PsychoYP Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Awards And Nominations

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Nicholas Ihua-Maduenyi, who was born on October 28th, 1998, is a well-known Nigerian alternative hip hop artist, trapper, singer, and songwriter. He is sometimes referred to by his stage name, PsychoYP (also known as Yung Papi).

PsychoYP is estimated to have a $100,000 net worth. It is his Mixtape, YPSZN, that has garnered him a lot of attention and popularity. We are going to take a brief look at the life story of PsychoYP, a well-known hip hop artist from Nigeria, in this piece that presents his biography. Further post material can be found below.

PsychoYP Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Awards And Nominations

Early Life and Background Information

PsychoYP was born on October 28th, 1998 in the city of Abuja, which is located in Nigeria. However, Rivers State, which is located in South Eastern Nigeria, is the young man’s home state.

As in the year 2024, he is currently 26 years old. Since the beginning of his professional career, PsychoYP has had a deep passion for music, particularly hip hop music. YP spent his childhood fully immersed in and surrounded by music.

We would want to express our gratitude to his mother, who shared his passion for music and regularly played her preferred musical styles for Yung Papi and his siblings to enjoy.

Not much is currently unknown about PsychoYP’s high school educational background, though he has already bagged two degrees, one from the University of Manchester. As time goes on, we guarantee that we will add additional facts to the post. At this point, we will discuss the musical career of PsychoYP.

The Professional Music Career of PsychoYP

In any case, PsychoYP was not an exception to the rule, much like the majority of musicians that began their careers during this digital age. When PsychoYP first began his career, he began by recording songs and releasing them to his YouTube channel.

His stage name, “PsychoYP,” was derived from a movie he saw called “Psycho” as well as a well-known moniker that was bestowed upon him by his classmates from secondary school.

Together, these two elements constitute the name “PsychoYP.” During an interview that was conducted by The Guardian, PsychoYP revealed that he began his musical career in the year 2016, while he was residing in Manchester, British Columbia.

In spite of the fact that PsychoYP has accomplished a great deal in his career, we will get right down to business and discuss some of the projects that have been particularly noteworthy for him up to this point in his career.

“Lost In The Sauce” was PsychoYP’s debut SoundCloud EP, which he published to his SoundCloud account on August 26, 2016, marking the release of his debut SoundCloud EP in that era.

In the years that followed, he went on to release an extended play (EP) titled “This Is What You Wanted” on May 21st, 2017, which was a collaboration with fellow rapper Kudi Is Dead.

On June 8th, 2018, PsychoYP launched his EP, which was dubbed YPSZN and received a lot of positive feedback from music critics. It is the fourth of November in the year 2019 that Yp started gearing for more in the game, a second installment of YPSZN, titled YPSZN2, was released by PsychoYP.

“Euphoria” was another PsychoYP’s extended play (EP), and it was published on August 26th, 2021. The Euphoria EP featured a number of Afrobeat artists, including Alpha P and others.

PsychoYP released his third Mistake EP, YPSZN3, on November 2nd, 2022. The album features a number of songs that have topped the charts, including Bando Diaries with Odumodu Blvck, IC3, Stronger, and a great deal of other songs followed as well.

To say that PsychoYP is a leading face in the Afrobeat Alternative Hip Hop music industry would be an understatement. We hope that he has a prosperous and fruitful career as a rapper and singer. We wish him the best of luck.

PsychoYP Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Awards And Nominations

Discography of PsychoYP

Check over PsychoYP official discographies down below:


  • This is What you Wanted – (2017)
  • This is What you Wanted II – (2018)
  • YPSZN – (2018)
  • YPSZN2 – (2019)
  • YP & Azanti, Vol.1 – (2020)
  • Euphoria – (2021)
  • YPSZN3 – (2022)
  • Osapa London Deluxe – (2023)
  • YP & Azanti, Vol.2 – (2024)


  • Uber (feat. Teejay) – 2017
  • Who Dis – 2017
  • Losing You – 2017
  • Black Card – 2017
  • Ball – 2018
  • Be Like You – 2019
  • Faded – 2019
  • Woah – 2019
  • Oga (Remix) feat. Dremo, BlaqBonez & Ycee – 2019
  • YKTFV X King Perryy – 2020
  • Euphoria – 2021
  • Midlife Crisis/Wydtm – 2022
  • Bando Diaries (feat. Odumodu Blvck) – 2022
  • Ic3 (feat. Zilla Oaks & Backroad Gee) – 2022
  • Stronger (feat. Zlatan) – 2022
  • Bami Soro – 2023
  • Clear Road x Azanti – 2023
  • Naija Funk – 2024
  • Your Matter – 2024

The list goes on and on.

Awards and nominations won by PsychoYP

Despite the fact that PsychoYP has been nominated for a great number of awards, the most well-known ones will be discussed further down. Sadly, he has not been awarded any prizes in any of the categories or awards events that are listed below.

  • The Nigerian Teen Choice Awards have accepted PsychoYP’s nominations on two separate occasions.
  • The brand PsychoYP has been nominated for a South African Music Award (SAMA).
  • Three times, he has been nominated for the Headies award, one of Nigeria’s most prestigious awards.

PsychoYP Net Worth in 2024 in Naira and Dollars Equivalent

PsychoYP’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000. Converted to Nigerian Naira that is around 148,700,000 Naira. Isn’t that a noteworthy accomplishment for the rapper and songwriter from Nigeria?

PsychoYP, who has a $100,000 net worth, is a well-known musician in the music business. His revenues from a variety of sources make up his net worth. These sources include:

Sales and streaming of music, Live performances and concerts, Brand alliances and endorsement agreements, Songwriting acknowledgments and earnings, Sales of merchandise and family wealth.

PsychoYP’s wealth is evidence of his diligence and commitment to his field. He keeps getting more recognition and money as a rising star in the African music industry. As he continues to tour, create new music, and build his brand, his net worth is probably going to rise.

Social Media Handle of PsychoYP
  • It’s PsychoYP on Facebook.
  • @psychoyp on Instagram.
  • And, on X formally known as Twitter @Psycho_YP

Where is PsychoYP from Originally?

South Eastern Nigeria is the home of PsychoYP, who hails from Rivers State. Though the rapper is known for representing the capital, Abuja. He grew up in Abuja and started his career there so its only right that he puts his city on the map.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts about PsychoYP Net Worth in 2024 and Biography

PsychoYP Net Worth and Biography
PsychoYP – via Afrokonnect

Within the Nigerian Afrobeat Hip Hop music scene, PsychoYP is widely considered to be one of the most successful rappers and record producers. Straight out of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Abuja, Nigeria, the young man has gone a long way and established a reputation for himself.

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In the meantime, browse through the other posts that are listed below and have a good time. On that note, this brings us to the end of this post about PsychoYP Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Awards And Nominations, Albums and more, via Afrokonnect.


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