OGB Recent Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Comedy & Age

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Uzoanuke Michael Charles Okechukwu is the full name of fast rising Nigerian Comedian OGB Recent. Born and raised in Nigeria, OGB Recent is a well-known comedian, singer, and skit maker who is also known by his stage name Cult boy or The Cultist.

OGB Recent is well-known for his funny sketches in which he portrays himself as a member of a clandestine cult, which has enabled him to gain widespread recognition among young youths.

His signature green button-up short-sleeved shirt and the catchphrase “Abi You Won Collect” are also well-known on social media and used as slangs in Nigeria as a result of this viral comment. He is known for both of these things.

OGB Recent Net worth in 2024, Comedy career, Biography, Songs, Real Age and Cars

According to calculations from several online sites, OGB Recent’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $100,000. In 2024, the equivalent in Nigerian Naira currency is around 154,024,000.

He makes money via monetizing his social media accounts, signing ambassador deals, doing sponsored marketing for brands, and serving as a Master of Ceremony. So, OGB Recent, a well-known Nigerian comedian, will be the subject of this piece, in which we will examine his biography. Further post material can be found below.

Early Life and Background Information

Born on September 2nd, 1997, OGB Recent was born in Kogi State, which is located in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. However, the young man is originally from Ebonyi State, which is located in Eastern Nigeria.

Regarding his education, it is reported that OGB Recent attended primary and secondary school in Kogi State. This information that pertains to his educational background were gotten from various sources on the internet.

OGB Recent was reportedly a student of Computer Science at an unnamed university, according to the information provided by several website regarding his higher institution education.

OGB Recent Professional Career in Comedy

Since his childhood, OGB Recent has always had a knack for comedy, and this trait has continued all the way through his time spent in college. OGB Recent, on the other hand, began doing skits professionally around the year 2021, and he made his debut in the year 2022.

He began by emulating his role model, BrainJotter, and incorporating some aspects of BrainJotter into his own creativity (I’m sure you can see the similarities now). He did this by copying BrainJotter’s dress code, as well as his low and crooked voice and his face that was not smiling.

OGB Recent included his unique catchphrase “Abi You Won Collect” and the fact that he refers to himself as a cultist in each and every one of his skits is something that sets him apart.

Additionally, he wears a green button-up short-sleeve shirt with random lettering, which can be seen on his images and skits. Over the course of a short period of time, OGB Recent’s fan base expanded, and he saw an increase in popularity for his crafts.

OGB Recent Music Career

Not only does OGB Recent work as a comedian, but he also performs as a musician and a master of ceremonies. Beginning with “30BG Anthem” (which was dedicated to his favourite musician, Davido), “You Won Collect,” “Garri,” and other songs, the young man began his career in music and released a number of successful songs.

It has been demonstrated by OGB Recent that if you put your heart into anything, doing something that is similar to your role model and producing something out of them can create you something.

Creativity is the most important factor in the process of content creation. Up to this point, OGB Recent has worked on comedy skits with a number of other comrades in his field, including Mr. Macaroni, BrainJotter, Nedu Wazobia, Cute Abiola, Sarkin Dariya, and many others.

Discography of OGB Recent

  • You Won Collect
  • Garri
  • 30GB Anthem

OGB Recent Net Worth in 2024 in Naira and Dollars

According to estimates and several sources on the internet, OGB Recent has a net worth that is estimated to be around $100,000. Converted to Naira currency it will be around 154,024,000 Nigerian Naira as of the year 2024.

He is able to generate income through the monetization of his social media handles, ambassador deals, sponsored marketing for brands, and working as a Master of Ceremony (MC).

Social Media Handles and Influence of OGB Recent

  • @ogb_recent has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.
  • Ogb_Recent has around 33.8 thousand followers on Twitter.
  • More than 147 thousand people follow OGB on Facebook.
  • Real OGB Recent on YouTube boosts with more than 153,000 Subscribers.

What is OGB Recent Real Age?

As of the year 2024, OGB Recent is 27 years old.

OGB Recent Car

OGB Recent gave himself a Mercedes-Benz GLE as a present in the month of March in 2022. Only one of his two automobiles is shown here; details on the other automobile are unknown at this time.


OGB Recent net worth and Biography
OGB Recent Screenshot from a Skit video – via Afrokonnect

The field of content creation is becoming increasingly dominant, and OGB Recent has established a name for himself in the sector. If you get too close to a cultist, you run the risk of being collected. Oh, hehehehe!

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What is the origin of OGB Recent

OGB Recent is from the Eastern region of Nigeria’s Ebonyi State.

What is the age of OGB Recent?

As in the year 2024 OGB Recent hit the 27 years mark. He gifted himself with a G-Wagon as birth present.

Who is the OGB Recent?

One of the most well-known fast rising comedians, singers, and MCs in Nigeria is known popularly as OGB Recent.

What Is the State of Origin of OGB Recent?

Ebonyi State, located in Eastern Nigeria, is the origin of OGB Recent.

How much is OGB Recent net worth currently in 2024?

There is a range of approximately $100,000 in OGB’s estimated net worth in 2024 which equals around 154,024,000 Nigerian Naira.

What is OGB Recent Tribe?

OGB Recent is a member of the Igbo tribe, which is located in the states of Eastern Nigeria, namely in the state of Ebonyi.


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