Femi Otedola Biography, Children, and Net Worth in 2024

Femi Otedola Biography, Children, and Net Worth
Femi Otedola - via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this article about Femi Otedola Biography, Family and Net Worth in 2024, via Afrokonnect. When the name Femi Otedola is mentioned in today’s society, it is one of the names that immediately comes to the minds of a great number of people.

Accumulating such a high level of fame and wealth required nothing less than a great deal of effort, dedication, commitment, sleepless nights, and a genuine spirit of entrepreneurship.

However, he went on to change the face of oil importation, exportation, and marketing, for this single reason, he surpassed all of the other people that he had even met in the business as it was at the time of his arrival.

He entered the oil business when everything was still booming, which was to be seen at the time as a normal trend. No one who worked alongside this oil mogul at the beginning of their careers in the same industry can today credibly claim to be even a fraction of the success he has achieved.

Femi Otedola Biography, Children, and Net Worth in 2024

Femi Otedola was welcomed into the family of (Late) Sir Michael Otedola, who happens to be a former governor of the Lagos state. Femi Otedola was born in the year 1962 and was welcomed into the family of Sir Michael Otedola.

However, unlike many others, he did not rely on the wealth and influence of his father in order to carve out a name for himself. In the beginning, Femi Otedola saw an opportunity to work in a printing press that belonged to his family.

This was the source of his daily income until he saw opportunities that abound in the oil industry, which prompted him to make a swift move from the press into the oil industry. Today, Femi Otedola is one of the richest men in Africa.

He never let what others thought of him to pull him down in any way, despite the fact that many people believed he wasn’t going to make it back then with almost no experience in the industry, the fact that he kept going is also another prove that he’s a winner.

Femi Otedola Biography, Business, and Net Worth in 2024

Business and Investment Career

After putting in a lot of effort to get known and raise some money, Otedola finally made his first significant breakthrough in the year 2003, when he obtained sufficient funds to finally launch and start up his own company, Zenon Petroleum, and Gas Ltd.

He did this after working hard to get known and raise some money to reinvest, because of the effort and attention that he put into his work, he rose quickly through the ranks of the company in less than two years and became a force to be reckoned with.

By the year 2005, a number of other major corporations came knocking for collaboration including MTN, Unilever, Nestle, Guinness, and even the Dangote group, they all had begun to source the services of Zenon for their fuel requirements.

Zenon went on to become one of the world’s largest independent supplier of diesel, in the year 2015, Otedola decided to rebrand the company and broaden its scope.

This led to him changing the company’s name to Forte Oil, and then he proceeded to sell a major portion of the company’s shares and assets to Mercuria Energy Group. This decision not only resulted in a profit for the company of over $200 million but it also gave the company access to a larger and more lucrative worldwide market to sell for.

Otedola has shown throughout his career that he is able to meticulously examine the market and also hold off on making a move until it is in his best interest to do so. It is this singular leadership and management expertise that has propelled him to the position he has today.

Personal Life

He is married and has four children, three of whom are girls and one of whom is a boy. Incase you don’t know, popular female Disk Jockey known as Dj Cuppy and Temi are his daughters. In 2021 the Billionaire and Business Mogul bought two Ferrari as gifts for his beloved daughters.

Femi Otedola Net Worth in Dollars in 2024

The commercial magnate and seasoned entrepreneur is reported to be among the richest men in Nigeria in present day, Femi Otedola has an estimated net worth of $1.8 billion and is the fifth wealthiest man in Nigeria, Coming in behind only Aliko Dangote, Orji Kalu, Abdulsamad, and Glo’s owner Mike Adenuga.


Femi Otedola Biography, Children, and Net Worth in 2024

Profile Summary

Real name:

Femi Otedola

Date of birth:



Sir Michael Otedola

Source of Income:

Business – Oil and Gas

Net worth:

$1.8 Billion

Social media

Femi Otedola Biography, Children, and Net Worth
Femi Otedola – via Afrokonnect

Femi Otedola is an active user of the social media platforms just like kids, you can find him on social media via the handle below;

Instagram: @Femiotedola

Twitter: @FemiOtedola

This brings us to the end of this article about Femi Otedola Biography, Family and Net Worth in 2024 via Afrokonnect. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, let us know what you think via the comment section.


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