him to leave his comfort zone and relocated to Aba.

Aba is a city in the southeast of Nigeria and the commercial center of Abia State,

After moving to Aba, Cubana chief priest started working as a shoe maker to earn a living,

During that period, he was independently trying to fend for himself,

He worked as a cobbler for a while before he met Obi Cubana,

According to him via a post he shared on Instagram, meeting Obi Cubana was a turning point in his career,

He aided in starting up the company and running it to success,

The group which started in Owerri now has branches in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the country.

Cubana Chief priest also gives credit to Nigerian singer “Davido” as one of the people that helped his business reach more and new audience,

Davido helped in boosting the company’s reputation as well because the singer was already established with millions of fans around the world.

According to him, it all started when Davido made an appearance at Cubana Grand Hotel Owerri with Chioma, his ex-fiancée,

Davido’s affiliation pulled a massive crowd to the Cubana Grand Hotel in Owerri which relatively increased the popularity of the establishment.

The Cubana Chief priest had a great enthusiasm for music when he was growing up,

He admired popular musicians such as Lagbaja, late Sound Sultan and Davido,

Due to his voice and funding, he couldn’t pursue this dream,

However, today he is regarded as a great influence in the Nigerian music industry.

Business, Career and other Investment 

Cubana Chief Priest is a very industrious and ambitious person who is known for displaying his wealth on social media,

Often times than not the Igbo’s (tribe in Nigeria) are the most business oriented ethnic group in Nigeria

Which comes as no surprise that Cubana chief priest is a business enthusiast with several investment in different sectors,

Cubana chief priest has investment in the real estate, entertainment industry and Digital sector i.e Cryptocurrency and Forex.

One of the things he does which is low key stacking him more money alongside more fame is his “Hype-man” duties,

Haven said that he works with various artists and celebrities alike,

Notably, in 2019 he was the prominent campaign chief and hypeman (promoter) for Mercy Eke, who eventually won the Big brother Naija reality TV show in 2019.

Mercy Eke won the Pepper Dem edition of Big Brother Naija and went home with a ₦30 million cash prize,

She also won a brand new G80 SUV, a full set of home electronic appliances including an all-expense-paid trip for two to Dubai and to a European Cup final of choice.

Mercy Eke, Hushpuppi and Cubana Chief Priest Feud

Following Mercy Eke’s success at the BBNAIJA and eventually winning the show,

Mercy Eke and Cubana chief priest had a bitter quarrel,

The two parties had conflict of interest, several sources reported an abrupt end to their relationship as a result,

Cubana Chief priest deleted all her pictures from his account and also unfollowed the reality star,

Though the main reason behind this feud remains unknown,

Rumors has it that Cubana chief priest gave Mercy Eke a direct instruction which she didn’t follow.

The good news is that all this was in the past and the two have squashed their beef now,

The two parties were spotted together at the Cubana Yacht party, held in Dubai afterwards. 

In early 2019 Cubana Chief priest engaged in a social media battle with fellow mogul “Hushpuppi”,

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Cubana Chief Priest went on social media to claim that Hushpuppi doesn’t actually buy all the things he post online,

He added by saying that Hushpuppi never bought the luxury cars that he flaunts on Instagram,

According to Cubana Chief Priest they were all on rentals and Hushpuppi isn’t the real owner of those cars.

Cubana Chief Priest Net worth

For your information, Cubana Chief Priest owns a Rolls Royce Phantom Car, Range Rover, Mercedes G-Class, BMW and other exotic cars,

He owns houses and properties worth millions of naira in Imo state, Lagos State, Abuja and other part of the countries.

Just like we have stated earlier, Cubana Chief Priest is a philanthropist involved in charities where he pays school fees of Imo State indigenes,

He also often makes donations to pregnant women across the country and do giveaways regularly on his page.

Cubana Chief Priest makes money through his investment in cryptocurrencies, entertainment business and of course the Cubana Group,

Cubana Chief Priest also owns the famous Club Xhrine in Owerri, Nigeria,

He currently has endorsements gigs running in millions with energy drink Bullet, Geely Motor company, Moët Hennessy and Mikano among others.

From these multiple income streams, Cubana Chief Priest net worth is estimated to be $18 million which equals 7,396,380,000 Nigerian naira.

The video below is about the exotic and luxurious lifestyle of Cubana Chief Priest, watch and enjoy:

Profile Summary

Real name

Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu

Date of birth

2nd April 1981

Country of Origin

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Source of Wealth

Entertainment Business, Endorsement

Cubana Chief Priest Club

Club Xhrine in Owerri

Net worth

$18 million

Associated acts

Davido, Patoranking, E-money

Social media

Any account claiming to be Cubana chief priest on Twitter or Facebook is impersonating,

Cubana Chief priest is only on Instagram with Verified handle cubana_priest

He’s an active user of Instagram with over 3 million followers.


Cubana Chief Priest biography And Net Worth
Cubana Chief Priest – Via Afrokonnect

Obi Cubana and Cubana Chief Priest who is richer

Many fans think cubana chief priest is richer than Obi Cubana because of the lifestyle he shows online,

However, Even Cubana Chief priest himself always acknowledge Obi Cubana as his boss,

Obi Cubana has an estimated net worth of $500 million while Cubana Chief Priest is worth $18 million,

Hence, Obi Cubana is way more richer than Cubana Chief Priest.

Now this brings us to the end of this article about Cubana Chief Priest Biography, Source of wealth, wife, Investment and Net worth via Afrokonnect.

UBA 2021 Graduate Recruitment Programme

UBA 2021 Graduate Recruitment Programme for Nigerians, apply Via Afrokonnect.

At UBA, we strongly believe that our people are critical to our success,

In building a sustainable and dominant business in the countries we operate across Africa and beyond.

We go to great lengths to source, attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talent, wherever they may be in the world.

To this end, we are always striving to:

– Provide a non-threatening environment that encourages and rewards role-model performance.

– Help our work-force maintain a healthy balance between work and their personal lives amongst others.

We are searching for young and enthusiastic graduates who are self-starters to join our Graduate Recruitment Programme.

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Participating graduate trainees, will be exposed to:

  • Intensive and immersive learning
  • On the job learning with various experienced employees
  • Building skills that entrench positive energy within the Bank, and forming lasting professional relationships with colleagues

Research, analyzing existing systems and offering new ideas for improvement

Successful trainees will be hired as permanent employees,

After completing the intensive 6 months (classroom and on the job learning).

So, if you are looking for exciting opportunities for yourself and career growth;

YOU are the TALENT we are looking for!

UBA 2021 Graduate Recruitment Programme for Nigerians Skills required

  • A positive attitude with a growth mind-set
  • Critical and analytic thinking
  • Excellent research abilities and a willingness to learn
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Apply here:

UBA 2021 Graduate Recruitment Programme UBA 2021 Graduate Recruitment Programme for Nigerians, apply Via Afrokonnect.


EMAIL SAFETY TIPS AND BEST PRACTICES FOR INTERNET USERS VIA AFROKONNECT. In today’s technology age, the most common form of communication is email, personally I use email for all my serious business and important private communication. Our need to communicate with friends, family, loved ones and business partners regularly through the internet or social media has made our digital life exposed to cyber threats, one of which is email scam. One major challenge facing individuals, companies and governments in today’s digital age is cybercrime and the most common scam now is email scam, This is why email safety tips and best practices are now more important than ever. Email scam is a deliberate deception made through email by an individual to another individual for personal gain, Cybercriminals use emails to trick unsuspecting victims into disclosing personal or sensitive information and later use the information to steal the unsuspecting victims’ identity, money or other valuable properties. Email scams come in different ways e.g. online job scams, credit alert scams, help scams, lottery scams, survey scams, charity scams, etc. Most email scams look legitimate, the contents are well detailed and very interesting to read, which is the main reason why many people fall victim on a daily basis. A report by FBI revealed that email scams caused losses amounting to US$ 1.4 billion in 2017, Another report by Action Fraud, a United Kingdom’s national report centre for fraud and cyber crime revealed that more than 400,000 reports of phishing emails were received by the anti-fraud organisation each year. RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: Best ways to Protect your Social Medi from Hackers

How do you email safely?

The main reason why many people fall victim to email scams on a daily basis is simply because most internet users lack vital information about email safety tips and best practices.

How to recognize email scam:

  1. There is a request for confirmation of personal information.
  2. There is a request for change of banking details or payment method in a business transaction.
  3. The sender requests for immediate response before a deadline.
  4. It comes with an attachment or link.
  5. Some words are sometimes misspelled.
  6. It claims there is a fraudulent activity on the account or credit card of the unsuspecting victim.
  7. It comes with an offer of free money, free gifts, cheap products or winning of a lottery.
  8. In most cases, there are grammatical errors in the email.
  9. The content sounds too good to be true.
  10. In most cases, the sender is unknown to the unsuspecting victim.

Top 10 Email Safety Tips and Best Practices:

  1. Educate yourself about email safety tips.
  2. Avoid using public Wi-fi to check your email.  e.g. hotels, airport, schools etc.
  3. Use strong password. Use at least 15 characters. Mix letters, numbers and special characters.
  4. Change your password regularly.
  5. Avoid using the same password for multiple email addresses or different websites.
  6. Don’t save your password on your phone, computer or any place where others can access it.
  7. Avoid using software’s you don’t trust.
  8. Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachment from unknown source.
  9. Run malware and antivirus scans.
  10. Always back up your files.
Implementing these email safety tips and best practices will save you and your company from the danger of email scams. Don’t forget to watch the video below about email security and safety awareness: Also read: Everything you need to know about Nigerian Digital currency eNaira  Rotimi Onadipe, CEO of Onadipe Technologies, National Coordinator- Internet Abuse Awareness & Prevention Project, Nigeria. Tel:  +234-8169121819