TML Vibez Biography, Net Worth 2024, Relationship & Record Label

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Welcome to this post about TML Vibez Biography, Family, Relationship, Record Label, Career, Net worth in 2024 and more via Afrokonnect Blog. Timileyin Sulaimon Popularly known as TML Vibez is a talented artist with a promising career in the music industry. Born in the year (2000), TML Vibez has quickly made a name for himself with his unique sound and style.

He has released several hit songs that have gained him a loyal fan base and critical acclaim. Timileyin Sulaimon who’s popularly known as TML Vibez, is a fast-rising Nigerian artist and songwriter who was recently signed to Vibez Inc Record Label. His distinctive musical style has gained widespread attention.

It indicated his potential to become a prominent figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene. The artist gained prominence with the release of his EP titled “Timileyin EP,” and his collaboration with Seyi Vibez on the track “Goated”.

Some people say TML Vibez sounds so much like Seyi Vibez in song delivery and presentation. This is almost the same as sound imitation because there are some songs on his debut EP where he does not sound like Seyi Vibez at all, and these songs sound more original and unique. But there seems to be a great influence of Seyi Vibez on his artistry.

The fast-rising star, TML Vibez, has seen his net worth climb to an estimated $10,000. With each new release, he continues to grow his fan base, garnering acclaim and wealth. This is just the beginning for TML Vibez, as his talent and dedication promise an even brighter future.

TML Vibez Biography, Net Worth, Family, Relationship & Record Label

Early Life and Background Information

TML Vibez was born in Nigeria. He grew up with his parents and completed his education in Nigeria. There is no information about TML Vibez’s early life and education yet on the internet.  His state of origin is unknown at the moment. However, we know TML Vibez was born in the year 2000, making him 24 years old as of present time, 2024. There isn’t much to be known about the singers family or whether he has siblings.

Even though not much is publicly known about his early life and career beginnings, he seems to have been quietly grinding and building his skills for some time. While details about his specific musical influences are scarce, it’s safe to say he draws inspiration from the contemporary Afrobeat scene and R&B greats like Marvin Gaye and John Legend. We will continue to update the article as soon as more information about the artist becomes available.

Professional Career of TML Vibez

His journey began with a passion for music and a dream to make a mark in the world of Afrobeats. In 2023, he made his official entry into the music scene with the release of his debut single “Grateful Sinner,” which introduced his unique sound and lyrical depth to the public.

The release of “Timileyin” EP was a defining moment for Tml Vibez, as it climbed the charts and resonated with fans across Nigeria and beyond. His collaboration with Seyi Vibez on the hit single “Goated” further catapulted him into the limelight, earning him critical acclaim and a growing fan base.

TML Vibez is an upcoming Nigerian singer and songwriter under Vibez Inc Record Label. He made his debut in the music industry with the release of his first single, “Grateful Sinner.” This track not only served as his formal introduction but also highlighted his talent. He Is gaining widespread attention following the release of his latest EP, “Timileyin EP.”

The internet is buzzing with his name, especially after the success of his collaboration with Seyi Vibez on the hit single “Goated.” The EP features other tracks such as “Intro” with Mohbad, “Bandana,” “365 Days,” and “Duro. On December 1, 2023, TML Vibez released his debut EP titled “Timileyin”. It is a project named after the singer himself.

His other song; “Intro” is actually a song with relaxing production and drums at intervals. It’s a combination of what Seyi Vibez would sound like and what Zinoleesky would sound like.

“Bandana” is a song that highlights how TML Vibez enjoys himself regardless of what people think about him. He also indicates that he actually doesn’t care what people think about him because “Werey dey my head like Bandana”- according to him.

“Duro” is a romantic song, while Goated is about how he is trying to establish that he is a king in his own lane and his growth will soon be seen and adulated by all and sundry.

The last song- Three hundred and sixty five days, is easily one of the best songs, if not the best of the EP- it sounds so original and could be a potential hit. It has so much original thought and lyricism behind it.

“Cho Cho (feat. Tml Vibez)” is a groovy collaboration with another rising artist, showcasing his versatility and ability to blend with different styles. He’s also been featured on YouTube channels like DML, further highlighting his growing recognition within the industry.

Tml Vibez’s sound is smooth and vibey, living up to his stage name. He blends infectious melodies with soulful vocals, creating a signature Afrobeat and R&B fusion that’s gaining traction. His first album was released on the 30th of November 2023.

Discography of TML Vibez

Here’s a list of some Tml Vibez songs and albums that have been released:

  • Grateful Sinner – 2023
  • Timileyin EP – 2023
  • On God (feat. Odumodu Blvck) – 2024
  • Walls Fargo – 2024
  • Alubarika – 2024
  • Cho Cho (feat. TML Vibez)
  • Game over – 2024

Additionally, Tml Vibez has an EP titled Timileyin, which includes the following tracks:

  • Intro (Mohbad)
  • Bandana
  • Duro
  • Goated Ft. Seyi Vibez
  • 365 Days

Some people have been insinuating that the singer is trying to copy Seyi Vibez even going as far as commenting “Like Father Like Son” but from his most recent songs, the singer and artist; Timileyin has shown that his style of music although similar, is quite different from his boss Seyi Vibez and the only thing the have in common is the name “Vibez”. He is determined to keep proving that fact. 

Relationship Life of TML Vibez 

It is not a known fact as to whether TML Vibez is in a relationship although, he is unmarried at the moment. There is no information about TML Vibez’s personal life at the moment when this article is written. There are rumors that the artist is in a relationship but nothing has been confirmed publicly.

Which Record Label is TML Vibez signed with?

TML Vibez is signed to Vibez Inc which is owned by Seyi Vibez with a distribution deal with Dvpper Digital. He is the first artist that was signed by the record label. During an interview, Seyi Vibez said he discovered TML Vibez on TikTok and when he saw the name “Vibez”, he immediately picked interest on the young artist and after watching him for a period of four months, he then invited the singer to the studio for a few sessions.

TML Vibez made his debut with the song; Grateful Sinner. This song introduced his unique style of music to the public. Under the label, he has continued to release music that pushes the boundaries of the genre, including tracks like “Intro (Mohbad),” “Bandana,” “365 Days,” and “Duro.”

TML Vibez Net Worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

TML Vibez, a budding celebrity, has experienced an increase in his net worth following his announcement as a frontline runner for Seyi Vibez, TML Vibes has recorded an estimated net worth of $10,000 which equals around 15,144,200 Nigerian Naira in 2024. He gains popularity and recognition with every new release, increasing his net worth.

TML Vibez has a great career ahead of him because to his talent and effort, so this is just the beginning. He is a talented songwriter and a dynamic performer who is causing waves in the music business.

Because of his distinct style and dedication to his work, TML Vibez stands out, and his admirers and followers eagerly follow his path, believing that the best is still to come. As an artist, he will undoubtedly leave behind a legacy of outstanding accomplishments and timeless music.

Social Media Handles 

Tml Vibez is active on social media, and you can follow him to stay updated on his latest music releases and activities. His official Instagram handle is @tml_vibez.

Conclusion about TML Vibez Biography, Net Worth, Family, Relationship & Record Label

TML Vibez biography and Net worth
TML Vibez and Seyi Vibez – via Afrokonnect

To sum up, the rising star has a lot of potential which we believe is yet to be unveiled but as time passes, he will make a name for himself and stamp his name on the wall of fame as one of the biggest Afrobeats artists.

As it is, he has already shown tremendous progress evidenced by the songs he has released. There is much more to be expected from the young and talented artist in the coming years. This is just the starting point for Timileyin Suleimon otherwise known as TML Vibez. 

On that note, you have now reached the end of this article about TML Vibez Biography, Net worth, Family, Relationship, Career, etc. Thank you for coming this far, please do not hesitate to leave a feedback or comment before you go. 


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