The Cavemen Biography, Songs and Net Worth in 2024

The Cavemen Biography, Songs, Root Album and Net Worth
The Cavemen Biography - Via Afrokonnect

This post is about the Cavemen Biography, Songs, Album and Net Worth in 2024, via Afrokonnect. First of all, the Cavemen as an entity or a Band was founded in March 2018, they’re a Lagos based Nigerian highlife combination band established by siblings, Kingsley and Benjamin Okorie.

Kingsley and Benjamin Okorie are a Nigerian highlife music team that is known for giving the traditional Igbo highlife sound a new twist. The Okorie brothers were born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. They quickly became famous in the Nigerian music business for their soulful melodies, harmonised vocals, and captivating performances, which earned them a loyal fan base and praise from critics.

Kingsley and Benjamin Okorie were born into a musical family. Their father is a famous highlife singer. They were exposed to highlife music from a very young age and learned to play many instruments and improve their singing skills. The boys learned to love highlife music and its cultural significance by listening to their father’s music and being inspired by Lagos’s lively music scene. They are singers, songwriters and record producers credited for some of the notable projects in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The Cavemen Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Early Life & Career

Early Life and Background Information

The duo “Kingsley Okorie” and “Benjamin James Okorie” were born in the city of Lagos in the early 90’s. The brothers discovered their love for music at an early age while attending church.

Though they were born in Lagos, They both hail from the Southeastern part of Nigeria. Benjamin picked interest in drums and taught himself how to play the instrument, while Kingsley learnt how to play keyboard and bass.

While growing up, they listened to lots of songs, their mother played mostly gospel songs while their father loved listening to the likes of Michael Jackson, West Life, ABBA and others.

However they credit their driver for introducing them to high life because he always played Oliver De Coque‘s songs. This was where their love for highlife grew from according to them, Kingsley is the elder of the siblings, Kingsley studied law in Kano state while Benjamin went to a music school.

The Cavemen Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Early Life & Career

Formation of The Cavemen:

Kingsley and Benjamin Okorie officially started The Cavemen in 2018. They set out to bring back and update the classic Igbo highlife sound. The pair wanted to make a new sound that would appeal to people of all ages by combining parts of traditional highlife music with modern influences.

Their smooth harmonies, catchy rhythms, and honest lyrics made them stand out right away, and they quickly became known as one of the most hopeful acts in Nigerian music.

Rise to Fame:

When The Cavemen’s first record, “ROOTS,” came out in 2020, it got a lot of attention. The album, which combines traditional highlife melodies with modern production techniques, got great reviews from both critics and fans. It made the duo famous in the Nigerian music business. Songs like “Anita,” “Bolo Bolo,” and “Who No Know Go Know” showed off The Cavemen’s amazing musical skills and cemented their position as leader of the highlife genre.

After their studies, the brothers officially formed a band in 2018, which has always been their dream. They call their genre of music, Highlife Fusion which is a mix of afrobeats, jazz, highlife and soul music.

Over the years, the artists have collaborated with top music acts such as Lady Donli, Bez, Asa, Onyeka Onwenu. The duo are credited for producing Lady Donli‘s debut album, “Enjoy your Life”which was released in 2019.

According to them “We met Lady Donli in 2018 at Tamerri Festival in Abuja”. In 2020, their debut album ‘Roots‘ was released to critical acclaim. The album has over 482.2k streams on Spotify and it has been streamed in over 91 countries.

Their album “Roots” was nominated and won the Best Alternative album at the 14th Headies Music Awards. The album houses 16 songs and was released under the “From the Roots” imprint. You can watch the official trailer for The Roots as the Caveman carry their fans through the process via Youtube.

The Cavemen Net worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

In addition to their work in the music industry, The Cavemen are also businesspeople and activists for improved socioeconomic conditions. They make use of their platform to advocate for a greater appreciation of traditional highlife music and to encourage the preservation of Nigerian culture and history.

The two individuals are actively involved in a variety of community outreach programmes, youth empowerment projects, and educational campaigns with the goals of uplifting communities that are disadvantaged and creating constructive social change.

Following the success of their breakthrough project, the Cavemen record an estimated net worth of $250,000 in 2024, which equals over 103,485,000 Nigerian Naira. You can come back to this page again as we’ll be updating this page with relevant information for you.

Social Media, Awards and Recognition

The Cavemen’s impact on the Nigerian music scene has been widely recognised, as they have been bestowed with multiple accolades and prizes. Revelation of the Year was one among their many accolades in 2021, and they also received a nomination for Best Alternative Album at the 2021 Headies.

They have become well-known as representatives of Nigerian highlife music and have amassed a large fan base as a result of the widespread appeal of their music. They’re active users of the social media and you can follow them on Instagram @the.cavemen. Also read about: Iking Ferry Biography, Awards and Recognition. On that note, this brings us to the end of this post about the cavement, the sensational Nigerian music star.

Conclusion on the Cavemen Biography and Net Worth in 2024

The Cavemen Biography, Songs, Root Album and Net Worth
The Cavemen Biography – Via Afrokonnect

In light of the fact that The Cavemen are continuously developing as musicians and representatives of Nigerian highlife music, their legacy is well positioned to endure for many years to come.

As a result of their dedication to authenticity, originality, and the preservation of cultural traditions, they have revitalised the highlife genre and made it accessible to a new generation of music enthusiasts. As they embark on new musical projects and collaborate with other artists, The Cavemen are well positioned to establish their status as pioneers in the Nigerian music scene and ambassadors of African culture on the international arena.

In conclusion, The Cavemen’s journey from hopeful musicians to famous ambassadors of Nigerian highlife music is a testament to their talent, dedication, and cultural pride. Both of these qualities have been essential to their success. With their captivating rhythms, passionate melodies, and uncompromising commitment to their craft, they have grabbed the hearts of listeners throughout the world and sparked a new wave of enthusiasm for traditional African music.

The Cavemen are poised to leave an unforgettable impact on the music business as they continue to push boundaries and break barriers. If they are successful, they will inspire future generations of artists to appreciate their cultural heritage and pursue their aspirations with passion and honesty.


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