Show Dem Camp Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Palmwine Music & Awards

Welcome to this post about Show Dem Camp Biography, Songs, Net Worth in 2024, Palmwine Music, Awards and more via Afrokonnect. They are a Nigerian Afrobeat Alternative Hip Hop Duo Rappers known by their stage name, Show Dem Camp (SDC).

Wale Davis (Tec) and Olumide Ayeni (Ghost), who are also known by their stage name SDC, are noted for their alternative style of mixing Afrobeat, Afrofusion, and Hip Hop in their tracks.

Show Dem Camp (SDC) is a hip hop duo, and in this blog article, we will take a look at their biography, which is brief but informative and gets right to the point. Further post material can be found below.

Show Dem Camp Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Palmwine Music & Awards

Since their sound began to resonate with the nation’s youth and even the elder generation, Show Dem Camp’s net worth has increased in 2024. They are well-known for their distinct blend of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and rich lyrical content, and they have a devoted following. Show Dem Camp’s revenue is expected to be over $100,000 in 2024. Their continuous output and ability to connect with fans of all ages have cemented their position as a major player in the Nigerian music scene.

The Early Collaborations and Beginnings of SHOW DEM CAMP’s Biographical works

Show Dem Camp, which was initially formed in Lagos, Nigeria, in the early 2000s by Olumide Ayeni (Ghost) and Wale Davies (Tec), respectively, came together through their musical collaboration.

Because of their mutual love for hip hop, the two musicians came to the conclusion that they should form a rap duo known today as SDC. Tec and Ghost, who both already had a strong foundation in hip-hop, made the decision to combine their love for the music with their African heritage, which resulted in the formation of the now-famous Show Dem Camp Duo Rap brand.

Through their musical upbringing, Tec and Ghost were profoundly influenced by the kind of music known as Afrobeat, which was pioneered by the famous Fela Kuti. Inspired by the sounds of Fela’s Afrobeat, the duo set out to combine it with modern or alternative hip-hop and rap, which ultimately resulted in a genre-defying synthesis that they referred to as “Afrofusion.”

The songs that are now being released by Nigerian hip hop artists, such as “Can’t Kill Myself” featuring Oxlade and “Do Me Nice” featuring BNXN, are a good example of this new raving sound they have. I guarantee you can feel it better in their 2024 mesmerising release with The Cavemen and Nsikak David on a track titled “No Love in Lagos”.

Professional Music Career of Show Dem Camp

This was the beginning of Show Dem Camp’s journey in the music industry professionslly, which began with the release of mixtapes that displayed their distinctive sound and narrative ability.

They were able to solidify their position in the Nigerian music scene with the release of their debut album, “Clone Wars,” which received widespread critical acclaim. With each new project that they released, such as “Clone Wars II” and “Palmwine Music,” the team continued to hone their sound, which resulted in the accumulation of a devoted fan following and the acknowledgment of the duo as a promising Hip Hop duo in Nigeria.

Both of them were behind the establishment of their own independent record label, which they called Show Dem Records. Over the course of their existence as a hip hop duo, they have independently published more than seven albums.

They further reinforced their place as pioneers of the Afrofusion trend by their collaborations with musicians such as BOJ, Cruel Santino, AjeButter22, Oxlade, Tems, and Ladipoe, amongst other significant artists.


A Show Dem Camp Biography and Net worth article cannot be completed without their discography captured, hence:


  • Palmwine Music (2017)
  • Palmwine Music II (2018)
  • Clone Wars Vol. IV (These Buhari Times) (2019)
  • The Palmwine Expression (2019)
  • The Clone Wars (2010)
  • Clone Wars V: The Algorithm, which arrives in 2021
  • In the year 2022, Palmwine Music 3


The song “Can’t Kill Myself” with Oxlade as well as “Do Me Nice” Featuring BNXN are among some the biggest they have released, the also have more like:

  • Koko – (2020)
  • Dance for me – (2020)
  • Too Bad (feat. Amaarea & Tems) – (2023)
  • No Love In Lagos – (2024)


Clone Wars and Palmwine Music are two albums that have been released, respectively, by Show Dem Camp over the course of their time spent working together as a pair. They are comprised of five albums from the Clone Wars series, four albums from Palmwine Music, and one album from The Dreamers Project.

Recognition and Awards won by Show dem Camp

Both of them were nominated for Headies Awards twice, in 2018 and 2019, but they did not end up winning any of the awards. Nevertheless, they are among the most talented hip hop duos in Nigeria. At the 2023 Headies Awards, both of them were nominated for many awards in two different categories.

Show Dem Camp Net Worth in 2024 in Naira and Dollars

Despite the fact that information about net worth cannot be verified in a real-world setting, we have made some research and compiled an estimated to the worth of SDC in 2024. Wale Davies and Olumide Ayeni, who are both from Nigeria, make up the Nigerian rap group Show Dem Camp (SDC). They’re known for their good afro pop and rap tracks. SDC are presently signed with Show Dem Records.

Show Dem Camp’s net worth in 2024 has been on the rise since their sound started capturing the country’s youths and even the older generation. Known for their unique blend of Afrobeat, hip-hop, and rich lyrical content, they have gained significant popularity and a dedicated fan base. Show Dem Camp’s revenue is estimated to be around $100K in 2024.

This is an approximate forecast and could vary in the range between $70K and $120K, reflecting their growing influence and successful ventures in the music industry. Their consistent output and ability to connect with audiences across different age groups have solidified their position as a prominent force in the Nigerian music scene.


After meeting each other at a rap battle, Tec and Ghost (Show Dem Camp) found out that they both used the stage name “Golden Child” in their performances. As a result of their collaboration, they came together to establish the group that is today known as Show Dem Camp (SDC).

Before they became known as Show Dem Camp, they were known by a variety of identities, including Loose Cannonz, BlackBoysDown, and Third Eye Renegades, respectively. Show Dem Camp was their permanent moniker as of current form.


Where is Show Dem Camp from?

Although the two were born in Nigeria, they spent their early years living and studying in American and European cities before moving back to Lagos to seek careers in music.

Who is the Nigerian artist SDC?

Nigerian rappers Wale Davies (Tec) and Olumide Ayeni (Ghost) form the duo Show Dem Camp (SDC).

Conclusion about Show Dem Camp Biography and net worth in 2024

Show dem Camp biography and net worth
Show dem Camp – via Afrokonnect.

Show Dem Camp started as modest duet in Lagos to becoming pioneers in the fields of Afrobeat and Afrofusion music, which is nothing short of inspiring. They have won a unique place in the hearts of music lovers all around the world as a result of their unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of creativity and celebrating their African origin.

As Tec and Ghost continue to make waves in the music industry, their legacy will certainly leave an indelible mark on the Nigerian Hip Hop music industry. It will motivate the next generation of artists to discover their own distinctive artistic voice.

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