Muyeez Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Real Age & Record Label

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Welcome to this article about Moshood Abdulmuiz popularly known as Muyeez, in this article we are going to explore Muyeez Biography, Age, Family, Record Label, Career, Net worth in 2024 and more by Afrokonnect blog.

Moshood Abdulmuiz, the 16-year-old prodigy has emerged into the limelight as one of the most promising acts of his generation. Muyeez’s love for music has driven him to hone his craft since he was 8 years old.

Muyeez spent his early childhood in Lagos, Nigeria where he learned how to speak the Yoruba Language — a dialect majorly spoken by South Western descendants in Nigeria. However, after some time, Muyeez and his family moved to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. Before we begin fully, here are 8 things you need to know about Muyeez:

  • His real name is Moshood Abdulmuiz
  • He was born in 2008 in Abuja, Nigeria
  • As of 2024, he is 16 years old
  • He is a muslim by religion
  • He is currently signed to Vibez INC, a record label owned by Seyi Vibez and managed by Dvpper Music.
  • In April 2024, he released his hit single titled “Instagram.” The song features his label boss Seyi Vibez and reached the number one spot on Apple Music Nigeria chart in less than 24 hours after its release
  • His Instagram handle is @_muyeez

Muyeez Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Real Age & Record Label

Early Life and Background Information

Mushood Abdulmuiz AKA Muyeez, is originally an indigene of Osun state but he was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a young music star who is shaking up the music world in the Nigerian music industry.

Muyeez spent his early childhood in Lagos, Nigeria where he learned how to speak the Yoruba Language — a dialect majorly spoken by South Western descendants in Nigeria. However, after some time, Muyeez and his family moved to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

In FCT Abuja, he completed his primary education and underwent some part of his secondary school education at the Government Secondary School (GSS) Lugbe. The school is notorious for producing some of the finest arts that have rocked the Nigerian political and entertainment scene.

However, after he got to stardom it was reported that his new  music management changed his secondary school to a new one located at a more private location. In April 2024,  Muyeez and and his record label boss; Seyi Vibez were captured making a music video at his new school, this scene was then featured as the opening visuals of his song “Instagram”.

Family Background 

Besides having an elder brother who makes appearances in his videos, there is not much information on the other parts of the Muyeez family available at the moment. This information will be updated as soon as more details are gotten. 

What is the Real Age of Muyeez?

Muyeez was given birth to in 2008. This implies that by calculation, Muyeez would be around 16 years of age. His month of birth remains unknown. As at the time of gathering information on Muyeez, there has been no information whether or not the young artist has a girlfriend. There is no record of Muyeez having a romantic relationship with anyone. Some say he is too young to be in a relationship anyways. 

Muyeez Net Worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

Looking at the success of his songs, Muyeez’s net worth is estimated to be around $5000 or more, earned from music sales and performances. Converted to Naira it is estimated that the rookie has a net worth of 7,568,250 Nigerian Naira. As Muyeez continues to carve out a niche for himself in the Nigerian music industry, his popularity is rapidly increasing.

This promising trajectory suggests that his net worth is sure to experience significant growth. With a dedicated fan base and a unique sound that resonates with many, Muyeez is poised for even greater achievements. As he gains more ground and secures more high-profile gigs and collaborations, his financial success will undoubtedly follow. The future looks bright for Muyeez, and his journey in the music industry is one to watch closely.

Which Record Label is Muyeez Signed to?

The young artist is signed to Vibez Inc. Record Label which is owned by music artist Seyi Vibez. In April 2024, Muyeez caught the attention of Seyi Vibez in one of his freestyle videos.

In the video, Muyeez sang about how a girl he once had affection for didn’t reciprocate the same energy he had. The song also touched on different aspects of life such as struggles of life, and had several inspirational quotes to it.

Seyi Vibez liked the freestyle and the raw freestyle was mixed and mastered to a fresh song titled “Instagram”. At that point, that was where  Muyeez’s professional career as a musician started.

After the production of “Instagram”,  Muyeez and his representative were officially signed to Vibez Inc — a record label owned by Seyi Vibez. Muyeez’s signing was later announced in a release on Seyi Vibez’s social media platforms alongside the signing of four other Vibez Inc. new signees such as TML Vibez, Billion Solar, and Nerryckole.

In an interview at Cool FM, Seyi Vibez said his friend who produced for Burna Boy, sent him Muyeez’s freestyle video and immediately he saw it, he asked Muyeez to record the song. The record label deal is meant to last for 10 years and his boss Seyi Vibez also got him a new apartment, a car and a personal driver. 

Professional Career of Muyeez – Seyi Vibez Signee 

Muyeez had quite an eventful career experience as an underground artiste before getting into stardom. According to his official music distributor, Dapper, he began freestyling and singing when Muyeez was 8 years old.

He described his early discovery of music as an inborn trait when he used the words, “I was born for this”. Before he started making  music officially, he was known for his melodious freestyles on Instagram and TikTok.

It was one of his freestyles that catapulted him to the success he has so far enjoyed in the Nigerian music industry. From Muyeez’s freestyle catalog, he sang in different music genres such as Afropop, R&B, and Afrobeats drawing inspiration from established Nigerian artists such as label boss Seyi Vibez, Olamide, and Asake.

A big part of Muyeez’s success is his song “Instagram.” It got super popular fast and put him at the top of the charts in Nigeria. The song’s easy tune and relatable words talk about love, being young, and the online world.

Fans can’t help but dance and relate to its words about relationships today.At only 16 years old, he made history by topping the Nigerian charts with his hit song “Instagram.” He fell in love with music early on, and Seyi Vibez noticed his talent, signing him to Vibez Inc.

In 2024, Muyeez began pushing more work into refining his  music style by making more freestyles and songs. Muyeez would regularly make videos of himself freestyling and post them on his social media accounts. Most notably, on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. It was because of his consistency and style of singing that he was nicknamed, “Young Badoo” — a name synonymous to legendary Nigerian rapper Olamide Adedeji (Badoo).

Recognition and Discography 

Muyeez has been recognized in the history book of the Nigerian entertainment industry as the first youngest Nigerian artiste to have a No.1 positioned song on the Apple  Music Nigeria platform.


  • Adura (2024)
  • Instagram (2024)
  • 247 (Vibez Inc. Mixtape 2024)
  • Barnabas (2024)
  • Emo (2024)
  • Baybey (2024)
  • HBD (2024)
  • Muyeez (2024)
  • Trending (2024)

You can follow Muyeez on instagram @_muyeez to enjoy more of his post and song snippets.  

Controversies Relating to Muyeez

There have been a few controversies concerning Muyeez’s appearance in the industry. While some raised concerns about the artists young and tender age, some think that he should focus on his education first and others believe that the fame and lifestyle that comes with being an artiste in Nigeria might overwhelm him.

Another controversy arose when some sources claimed that Muyeezs recent Apple Music chart success is fake. This has resulted in many people pointing fingers at Seyi Vibez, accusing him of employing the services of a streaming bot or using other fraudulent means to reach the Apple Music Nigeria No.1 spot.

Some people also accused the singer of saying some disrespectful comments about Zinoleesky during an instagram live session. 

But despite the misgivings and controversies, it is very clear that the young artist is here to stay and judging by his songs, he is headed for the top! Not just that but, he is also aiming for stardom in the Nigerian music industry and worldwide.

Conclusion about Muyeez Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Real Age & Record Label

Muyeez Biography, net worth and career
Muyeez picture – via Afrokonnect

We expect to see him accepting some awards and more recognition soon. A lot of fans have also taken to social media to talk about how talented Muyeez is and the expectations they have of him.

We hope he is able to meet up with those expectations and that it doesn’t overwhelm him as the entertainment industry can be quite overwhelming especially for someone so young. 

This article about Muyeez ends here for now as we intend to update with more information once it is available. Thank you for visiting and for reading this article about Muyeez’s Biography, Net Worth, Family, Age, Record label etc. All of your comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated


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