17 Business Ideas in USA with Low Investment and Online Business ideas

17 Business Ideas in USA with Low Investment and Online Business ideas

Welcome to this article about Profitable Business Ideas in United states of America with Low Investments and Online Money making business ideas in USA via Afrokonnect.

Are you looking for a business idea in the USA? Do you want to start a profitable small business in the United States and make money? Are you wondering how to get started with your new business?

Well, this blog post will help you out. Here we will share some of the best business ideas in the USA that are profitable and easy to start.

If you are someone who wants to start an online business or has already started one, then this post will also help you.

This article will discuss some of the best eCommerce business ideas in the USA with low investment and high returns.

You can get a lot of benefits from starting your own business.

So keep reading and find out more about these businesses.

Most Profitable Business In the USA in 2023 

If you’re looking for the best, most profitable business ideas in the USA, you’ll have to consider a few things: what’s popular, affordable, and unique.

You consider Credit Repair Business: How to Get started in 8 easy steps,

We’ve put together a list of some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Real Estate Investment

Real estate is a great way to make money as well,

It allows you to invest in something that will last long term and be profitable.

Over the long term, real estate has been a significant investment, and it continues to be one of the best ways for people with money to invest it.

We have written a comprehensive guide on how to start your own real estate business.

2. Tax Preparation Service

Tax preparation is a field that is growing in popularity, and it can be an excellent way to make money.

Basically, Tax preparation companies help people with their taxes, from the initial filing to calculating their returns and answering questions about tax law.

If you want to start a tax preparation business, you should first get certified as a public accountant (CPA) or enrolled agent (EA).

This will help your clients trust you when they need your advice on how much money they will owe in taxes.

You also need a good knowledge of tax filing laws; this will allow you to answer any questions during the year so that there are no surprises at tax time.

3. Mobile Food Services

As a mobile food service owner, you will be required to obtain permits and licenses from your local health department.

You will also need to have your truck inspected by the health department before you can begin selling food.

4. Food Truck Business

Food trucks are a great option if you have always dreamed of starting your own business.

A food truck business is relatively inexpensive to start, but it can be very profitable if you do your research and market yourself well.

Small Business Ideas In the USA in 2023 

5. Pig farming

Pig farming is a lucrative business. You can earn money through the sale of pork and other pig products.

Pigs are easy to care for, and they also need less space than cows or goats, so they’re often kept at home.

Like other livestock animals, pigs are more cost-efficient than growing crops like corn or soybeans that you can feed them instead of buying expensive feed from a store!

Dog Breeding business is another small business idea in America that can bring high returns with little investments,

We have already published a comprehensive article about How to Start a Dog Breeding Business and Make Extra Cash.

6. Lion farming

Lion farming is a very profitable business because literally Lions are easy to manage and can be sold at a reasonable price.

We have Many buyers of lions in the United States, including zoos and private collectors.

The cost of lion farming is not very high; you only need a few acres of land where your captive-bred lions will be kept until they reach maturity.

Lion milk and meat have become increasingly popular as luxury items among wealthy consumers in recent years,

So, if you start this type of enterprise now, it may pay off quickly or in the long run.

Here are top 8 Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas you can start with little capital.

7. Tilapia fish farming business

Tilapia fish is a delicious fish that can be prepared in various ways.

Also, Tilapia fish is a good source of essential nutrients and contains high protein content.

This makes it more beneficial than other fishes.

One can quickly grow tilapia fish as they are straightforward to breed and do not require much space.

The demand for this type of fish has been on the rise due to its nutritional values and delicious taste,

Making it a lucrative business opportunity for those looking forward to starting their own business in the USA.

Furthermore, we have written a step by step guide about Fish Farming Business and All You Need to Know before you start your first farm,

If this is something that interest you then I highly recommend you check it out.

8. Floor cleaning services business

A floor cleaning services business is an excellent idea for those looking for an opportunity with low investment, high profit, and little competition.

The cost to start your own floor cleaning business will be relatively small compared to other small businesses like restaurants or retail shops.

In addition, this type of business is widely needed by people who want their floors cleaned regularly.

As such, you are unlikely to face any competition from other entrepreneurs in the same industry as you because very few people would want to compete with one another in this area on a large scale basis.

Business Ideas In the USA With Low Investment

You can start these businesses with a small amount of money and can earn a good profit. Before we proceed with the count down, here are the top 10 largest industries in USA.

9. Traveling Agency

If you have ever traveled with a tour group, you might have found it fun.

Traveling by yourself can be great, but traveling with others who are also traveling by themselves is even better.

If you love meeting new people and exploring more places than just those your friends happen to live in,

Then starting a traveling agency might be worth looking into.


Profitable Business ideas in USA

10. Photography

If you have the skill and experience in photography, this could be a great business idea.

You will need to invest in equipment, market yourself and be able to travel to your clients.

If you are skilled at photography, this could be a successful business for you in US.

11. Virtual Assistant

You need to be able to take the initiative and manage your time well because there will always be deadlines that need to be met.

You should also have excellent problem-solving skills to stay calm under pressure when problems occur.

It’s helpful if you know about running your own business and customer service expertise to provide the best products or services for customers who request them from the start of their relationship with you until it ends successfully.

Top Online Business Ideas In the USA in 2023

There are plenty of business ideas out there, but not all of them are suited to the USA – and its culture, people, and legal system.

12. Drop shipping

Dropshipping is a great way to make money online.

You need a computer and an internet connection, which you already have if you’re reading this article (unless you’re one of those weirdos who reads entirely on paper).

Working as a drop shipper is perfect if you’re looking for supplemental income or your main job doesn’t allow much flexibility in terms of hours and location. As long as there’s Internet access nearby, it’s easy enough to get started! RECOMMENDED: How to Start a Dropshipping Business on Shopify Storage.

13. Create an eCommerce store

Ecommerce platforms can help you build your online store without investing in the site’s design, development, and maintenance.

These platforms include Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.

However, we recommend Shopify as it’s easier to use, and it comes with a 14-day free trial.

Register for free once you’ve chosen a platform and add products from third-party sellers on eBay or Amazon and suppliers directly.

You can also sell services such as web design using this method.

14. Start a YouTube channel – Online Business ideas in USA 

YouTube is a great way to make money as a content creator.

With YouTube You can earn advertising revenue for each view and promote your website or other products in the video description box.

If you create original content that people find helpful, they’ll be more likely to watch the ads.

And since Google owns YouTube, it’s easy to connect all these with Adsense or another ad network of your choice.

American business ideas for the UK

In America, I am a product manager. Here in the UK, I’m an entrepreneur.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about some American business ideas that could be brought to the UK market.

While I’m not looking to start any of these businesses myself, it is fun to consider!

Recommended: Best Place to Live in UK | Safest & Most Affordable Cities (Top 5).

15. Cafe

To start, there are a lot of Americans who want to try English Breakfasts.

It is not only that you can sell English Breakfast but also serve American-style coffee.

It would help if you had a menu board where people could see what you have on offer.

Again, it would be an added advantage if you also consider serving other meals like burgers, hot dogs, and fries.

16. Retail

The United States is home to a vast number of successful retail franchises.

Franchises offer everything from fast food to clothing, and many of them have been expanding into the UK in recent years.

If you’re interested in starting your own business, why not consider opening an American-style retail outlet in the UK?

17. Health and Fitness

Fitness trainers are a great business idea to start in the UK.

You can either do it as a part-time or full-time job,

And, you can choose to work at home, running your small fitness center, or even work at one of the bigger gyms.


Business Ideas in USA with Low Investment (Online Money Making Business ideas in United States of America)

Summary: List of Business ideas in USA and UK

  1. Real Estate Investment
  2. Tax Preparation Service
  3. Mobile Food Services
  4. Food Truck Business
  5. Pig farming
  6. Lion Farming
  7. Tilapia fish farming business
  8. Floor cleaning services business
  9. Traveling Agency
  10. Photography
  11. Virtual Assistant
  12. Drop-shipping
  13. Create an eCommerce store
  14. Start a YouTube Channel
  15. Cafe
  16. Retail
  17. Health and Fitness


17 Business Ideas in USA with Low Investment and Online Business ideas

The best way to decide which business idea you want to start is by looking at what other entrepreneurs are doing.

I suggest going on sites like Reddit, where people post their ideas and get feedback from others.

You’ll be able to quickly discover whether or not your idea has been done before (and if so, how many times) and gain insight into how it might be improved upon.

This post will help you decide whether or not this really is an original business idea in the USA – or just another cookie-cutter startup entity trying its hand at making money off investors with no real vision for the future!


This brings us to the end of this article about Profitable Business Ideas in United states of America with Low Investments and Online Money making ideas in USA via Afrokonnect.

Good luck



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