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Welcome to this post about the top 10 online jobs in South Africa you can start from home in 2024 by Afrokonnect. South Africa offers many different opportunities for making money online. By capitalising on your existing skills and sharing knowledge on topics you’re familiar with, you can easily find ways to generate quick income.

Also, turning your hobbies into money making activities is a great and effective way to earn money online. Whether you are a student, a stay at home mom or just someone who is looking for a side job to add to your income with little to no capital and also from the comfort of your home, this article is for you.

In this article, we will show different online jobs you can do from your home without having to leave whatever you are doing, all you need is a good laptop and fast/reliable network. We will also give you details pertaining to those jobs. Making money online doesn’t have to be hard, that’s why we compiled this list for you.


10. Copy Paste Job

As the name implies, this job simply requires you to copy and paste the data that is provided to you. Very simple, easy to do and doesn’t require much effort. The job definitely requires you to have a computer and be able to operate. As a south African looking for effective ways to make money on the internet you can consider this online job. 

To stand a chance in the flooding market, you can improve on skills like email marketing, ms-word and have a good eye to figure out details fast. You can check Ziprecruiter for over 889,505+ Copy paste work from home jobs in the United States area that you can also start even as a South African and make extra dollars per hour of your time.

9. Content Writing Job

Content writing job is another very simple way to make money online and from your home. All you have to do is come up with amazing articles, stories, etc and submit. You can do this with a computer or a very good smartphone.

For a start, you can be offering your services on international platforms like UpWork and also build a profile that will attracts brands to you. Not to sugarcoat anything, it’s not going to be an easy task in the beginning because you have to first of all prove yourself and show your previous work as well as a convincing portfolio. However, the good-news here is that starting now is not too late.

8.  Dropshipping

Dropshipping allows you to own a business without investing any capital. All you have to do is post pictures from the supplier, when a customer makes a purchase you send the money to the supplier after taking out your own profit and the supplier delivers the package directly to the customer. If this is something that interest you then read more about these highly profitable drop shipping product you can sell on Shopify. 

7. Social Media Influencing

As a social media influencer, you get to partner up with brands, create attractive, convincing and engaging content for their products to be posted on social media platforms like Facebook, X (formally known as Twitter), Instagram, TikTok etc. This is a very cool way to make money and even get free products as some of these brands will send you their products when you work with them. Imagine getting paid to use products for free, here are 5 smart ways you can make money from social media.

6. Virtual Assistant 

As a virtual assistant, your job is to manage emails, create and maintain schedules, manage social media etc. You are basically playing the role of a personal assistant except for the fact that you don’t have to go into the office. It is fast growing effective way to make money online in South Africa today that is why both students and even civil servants are also jumping into this niche.

5. Become A Brand Ambassador 

So many brands/companies are looking for people who can be the face of their brand and market the brands products to their many followers. If you’re social media savvy and you happen to have a lot of followers then consider being a brand ambassador. As a brand ambassador, remember that your behavior can affect the brand you represent either positively or negatively. So try to avoid anything that could tarnish your reputation. 

In some cases you have to scout and reach out to these brands because you are not Cristiano Ronaldo. You can reach out via email, LinkedIn and any other platform your target audience can be found. Let’s be honest, no brand in South Africa will come asking you to be their brand ambassador except you have something valuable they really need, which is usually the numbers, marketable face or huge influence in your industry. 

4. Freelancing

Freelancing is another fantastic way in which you can make money online in South Africa from your home. You can offer services like graphic design, digital marketing, writing, programming etc to organizations. 

Also, as a freelancer you should always make sure you are keeping ups with industry trends because there’s no job anywhere waiting for you. You will be paid based on your skills and the value you bring to the table so the best thing to do as a freelancer is to continuously improve on your existing skills. Here are 25 high income digital skills you should consider adding if you are serious about making money online in South Africa from home.

3. Customer Service Representative (CSR)

As a customer service representative, your job is to answer customers questions and provide them with suitable answers via email, phone calls and social media. You are to also provide customers with relevant information about the product and whatever services the organization offers. As a customer service representative, you are the voice of the organization. Make sure you are professional, have good knowledge of the organization, so that you don’t give out wrong information to customers. 

There are so many companies in South Africa that are lagging in terms of responding to queries by customers in time, some of them take hours, days and even weeks to respond. Now that’s where you come in, you can reach out to these companies and ask for role to handle their weakness.

2. Data Entry

As a data entry clerk, your job is to input information into a computer and upload it to the company’s database. You have to be fast, efficient and pay close attention to details to be able to perfectly carry out a data entry job. Data entry job is not the kind of job where you rush your work. You have to be very detailed and careful because there is no room for mistakes. A simple mistake could cost you your job.

1. Social Media Assistant or Manager

Social media assistants create social media posts, develop campaigns and use analytics to determine the success or failure of a social media campaign. They also research competitive brands and develop a company’s online voice and image. In order not to take up much of your time, here are a few other jobs you can do online that we have summarized:

  • English/French Teacher
  • Travel Agent
  • Copy Editor
  • Online Tutor
  • Copywriter 
  • Blogging 
  • Stock investment 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Voice over actor 
  • Freelance Editor etc

The list of jobs you can do online as a South African looking to improve their earnings is long! This goes to show that there are so many opportunities online to make money without too capital, quitting your other job or leaving the comfort of your home.

Making money online in South Africa doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is be ready to work, have the required skills, experience, attitude and you will be able to get yourself a job without investing too much capital.

The digital marketing world is filled with many opportunities for job seekers, most of them offer very attractive salaries and incentives. But, it doesn’t mean it is very simple or everything will be handed over to you cheaply, in fact you have to be consistent and be ready to receive NO NO NO and even NO reply sometimes. 

Here Are Some Tips To Apply When Searching For Online Jobs in South Africa 

  • Be Careful:

When applying for online jobs in South Africa, be careful about the sites you visit, make sure not to give out sensitive information to sites you don’t trust, apply due diligence before accepting any job. 

  • Follow Your Passion:

It is said that when you do something you love, you don’t have to work a day in your life. This is because you enjoy the process and also have fun while carrying out tasks. It is easier to stay motivated when you do something you’re passionate about. 

  • Be Professional:

Take your job seriously, deliver results and don’t skip deadlines. 

  • Acquire Relevant Skills:

When applying for online jobs, make sure you have the necessary skills needed to take on and deliver for the role you are applying for. 

  • Build Your Portfolio: 

A good portfolio gives you an edge over other applicants when you apply for online jobs. 

  • Market Yourself:

Don’t be shy about showing off your skills and achievements. When people know what you do and how good you are at your job, it makes it easier for you to get the job. If you don’t put yourself out there, people will not know what you do. 

  • Be Computer Literate 

Before applying for jobs online, make sure you have a very good knowledge on how to operate a computer. This is because most online jobs require you to have and operate a computer. 

  • Fast and Reliable Network 

As the name implies, online jobs are carried out on the internet so you need to be subscribed to a very reliable network provider in order to seamlessly carry out your tasks without having any problems or delays. 

You can sign up for jobs on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and you can showcase yourself on social Media platforms like Facebook, X (formally known as Twitter) TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. What are you waiting for? Join the digital marketing world today.


  • Copy and Paste Job
  • Content writing 
  • Dropshipping 
  • Social media influencing
  • Virtual assistant 
  • Brand ambassador 
  • Freelancing 
  • Customer service representative 
  • Data entry
  • Social media assistant/manager

Conclusion on Online Jobs in South Africa you can start from Home


There are several ways to make money online in South Africa whether as a student, a full time career role or just to supplement your income. The key to becoming successful in the online business world is to start something that correlates with what you can do, building your online presence and your skills and also connecting with the right opportunities.

Remember it is okay to try out different opportunities until you find the one you are very good at. Always be on the look out for opportunities, be patient and don’t rush into anything you do not understand, upgrade your skills and qualifications so you can keep up with the evolving nature of the economy and business world. Remember to be very vigilant because as the digital economy grows, so does the presence of online scammers. Don’t lose money in the process of trying to make more money. 

You have now reached the end of this article about Online Jobs You Can Start From Home In South Africa. We hope that you found the information above to be very helpful and useful. If you loved this article, feel free to share to tell your friends about it so that they too can benefit from the information provided. Your comments and feedback are very much appreciated. 


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