Central Cee Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Age, Real Name & Girlfriend

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Central Cee, whose real name is Neil H.T Caesar-SU, is a well-known British rapper who hails from London. He is also known by his moniker, Cench. “Day in the Life,” “Loading,” “Doja,” “Sprinter with Dave,” and a number of other songs that he has released have helped him become well-known around the world.

It is approximated that Central Cee’s net worth in US dollars is around $5 million. That comes to about 3,916,600 pounds sterling in British pounds. Royalties from music labels, earnings from streaming services, modelling assignments, and other sources are some of the ways he makes his living.

We shall examine the life story of Central Cee, a well-known rapper from the United Kingdom, in this piece that deals with biographical information. Take a look at the following post content.

Central Cee Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Age, Real Name & Girlfriend

Early Life and Background Information

The 4th of June, 1998 found Central Cee being born in the neighbourhood of Ladbroke Grove in London. The information provided by Wikipedia indicates that his mother was of Irish descent, while his father was of Chinese and Guyanese descent.

The divorce of Central Cee’s parents occurred when he was seven years old. After the divorce, Cee lived with his mother along with his two younger brothers and frequently saw his father. As a result of his decision to quit school when he was 16 years old, Central Cee never finished his education.


Central Cee began his career in music in the year 2014. Nevertheless, he made the transition from Autotune Hip Hop to UK Drill, which resulted in him receiving his big break somewhere in 2019 or 2020.

“Day in the Life” was among Cee’s first viral release, and it was released on June 14, 2020. It went on to become his breakthrough track. “Molly” and “Loading” were among the other chart-topping singles that he released in the same year, along with his 2021 single, “Commitment Issues.”

“Wild West” was the title of Central Cee’s first mixtape, which was released in March 2021. It quickly rose to the top of various charts, including the “UK Albums Chart” number two and the “UK R&B Albums Chart” number one.

A mixtape by Central Cee titled “23” was released on February 25, 2022, and it quickly rose to the top of the “UK Albums Chart” after it was released. Cee’s smash track, “Doja,” was released on July 21, 2022, and it quickly became his highest charting song of his career, reaching number two on the “UK Singles Chart.” Cee’s career continue to gather momentum with the release of that single.

“No More Leaks” was the title of Cee’s extended play (EP), which was released on October 14th, 2022. As the lead single for their collaborative EP named “Split Decision,” Central Cee and Dave released their joint single “Sprinter” on June 1st, 2023.

This single was the first single to be released from their EP. Following its release, the track quickly rose to the top of a number of charts around the world.

To this point, Central Cee has collaborated with a number of well-known artists, including Dave, Drake, The Kid Laroi, Jungkook, and others. Columbia Records is currently in possession of his signature and safe to say Central Cee is signed to Columbia Records UK.

According to Central Cee, the popular rappers like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Jay Z, and NBA YoungBoy are the ones that have had the most significant impact on him in the rap scene. RECOMMENDED: Nonso Amadi Net Worth, Career and Biography.



  • 17 (2017)
  • Wild West (2021)
  • 23 (2022)


  • No More Leaks (2022)
  • Split Decision with Dave (2023)


  • BAND4BAND (2024)
  • I will (2024)
  • Entrepreneur – (2023)
  • Me & You (2023)
  • Doja (2022)
  • Loading (2021)
  • Commitment Issues (2021)
  • Sprinter With Dave (2023)
  • Let Go (2022)
  • Day In The Life (2021)
  • Molly (2020)
  • Lil Bro ft Juke Ceaser (2022)
  • Too Much With JungKook and The Kid Laroi (2023)

Central Cee Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Age, Real Name & Girlfriend



Central Cee has been nominated for a number of awards, including four MOBO Awards, nominations for the Brit Awards, nominations for the BET Awards, and other awards.


  • Instagram handle: @centralcee
  • Central Cee on Facebook.
  • Instagram handle: @centralcee
  • Website address: centralcee.com

Central Cee Net Worth in Pounds and Dollars in 2024

It is estimated that Central Cee has a net worth of approximately five million dollars in United States currency. In British Pounds that will be around 3,916,600 Pound sterling. His money comes from a variety of sources, including royalties from record labels, revenues from streaming platforms, modelling gigs, and more.


As of the year 2024, Central Cee will have reached the age of 26. His birthday is June 4th, and he was born in 1998.


Oakley Caesar-Su is the real name of Central Cee. He stands at a height of 1.77 metres, which is equivalent to approximately 5.10 feet 5 inches.


We don’t have a lot of information on Central Cee’s parents. However, his mother, Rachael Ceaser, is of Irish descent, and his father has Chinese and Guyanese ancestry. His mother who is of Irish descent raised him though he got to meet his father very often. At the time, Cent was only seven years old when their marriage broke up.

An individual by the name of Juke Ceaser is Central Cee’s brother, and he was featured on the song “Lil Bro” that was included on the 23 Mixtape. In addition to that, he has a second brother, not much information about him is known aside that.


Madeline Argy, also known as Central Cee’s Girlfriend is a well known Instagram model and influencer that hails from the United Kingdom. As of rcentreports, they have been in a relationship together since September 2022.

Amazing Facts about Central Cee

First, Central Cee revealed that he had sold drugs in order to make money. He said, “When you’re coming from where I’m coming from, everybody from all walks of life, nine times out of ten, they had to do that.” Learning how to ride a bike is analogous to this.

Secondly, Live Yours, ADA, and Columbia Records have all signed him to their rosters and Central Cee holds a distribution deals with each of them.

Thirdly, in addition to playing the role of a rapper, Cee is also a model. He has collaborated with high-profile companies such as Nike, Jaquemus, JD, and others. RECOMMENDED: Not3s Biography, Net worth and Career.


What is Central Cee Race?

The origins of Central Cee can be traced back to Ireland, China, and Guyana. He is also a British citizen and regard himself as a Uk drill artist.

How old is Central Cee?

As of the year 2024, Central Cee will have reached the age of 26. His birthday is June 4th, and he was born in 1998.

Is Central Cee a Black person?

NO, Central Cee is not a black person though he mingles and hangout with a lot of blacks folks,

Is Central Cee a Muslim?

Fans are under the impression that Central Cee is a Muslim, despite the fact that he has not yet announced his religion.

Where is Central Cee from?

England is the origin of Central Cee haven been born 4 June 1998 in Ladbroke Grove, London, United Kingdom.

Who is Central Cee Dating?

Central Cee is currently in a relationship with Madeline Argy, a British influencer and Tik Toker, as of the time that this story was written.

What kind of ethnicity is Central Cee of?

The origins of Central Cee can be traced back to Ireland, China, and Guyana.

Which Record Label is Central Cee Signed to?

At the present time, Central Cee has signed contracts with Live Yours, ADA, and Columbia Records, in that order.

Where is Central Cee Parents from?

The woman who gave birth to Central Cee is of Irish descent, and his father was of Chinese and Guyanese descent.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts about Central Cee Net worth in 2024 and Biography

Central Cee Net worth and Biography
Central Cee – via Afrokonnect

From being a “Lil Nothing” to being one of the best drill rappers in the United Kingdom, Central Cee has demonstrated to us that if you put your heart into something, you can become anything you want to be. To Do It Is the Only Thing That Matters.

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