TI Blaze Biography, Career, Songs, and Net Worth in 2024

In this article you will learn more about TI Blaze Biography, Career, Songs, Photos, and Net Worth in 2024 via Afrokonnect.

Ti Blaze is a household name in Nigeria right now. The enchanting melodies, soulful voice, and infectious energy that Ti Blaze possesses have helped him acquire notice not just in his home country but also on a global scale. Within the scope of this in-depth blog post, we will investigate the life story of Ti Blaze, as well as his net worth and the extraordinary trip he has taken in the world of music.

Ti Blaze, was raised in Lagos, inside the country of Nigeria. He was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles and musicians while he was growing up in a family that had a strong interest in music, which contributed to the development of his eclectic musical approach.

Early on in his life, Ti Blaze demonstrated a natural gift for music, gaining influence from a wide range of musical styles, including traditional Nigerian music as well as modern sounds from worldwide. TI Blaze is the stage and nickname of Akintunde Abiodun Timileyin, who is best known in the music industry as a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Nigeria. Ogun State, in Nigeria is where TI Blaze was born on the February 16, 2000.

TI Blaze Biography, Career, Songs, Photos and Net Worth in 2024

Educational Background and Early Life

TI Blaze received his secondary school education from New Creation College on Olusegun Oshoba Road in Agbado Ogun State, Nigeria. This is where he finished his secondary schooling before he decided to dive into music professionally.

When he was still in secondary school at New Creation College, he launched what would become a successful career. Back then, he would perform a great deal of freestyles for no reason other than his passion.

The remix of T.I Blaze’s song “Sometimes” that featured Olamide, the head of YBNL Nation and a multi-award winning Nigerian rapper, was what brought him to the attention of the public in January of 2022.

TI Blaze Biography, Career, Songs, Photos and Net Worth in 2024

It was when Ti Blaze began independently recording and publishing his own music that his career as a musician started to take form. His flawless vocals, genuine lyrics, and catchy melodies helped him garner attention in a short amount of time, and he distinguished himself as a bright talent to keep an eye on. 2018 marked the year that he released his first single, which was a demonstration of his unadulterated skill and unmistakable potential.

In the years that have passed since then, Ti Blaze has continued to captivate audiences with a series of successful singles and collaborations. The captivating rhythms, approachable lyrics, and uplifting sentiments that are featured in his music are what make it so appealing to listeners of all ages.

Songs such as “Jaiye” and “Ori” have been fan favourites, which has resulted in Ti Blaze gaining a committed fanbase as well as notoriety beyond the country’s borders.

In addition to his work as a solo artist, Ti Blaze has also worked with a wide range of musicians and producers, which has allowed him to broaden his musical horizons and strengthen his position as a performer who is adaptable.

Particularly noteworthy are the tracks that were produced in partnership with industry heavyweights like Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy, amongst others.



  • The Fresh Prince of Lagos EP – (2022)
  • El Major ALBUM – (2022)
  • Dangerous Baby ALBUM – (2023)


  • Adura (feat. Oluwacoded) – 2022
  • Good Life – 2022
  • My life – 2022
  • Kilo – 2022
  • Pay me – 2022
  • Sometimes (Remix) (feat. Olamide) – 2022
  • Sometimes – 2021
  • Escobar – 2021
  • Dupe – 2021
  • Tomiwa – 2020
  • EKO – 2024

TI Blaze Net Worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

His achievements in the music industry have resulted in his achieving financial success. Ti Blaze has established a successful career for himself by generating substantial income from the sale of music, performances, endorsements of various brands, and other sources of cash.

The various business ventures that Ti Blaze has undertaken, including as his own record label and merchandise line, have contributed significantly to the expansion of his net worth. Ti Blaze is able to exercise creative control and autonomy over his career thanks to these measures, which guarantee his longevity and sustainability in the highly competitive music industry. These initiatives not only contribute to his financial success but also allow him to do so.

No doubt everything has changed for T.I Blaze after Olamide jumped on the remix of his song, he started getting bookings to perform at shows and events. Also, he released his debut extended play titled “The fresh Prince of Lagos”, the project did well charts, it is estimated that TI Blaze has an estimated net worth of $40,000, which equals over 16,933,560 Nigerian Naira in 2024.


Profile Summary

Real NameAkintunde Abiodun Timileyin
Stage NameT.I Blaze
Date of birth16th of February, 2000
State of originOgun State
Net Worth$40,000

Social Media

TI Blaze Biography, Career, Songs, Photos, Net Worth
TI Blaze – Via Afrokonnect

One thing that must be said is that, T.I Blaze is an active user of social media and you can follow him on;

  • Instagram: @ti_blaze_
  • Twitter: @TI_Blaze_

Conclusion about TI Blaze Biography and Net Worth in 2024

In conclusion, Ti Blaze’s biography, net worth, and music career are all examples of his journey from a young artist with aspirations of becoming a famous figure in the Nigerian music scene.

Ti Blaze has established himself as a pioneer and a trendsetter in the industry by overcoming challenges and defying expectations. He has accomplished this by utilising his unbridled skill, contagious energy, and unyielding persistence.

Considering that Ti Blaze is continually developing as an artist and broadening his musical horizons, his future in the music industry appears to be more promising than it has ever been. As a result of his capacity to captivate, motivate, and establish a connection with audiences all over the world, he is well positioned to make an even more significant effect on the international stage in the years to come.

Whether it be through his chart-topping tunes, electric performances, or entrepreneurial endeavours, Ti Blaze continues to be a force to be reckoned with. He brings joy and celebration to fans of Nigerian music all over the world. On that note, this brings us to the end of this article TI Blaze Biography, Career, Songs, and Net worth in 2024, via Afrokonnect.


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