10 Best Online Shopping Sites that Ships to Nigeria from UK & USA

In this article you will discover the top 10 Best Online shopping sites that Ships to Nigeria from UK and USA via Afrokonnect.

Our prepared list of the finest online shopping sites that ship to Nigeria may be just what you need, if you are the sort that enjoys shopping on an international website from the comfort of their own home.

Due to the proliferation of online shopping sites that provide a wide range of items and clothing designs that are now on trend in this contemporary day, it is now possible to conduct one’s shopping without leaving the comfort of one’s own home by using the internet. The following is a list of online retailers from the United Kingdom and the United States that ship to Nigeria.

10 Best Online Stores that Ships to Nigeria from UK and USA in 2024

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A List of Online Stores From the United Kingdom and the United States That Ship To Nigeria;

  1. Amazon

Amazon is the most popular and comprehensive online shopping destination that offers shipping to Nigeria between two to seven business days. First opening it’s virtual doors in 1995, online retailer Amazon has since grown to become the most profitable business in the world.

It offers a wide variety of products, including clothing, literature, auto components, home items, and even event tickets, amongst others (for both railway and airway). Amazon, like many U.S. e-commerce sites that provide shipping to Nigeria, gives you a substantial price cut based on how much you buy.

  1. ASOS

The abbreviation ASOS refers to one of the most reputable online retailers based in the United Kingdom that offers shipping to Nigeria, “As Seen On Screen” is what the abbreviation ASOS stands for in its entirety.

The majority of people who shop online are terrified of making a purchase that turns out to be a fake or something else entirely. However, unlike other e-commerce websites, this one gives it’s customers the assurance that the things they purchase will be of the same high quality as those shown on the internet.

ASOS caters to both men and women with it’s extensive selection of branded apparel and footwear curated from the collections of a variety of fashion designers. The website where you may purchase online, also provides a great deal of savings on items that are easy on the wallet. You are eligible for free delivery to any location in the globe, including Nigeria, when you place an order for a total of $35 or more worth of merchandise. Following the site will also provide you access to weekly discounts.

What American stores are in Nigeria?

  1. AliExpress

AliExpress is a Chinese e-commerce platform that offers worldwide shipping, including to Nigeria. They are mostly Chinese vendors and exporters offering a wide range of new and unused goods.

Ali Express offers a diverse selection of products that may be filtered by category to meet specific requirements. The website has a wide variety of products that may be purchased at wholesale prices. These products include mobile devices such as smartphones and iPhones, tablets and laptops, as well as clothing, footwear, and electrical goods.

Best UK and USA Online Shopping Sites that Ships to Nigeria in 2024

  1. E-bay

Ebay is not only one of the most well-known e-commerce platforms, but also one of the most trusted online shopping destinations that offers it’s services to customers all over the globe. It does it’s business out of California in the United States of America and sells a broad variety of goods, including electronics, autos, sports equipment, gifts for babies, and many other things.

Also, it is believed that there are around 170 million active customers on eBay, which has more than one billion goods posted for sale on it’s website. Ebay is without a doubt one of the most reputable online retailers that offers shipping to Nigeria.

Best UK and USA Online Shopping Sites that Ships to Nigeria in 2024

  1. Nordstrom

Located in Canada, this online retailer offers the latest in on-trend apparel, accessories, and home decor at competitive prices. About seven hundred different retailers and manufacturers provide goods to Nordstrom.

It first opened its doors in 1901, and since then, it has expanded to include around 300 storefronts across three distinct websites. There are three websites in total: nordstrom.com, nordstromrack.com, and Haute look. In all likelihood, it is one of the least expensive international merchants offering shipping to Nigeria.

  1. Walmart

The wealthy Walton family founded Walmart, one of the oldest retail internet companies in the United States, which still bears their name. The internet retailer has a physical presence in around 12,000 locations across 28 countries.

You may buy any product that is sold in Walmart shops online via their E-Commerce website and have it sent to your address in Nigeria. This service is offered to customers in Nigeria too. About 35 million different goods may be found on the online shopping platform provided by Walmart, which first opened its doors in the year 2000. It is still considered to be among the greatest online shopping sites in the United States that delivers to Nigeria.

Best UK and USA Online Shopping Sites that Ships to Nigeria in 2024

  1. Topman

Topman, in contrast to other online retailers that ship to Nigeria, specializes only in providing men with fashionable clothing that is of high quality. It is one of the few online apparel stores that caters to male customers. Topman is a one-stop store for any and all worldwide styles that are now trending.

What stores deliver to Nigeria?

  1. Farfetch

Another reliable online retailer that offers delivery to Nigeria is called Farfetch. It caters to both men and women and specializes on high-end and designer apparel, footwear, handbags, and other accessories. The delivery time for items ordered from Farfetch is between two and seven days.


  1. MatchesFashion

MatchesFashion is an online retailer that focuses mostly on selling high-end fashion brands merchandise. They are one of the Distributors of the highest caliber brands in the world, including the likes of Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Burberry, and Lavin, among others.

Around 400 different fashion labels are represented on the e-commerce website, which is one of the primary sources for the items sold there. Matchesfashion is widely considered to be among the most reputable of all online retailers that provide shipping to Nigeria. You need to check our previous article about how to start a boutique business online in 8 easy steps.

UK/USA Online Shopping Sites that Ships to Nigeria 2024

  1. Best Buy

Best Buy is the last e-commerce site on our list of online shopping sites that delivers to Nigeria. It covers doorbusters, phones and other electrical devices, as well as a wide range of other long-lasting items.

The online shopping website Best Buy is still among the most popular ones because of the incredible rewards and deals it provides on various products. Give Best Buy a go, and if you do, you may receive a discount on one of their items.

Best Online Shopping sites that ships to Nigeria in 2024


10 Best UK/USA Online Shopping Sites that Ships to Nigeria

If you shop at any of the online retailers in the United States or the United Kingdom that are listed above that ship to Nigeria, you won’t have any trouble acquiring goods from other countries while staying in the convenience of your own house.

Before you leave you can check out the Cost of shipping a car from USA to Nigeria, as well as the top 10 Best Courier Services in Nigeria: Cheapest and Fastest. This brings us to the end of this article about the top 10 Best Online shopping Stores and sites that Ships to Nigeria from UK and USA via Afrokonnect. If you found what you were looking for then kindly share this post on social media, let us know what you think via the comment section. Good luck


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