6 Factors to consider before buying a smartphone (Android or iPhone) in 2024

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In this ever-changing world of technological innovation, only few gadgets have matched the level of importance that the “smartphone” has.

The landscape of mobile technology has become very diverse with various smartphones available in the market with various prospects on changing the way we engage with the digital world.

Previously, phones were just tools made for making calls and sending text messages. However, it has revolutionized to a tool which is now a very vital part of our everyday lives.

The smartphone is now been used for communication, entertainment, etc. It has been transformed to a pocket-sized powerhouse which is capable of carrying out functions previously reserved for desktop computers and the likes.

Hence, in this era of an abundance of technology, the decision to purchase a smartphone is now a daunting task and requires a careful consideration of several factors and answers to these questions:

  • Do I get a budget-friendly phone/ go all out for a flagship phone with premium features?
  • Do I get an android phone/ switch to the increasingly popular IPhone?
  • What specs do I need in a smartphone?

This article has been designed to address these issue – hence dive in and let’s explore the things to consider when purchasing a phone in 2024.

Key Factors to consider before buying a smartphone (Android & iPhone) in 2024

A) Budget:

1) Budget-friendly devices: For many consumers, the major factor they consider before purchasing a new phone is their BUDGET.

Fortunately, the smartphone market is full of budget friendly phones which essentially provides a balance between price and performance.

These phones provide necessary features to consumers without breaking the bank. E.g., Tecno Pop 8, Infinix Smart 8, Etc.

2) Premium devices: While we have discussed on budget-friendly devices in the above subtopic – we also have to analyze Premium Phones.

Premium phones are devices which boasts of cutting-edge technology, premium features, and advanced materials.

This type of phone caters for the need of consumers who are interested in top-tier performances and latest tech. E.g., IPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung S24 Ultra, Etc.

B) Operating System (OS):

1) Android vs iOS: This is a major issue in the smartphone market as consumers are torn whether to choose the Android operating system or the iOS.

These ecosystems listed above are the two (2) dominant operating systems in the market.

Android was developed by Google. It provides users with a variety of customization options, a vast collection of apps, and is compactable with numerous devices.

iOS, on the other hand, was developed by Apple. It provides users with seamless integration with other Apple products, a stable user interface, and robust security features.

Users will surely have a dilemma trying to figure out which ecosystem works best to address their needs.

Note: There are also other operating systems which aren’t so popular. E.g. HarmonyOS (Huawei). These emerging OS provides users with additional choices to select apart from the duopoly of Android and iOS.

C) Design and form factor:

Smartphone designs have evolved over the years with manufacturers experimenting different designs to distinguish their products in the market.

These designs are being created to provide consumers with a variety of options to choose the brand that’ll suit their preferences and lifestyle.

Consumers/users should also consider factors like durability when choosing their desired design. This will aid in enhancing his/her customer’s experience.

D) Display quality:

1) Evaluation of screen types (OLED, AMOLED, LCD):  The quality of a phone display is a major determinant in accessing a user’s overall experience on a smartphone.

Different screen technologies such as OLED & AMOLED are known for their vibrant colors and deep blacks. They are mostly found in premium smartphones.

LCD displays are often found on budget-friendly phones.

2) Importance of screen refresh rate and resolution: This is crucial as it affects the fluidity and clarity of on-screen content. Higher refresh rates such as 90Hz and 120Hz result in smoother scrolling and animation.

Also, high resolutions such as Full HD (1080p) or Quad HD (1440p) offer sharper image quality and more detailed images.

E) Performance and processing power:

1) Processor Options (Qualcomm, Snapdragon, Etc.): The processor serves as the brain of a computer hence it has to be spot-on.

Leading chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Apple produce a wide range of processors to offer various level of efficiency and performance.

Some processors such as the Snapdragon & Qualcomm are found in premium smartphones while lesser processors such as MediaTek Helio series are found in mostly budget-friendly phones.

2) RAM and storage considerations: The amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) in a phone can influence its performance.

Hence, users should consider their usage pattern and storage needs to ensure that they choose a phone with sufficient RAM and storage capacity to meet their requirements.

F) Camera capabilities:

In 2024, which is an era of social media, the camera has emerged as one of the major features of a smartphone.

Users now use their smartphones not only to capture memorable moments but to crate content which will be shared to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Etc.

Hence, the quality and capabilities of a phone’s camera is now taken into consideration when purchasing a smartphone.

This has heightened the bar for camera quality exponentially as manufacturers are competing among themselves to deliver cutting-edge camera systems to their phones.

Specific Considerations for Different User Profiles

In this section, we will be exploring the specific considerations for different user profiles when purchasing a smartphones in 2024:

1) Casual Users:

This set of users usually need a smartphone which addresses their basic communication and multimedia needs.

They don’t go about seeking smartphones with unnecessary features as they crave simplicity and ease of use.

Hence, their type of smartphone must possess these characteristics:

  • Simple and stable user interface
  • Easy navigation
  • Essential features such as calling and web browsing.

Users who fall under this category can opt for budget-friendly phones from reputable brands such as Itel, Infinix, and Tecno.

2) Business Professionals:

Business professionals require a smartphone which can serve as an unreplaceable tool for staying connected and carrying out business operations anywhere they are.

These smartphones must include features such as:

  • Email Integration
  • Calendar Synchronization
  • Tools for editing documents

They must also be integrated with apps such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Google Workspace, and efficient project management tools.

Their smartphones must also boast of robust security features to prevent theft of data and leaks.

They must come equipped with biometric authentication such as fingerprint scanners and face scan, hence ensuring that sensitive data remain protected.

This will aid in boosting their work efficiency and streamlining their business operations.

3) Mobile Gamers:

They would require smartphones with powerful processors, i.e. 120Ghz+.

Their smartphones must come with premium features such as high refresh rates and dedicated graphics processing units (GPUs).

This will ensure the delivery of smooth performance gaming and fluid graphics.

They must also come with additional features such as advanced cooling systems, and customized game modes which will enhance their overall gaming experience.

4) Photography Enthusiasts:

This set of users require smartphones which will be able to capture stunning photos and videos on the go.

Hence, the quality and capability of the camera system must be top notch when selecting a device for this set of users.

They must come equipped with features such as high resolution sensors, large aperture lenses, optical image stabilization (OIS).

They must also possess advanced autofocus technologies which will aid in capturing detailed and vibrant images.

Conclusion about Factors to consider before buying a smartphone 

Factors to consider before buying a smartphone

In our journey of exploring the things to consider when purchasing a phone in 2024, it is clear that it involves a lot more than mere specs and features.

It is a decision which affects immensely our personal and social lifestyle.

Hence, let us harness the power of technology to create a brighter and more inclusive future for generations to come.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again on Afrokonnect.ng.


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