How to Start a Dog Breeding Business and Make Extra Cash

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business and Make Extra Cash

Welcome to this article about How to Start a Dog Breeding Business, Tips on how to start your own Dog Farming from home and make Extra cool cash via Afrokonnect.

Dog Breeding is the process of mating selected dogs with the aim of producing certain qualities and characteristics in their Offsprings, it is also the artificial selection of dogs in which dogs are intentionally bred by their owners in order to strengthen certain characteristics. Examples of dog breeds are: Labrador Retriever, French Bulldog, German Shephard, Golden Retriever, English Bulldog, Poddle, Beagle, Rottweiler, Etc.

Basic Terminologies in Dog Breeding

Before we proceed, I’ll want you to familiarize yourself with some certain keywords in the dog breeding farming industry, Dog Breeders use this terms in conversation, business and day to day transactions. So, if you’re interested in starting your own dog farm you need to get acquainted with these terms;

  • Bitch – A female dog
  • Litter – A group of puppies
  • Dam – The mother of a litter
  • Sire – The father of a litter
  • Stud – A male dog which is expected to impregnate the female
  • Inbreeding – Breeding between dogs who are close relations. This is not advisable as it can result in generic defects.
  • Line Breeding – This is the breeding of dogs that share the same bloodline but are closely related. This is done to strengthen certain generic features.
  • Outcrossing – This is the breeding between dogs that are not related
  • Whelping – The act of a female dog giving birth

Advantages of Dog Breeding

  1. The ability to advance the breed
  2. Enables you the opportunity to work with man’s best friend
  3. It brings up the emergence of new breeds
  4. It helps in encouraging responsible pet parenting.

Disadvantages of Dog Breeding

  1. You need to be an expert in genetics before becoming a dog breeder, or at least have basic information about genetics
  2. It is time consuming because you are also involved in the feeding and nurturing of the breeds
  3. Most litters are usually raised in the dog breeder home which is messy and also very noisy
  4. The cost attached to dog breeding is usually high this is due to the enormous expenses namely: Regular health checks, Feeding, Shelter and huge veterinary bills attached to any sick dog.

Detailed steps on How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

Starting a dog breeding is not an easy task but you should be fine with these 8 steps listed below:

1. Learn about Dog Breeding:

Before you start a dog breeding business you would need to learn about how to take care of dogs, Dogs and humans don’t speak the same language so you would have to learn how they express their feelings so that when they are sick you would be able to detect it easily.

Also, knowing when to vaccinate a dog is one of the important parts a dog breeder needs to know about dog breeding, so that they would be vaccinate as at when due. As we have different dog breeds so we have different character traits; Make sure that you Learn about different dog breeds which would enable you distinguish between their various characters.

2. Write out your Business plan:

Before starting any Business in general you would need to have your business plan with some important details such as: Capital, Location, Expected Profit, Number of Employees, Etc.

The same strategy also applies for dog breeding; Your dog breeding business plan ensures that you learn a lot about dog farming. It would enable you to properly manage your dog business and how to make your dog breeding business profitable. Having a dog business plan is the most reliable way to avoid unnecessary losses in your dog breeding business and it enables you to properly utilize your dog business capital.

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business – Dog Farming

3. Draft out your market survey:

In any business you have to be sure that there is a market demand for that commodity, instead of just starting your business based on assumptions and guesses. This is why a market survey is important to make sure that the dog business is a need in the area where you want to commence your business.

For example, You wouldn’t say that you want to commence a dog business in an area where most of the residents are cat lovers and you expect your business to boom; Instead of you to make profit your business would just run down the drain after enormous losses.

Your market survey would also enable to decipher which kind of dog would boom in that area either Local dogs or Foreign dogs. Drafting of your market survey is a very important part in starting any business in particular.

4. Getting your Required Capital:

No doubt Capital is one of the most important necessities needed when starting a dog business whether your niche is local dogs or foreign dogs, Capital would be needed in purchasing items like: Dog Chains, Dog food, Dog vaccines, Dog Cages, Chew toys for the litters, and more.

Also, Capital would be needed in purchasing your first set of dogs otherwise known as Parent Stock. The capital would also be needed in getting the services of a veterinary doctor. Yes, getting a veterinary doctor would go a long way in boosting your dog breeding business.

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business at Home – Dog Farming

5. Building Cages and getting of your Parent Stock:

After getting your required capital your next step will be to start your dog business by getting all the necessary equipment needed, Buy or build iron cages which will serve as shelter for the dogs and don’t forget to install necessary equipment needed for the dog business.

Now; Buy your Parent stock and start rearing them, Once they are ready to mate, start mating them immediately so that the reproduction can take place without delay.

6. Begin the process of Breeding and selling of your dogs:

This can be regarded as the stressful part in the process of dog breeding, Breeding of dogs can be seen from two categories as being easy and also not easy. It is easy in the sense that mating of dogs doesn’t necessarily require your intervention, it is not easy in the sense that when your female dogs reproduce more attention would need to be given to both the mother and the puppies.

When your female dogs reproduce that’s when you start to make; your first customers may be your family and friends. After doing this, they will introduce your business to others and you can give commission to whosoever brings customers to you and this motivate them to bring more customers.

7. Know your prices: 

Most business owners suffer losses not from bad marketing or poor market survey but from being ignorant in pricing; They attach fees out of ignorance not knowing that they are making losses.

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business – Dog Farming at Home

Dog Breeds and Price Range in US DOLLAR AND NAIRA

Below I listed the pricing of popular dog breeds so as to avoid being an ignoramus:

A) Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Male Puppy – $290 (120,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $390 (160,000 Naira)
B) Bull Mastiff
  • Male Puppy – $290 (120,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $335 (140,000 Naira)
C) PitBull
  • Male Puppy – $431 (180,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $480 (200,000 Naira)
D) German Shepherd
  • Male Puppy – $50 (20,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $75 (30,000 Naira)
F) Rottweiler
  • Male Puppy – $120 (50,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $145 (60,000 Naira)
G) Samoyed
  • Male Puppy – $191 (80,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $240 (100,000 Naira)
H) Boerboel
  • Male Puppy – $191 (80,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $240 (100,000 Naira)
I) Caucasian
  • Male Puppy – $170 (70,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $215 (90,000 Naira)
J) Dobberman
  • Male Puppy – $240 (100,000 Naira)
  • Female Puppy – $290 (120,000 Naira)

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Start a Dog Breeding Business and Make Extra Cash


What is Dog Farming?

Dog Farming which can also be known as dog breeding is the process of mating dogs with the intent of maintaining or producing specific qualities and characteristics. Sometimes this can be done for the purpose of making profit by selling the mated breed.

What is Local Dog Breeding?

This can be defined as the breeding of local species or breeds, they are called local breeds because of their striking features which includes: Long snout, Erect ears and an elongated slender body. Examples of such breeds include:

A) Basenji: This is a breed of hunting dog that originated in central Africa.

B) Azawakh: The Azawakh belongs to a class of hunting dogs known as Sighthounds; they originated in West Africa.

C) Greyhound: They are also part of the family of the Sighthounds; It is a gentle and intelligent breed. They are also used in Dog racing competitions.

What is the best dog breed for profit?

The best dog breed for profit is the Siberian Husky and this is due to their piercing blue eyes and energetic nature; Siberian Husky have an average lifespan of 14 years, they are the kind of dogs to keep because they love an active environment and are ready to disturb you till you give them the attention they need.

Also, Siberian Husky rarely fall sick which is also a great benefit to breeders, they are easy to breed and maintain when kept in the right environment. Siberian Huskies are available in different colors such as: White, Charcoal, Copper, Red, and others. Note: Huskies shed a lot during the summer. Selling Price: $1,300

What is the average amount a dog breeder spends on insurance?

Business Insurance is designed to safeguard financial assets and is a necessity for dog breeders, an average Dog breeder spends between $300-$700 per year for $1,000,000 in general liability coverage.

Do you need LLC for a Dog breeding Business?

The Full meaning of LLC is Limited Liability Company and they offer limited liability protection and tax options for any size business, by starting an LLC for your dog breeding business, you can:

A). Protect your business with limited liability protection.

B). Have more tax benefits and options.

C). Maximize your business credibility. 

How to Setup your Dog Kennel (Daily Puppy)?

A Dog kennel is designed to serve as a shelter for dogs so setting it up in a way which will be suitable for you and the dog. To setup your kennel check out these steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Place your outdoor kennel in a location that is relatively flat so when it rains, water won’t disturb and also make sure the end of your kennel provides a shade for the dogs from the sun.

Step 2: Insert an elevated resting spot so that your dog can get off the cold or damp ground

The Step 3: Keep a water bowl with fresh water in the kennel so your dog can have access to it anytime it wishes;

Don’t forget to include durable chew toys to serve as entertainment for the dogs. On that note; this brings us to the end of this publication about How to Start a Dog Breeding Business and make Extra cool cash via Afrokonnect, I hope this article was helpful in anyway, let us know what you think via the comment section.



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