Best Nigerian Banks in USA – How to Track Money fast

Best Nigerian Banks in USA - How to Track Money fast

Welcome to this publication about the best Nigerian Banks in USA (United States of America, How to track Money gram and Western union tracking via Afrokonnect.

In this article we will reveal information that will help your day to day transaction. However, before we proceed is only right to fully understand some key terms used in the financial system.

Bank Definition: Types of Banks and Functions

A Bank is a financial institution which is approved to received deposits and give loans. Most times Banks have the backings of the government to operate legally, their whole existence is supported by the government.

We have various types of Banks which are:

i. Commercial Banks

Being the most popular type of Bank that we have, Commercial Banks are banks which concentrate on supporting small businesses,

Both large and small business corporations can turn to commercial banks if they need to open a savings or deposit account, take loans and fund both Local and Foreign accounts. Examples of such Banks are Wema Bank, Sterling Bank, First Bank, Etc.

ii. Central Banks

A Central Bank is a financial institution given the control over the production and distribution of money in a given nation or a group of nations. They are responsible for the formation of monetary policies and regulation of member banks.

Best Nigerian banks in USA

iii. Merchant Banks

These are banks which provide underwriting, loan services and fundraising services for large organizations or High net-worth individuals in the society and not the General Public,

They also provide advisory services on issues like the acquisition or sale of a business. Examples of these banks include: Coronation Merchant Bank LTD, FBN Merchant bank, Etc.

iv. Microfinance Banks

These are banks which provide services like savings and deposits, loans and non-financial services to clients,

They are made specially for Small-Scale businesses and the micro-entrepreneurs. Examples of such banks are: AACB Microfinance Bank LTD, ABC Microfinance Bank LTD, Etc.

v. Mortgage Banks

These are Banks which specializes in giving out mortgage loans. They give loans to clients purchasing real estate properties. Examples of Mortgage banks are: Platinum Mortgage Bank, Abbey Mortgage Bank, Etc.

Best Nigerian Banks in USA

1. United Bank of Africa PLC (UBA)

UBA America is the only Sub-Saharan African bank with an operational banking license in the USA. They are based in New York; UBA America was established in 1982 as a representative office of UBA Nigeria and was granted a Banking license in 1984.

This means that as other banks in America operate so also UBA America. UBA Plc is one of Africa’s leading financial institutions, offering banking services to more than 21 million customers while having over 750 branches in Africa;

With a presence in London, New York and Paris. UBA has won a lot of achievements namely:

  • The First bank to introduce the Nigerian Government Bond Index (2006)
  • First bank in Nigeria to offer an IPO, following its listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1971
  • The First bank in Nigeria to introduce a Cheque Guarantee Scheme known as UBACARD in 1986, Etc.

These achievements have distinguished UBA from the rest in both Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Just by checking the vision of UBA you would know they mean business and are ready to even become one of the leading financial institutions in the world.

Best Nigerian banks in USA

Profile Summary

Group Chairman:

Tony Elumelu

Date Founded:



UBA House, 57 Marina, Lagos, Nigeria

Areas Served:

Africa, Europe, Unites States of America

Total Assets:

$19.2 Billion


+234 700 2255 822, +234 1 280 8822, +234 1 631 9822


ALSO READ: UBA Bank USSD Transfer codes: How to Buy airtime, Send money and Pay bills online. Before we proceed with the count down, here are the top 10 largest industries in USA.

2. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered PLC is a multinational banking and financial services company which has its headquarter in London, England. It is present in 55+ countries in the world, Standard Chartered Bank is a coalition of two banks namely: Standard Bank and Chartered Bank; which was merged in 1969.

The Bank has its presence in New York, USA since 1902, Steven Cranwell is the Chief Executive Officer and Regional Head of Standard Chartered Bank in the US.

Achievements/Awards won by Standard Chartered Bank

  • Best in Treasury and Cash Management – MENA
  • Best in Treasury and Working Capital – SMEs in South Korea.
  • Won the Best in Treasury and Working Capital – MNCs/LLCs in Taiwan
  • The Best in Liquidity and Investments Solution – China
  • Best Payments and Collections Solutions – Bangladesh, Etc.

After seeing all these, Though UBA is ranked as the first and best bank in Nigeria by many people. Standard Chartered Bank has shown that it is a formidable rival in the Banking and Finance Sector.

Best Nigerian banks in USA

Profile Summary


James Wilson

Date Founded:

18th November 1969


London, England, UK.

Areas Served:


Total Assets:

$827.818 Billion


+1 877 308 2182/ +1 (973) 855 4100



Best American (USA) Banks in Nigeria

In the Previous heading, I mentioned the Nigerian Banks which has a Presence in the US and they turned out to be two. Coincidentally, There are 2 American Banks which has a presence in Nigeria, namely:

i. Citibank

ii. JP Morgan

1. Citibank

Citibank Nigeria Ltd (CNL) was brought to Nigeria on May 2, 1984 and is the oldest international bank in Nigeria. It was formerly known as Nigeria International Bank Ltd then it changed its name to Citibank Nigeria in 2008.

The bank has branches in Lagos, Warri, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Aba, Etc.

Achievements of Citibank

A) Globally

  • Best Digital Bank
  • Best Bank for Financial Inclusion
  • Won the Best Bank for Markets
  • The Best Bank for Transaction Services

B) Regionally

  • Best Bank for Markets in Latin America and Western Europe
  • The Best Bank for Financing in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Won the Best Bank for Transaction services in Africa
  • Also, it has won the award for the Best Investment Bank in Argentina, Africa, Finland, Ireland, Turkey and Greece.

Profile Summary


Barbara Desoer


16th June 1812 (as City Bank of New York)


New York, USA

Parent Organization:



+1 800 374 9700


2. JP Morgan Bank

JP Morgan Chase is a full-service provider of cash management solutions to help tackle the challenges faced by most treasury professionals today. They also help in capital raising for start-up businesses and they provide advisory solutions for those who engage in Forex.

Achievements of JP Morgan Bank
  • Greenwich Excellence in Asia Large Corporate Cash Management
  • Also won the award for Greenwich Excellence in Europe Large Corporate Cash Management
  • Best Asian and European Large Corporate Cash Management Quality Leader

Best American (USA) Banks in Nigeria – Best Nigerian banks in USA

Profile Summary


Jamie Dimon


1st December 2000


New York, USA

Total Assets:

$3.831 trillion


+1 212 270 6000


Guide on How to open a Nigerian Bank Account from USA

Do you know that a Nigerian Bank Account can be created for you even if you are not in the country! Surprising right? Stick to the end to find out how.

Documents Needed
  • Valid Nigerian International Passport/ Driver’s license/ Residence permit/ Work permit
  • Foreign passport with Nigerian place of birth/country of origin backed with any form of Nigerian ID even if expired
  • Proof of address (Notarized Utility bill for the last 2 months or Bank Statement for the last 6 months)
  • Proof of source of funds (recent pay slip/ work ID/ letter of reference from current banker/ business registration documents if self-employed)
  • 1 recent passport photograph (for joint account holders, one recent passport photograph for each signatory)

After getting all these documents,

  • Go to the desired Bank you want to register in
  • Go to the diaspora online account and complete all necessary fields
  • Upload all the required documents and submit
  • An account number will be generated and sent to you via email.

Watch more videos on our channel for more information and guides on how to open a United States of America (USA) bank in Nigeria. You can check out Credit Repair Business: How to Get started in 8 easy steps if that is something that interest you.

MoneyGram Transfer

Before we talk about How to track Moneygram transfer, what is Moneygram?. According to Wikipedia, MoneyGram is an American cross-border P2P payments and money transfer company based in United States,

It was founded in 1980 with Alex Holmes as the Chairman and CEO. Services offered by MoneyGram;

  • Money Tracking
  • Bills Payment Services
  • It aids enterprise customers to use the company’s core capabilities to fulfill their business needs and services
  • It also supplies money order

How to track MoneyGram (WikiHow)

There are two ways of How to track Moneygram transfer, which are;

A) Tracking as the Sender;

  1. Go to the login page on the main MoneyGram website.
  2. Find the transaction history for your account and view the order you submitted.
  3. You should find the status of the send-order there

B) Tracking as the Receiver

  1. By using “Track a Transfer” method
  2. The Sender must have given you the reference number
  3. This will enable you to see the status of the transfer without you having a MoneyGram account
  4. Afterwards, enter your last name and click “Track Transfer” to get the result


Now that we’ve seen How to track Moneygram transfers, let’s explore the Western Union tracking.

Western Union Tracking

The Western Union Company is an American multinational financial services company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 1851 and has been operating at the top level since then,

Services offered by Western Union;

  1. Wire Transfers
  2. Money Orders
  3. Money Transfers
  4. Bill Pay
  5. Transfer tracking
  6. Price Estimation

How to Track your Western Union (WikiHow)

While using Western Union you would like to check the status of your transfer. This can be possible if you have the right details at hand which is the “MTCN”, which stands for Money Tracking Control Number. 

After getting your MTCN, Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Western Union website and click Transfer
  2. Select between Sender and Receiver according to the category which you fall under
  3. Type the MTCN and click Continue

If you don’t have the MTCN you will have to follow alternative procedures of inserting the Sender’s phone number or the names of both the sender and the receiver;

The receiver’s country; the send and receive amount; and the transfer date.

4) Follow the additional steps as given by the website

5) Confirm your identity

After completing these tasks, Western Union should show you the status of your Transfer

NOTE: This Procedure also applies for the Western Union app,

Which makes Western Union tracking very easy, fast and Secure.


Best Nigerian banks in USA, How to track Moneygram and Western Union tracking

Best Nigerian Banks in USA - How to Track Money fast, Western Union Tracking


While you are making transactions and payments online, you have to be very careful with Scammers. Always make sure you’re in the right and secured website, don’t share your personal details with strangers.

This brings us to the end of this publication about the best Nigerian Banks in United States of America (USA), How to track Moneygram and Western union tracking via Afrokonnect. I hope it was helpful and you enjoyed reading through, let us know what you think via the comment section.



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