UBA Bank USSD Transfer codes: Buy airtime, Send money and Pay bills

Latest and Updated UBA Bank USSD transfer Codes in 2024 (United Bank for Africa) via Afrokonnect. In this article you will discover the right UBA USSD Code for different transactions, you will learn how to secure and take control of your account.

It is no coincidence that these UBA transfer codes are short, making them easy to remember, the service platform enables all UBA account holders to safely and conveniently manage their accounts from the comfort of their room,

Using just their mobile phones without even needing internet or data. With UBA USSD codes there are variety of things you can do without even accessing the internet, all you need is a mobile phone to Experience the Magic in Banking,

You can easily open a UBA account, transfer money to another account in Nigeria, buy airtime or data for yourself, family & friends as well as pay your bills, pay for your flights and check your account balance all on your mobile phone with USSD codes, let us see how to use these USSD codes for UBA transactions.

How to open a UBA Account with a phone using USSD Codes in 2024

The first and most important thing you will need to do before you can enjoy transactions with USSD code is to open a UBA account, you can achieve this by just dialing *919#. A list of options will appear on your screen, follow the steps gently,

After you complete the required steps, your account will be created and the account number will be sent to the mobile line you used, the only thing left is to visit any UBA branch close to you with a means of identification to link your BVN to the account you created.

The major advantage of opening a UBA account with USSD code is you don’t need any form to fill and no long queues because everything is done from your mobile device.

How to register and Activate for UBA USSD Transactions (Magic Banking)

United Bank For Africa also known as UBA offers one of the smoothest mobile banking and, fortunately, this service is available for all bank account holders. More so, to use any of the UBA mobile banking USSD transfer codes, you must first of all activate your phone number with the UBA mobile banking. There are two major ways to register or activate for UBA magic banking, these two options are:

i) with UBA Account or,

ii) with UBA Prepaid Card

To do this,

  • Dial *919# you will see the Main Menu
  • Select your desired option

If the user is not yet registered, he/she would be presented with registration options. That’s all, activate the PIN and start using the UBA USSD banking services.

How to transfer Funds using UBA USSD Codes in 2024 – (UBA to U.B.A)

Now you have created an account and you will like to transfer money to another account, The USSD Code allows customers to send money to any bank account, UBA accounts or prepaid cards, Dial *919*3*account number*amount# to send money to any account using UBA USSD code.

For example, if you dial *919*3*2083213932*1000# it means you want to send 1000 Naira to the account number 2083213932 using U.B.A USSD code, Make sure you do this from the phone number you registered or open your account with UBA. Take your time to enter the beneficiary account details and make sure you confirm that the account name corresponds.


How to Send money to a UBA Prepaid Card – UBA Bank USSD transfer Codes

Similarly, dial *919*32# to send money to any UBA Prepaid card, a prepaid card is a credit/debit card issued by UBA, you can fund the card for your online purchases and shopping or bill payments. 

How to Send money to other banks using U.B.A USSD Code – (UBA to Access, Keystone, Wema etc)

Simply dial *919*4*account number*amount# and you are good to go, just make sure you do this from the phone number you registered with UBA. The benefits of sending money with USSD codes can not be overemphasized, for example, USSD transfers works on all phone types including android, iPhone and mini phones known as touch light phones in Nigeria.

USSD codes transfer is fast and convenient and does not require internet connectivity or data, you can send higher transaction limits of up to N1 million per day with USSD codes and of course it allows you to send money to accounts in any Nigerian bank.

How to check UBA account Balance with USSD Codes

This is a very simple task, in a situation where by you can’t access your UBA mobile app or ATM, you can use the USSD Code to check your balance, to do this: Simply dial *919# on your phone dialler, from the pop up option:

  • Choose check account balance
  • Enter your UBA transfer PIN
  • Then press okay.


You can choose to just dial *919*00# on your phone to check your UBA account balance, just make sure that the Sim card you used for your UBA account registration is on the same phone you are dialing the code.

In few seconds, you will receive a message containing your account balance, there is a very little service charge for convenience and VAT, though is less than the transport you will use to go to the bank or the energy you will burn to walk down the streets to use the ATM.

Latest UBA Bank USSD transfer Codes in 2024

How to Purchase Airtime and Data using UBA USSD Codes

This feature comes in handy when you run out of airtime and data to use the UBA mobile app, in any case you can buy airtime or data for yourself or third party using U.B.A USSD code.

To buy airtime dial *919#, use *919# to easily top up airtime on your phone and for others anytime at no extra cost, if you will like to buy airtime for yourself simply dial *919*amount# on your registered mobile line,

For example, press *919*1000# to send 1000 naira to your registered phone number. In a case whereby you want to buy airtime for your family and friends, just simply dial *919*Phone Number* Amount#, for instance, if you dial *919*08123023781*1000# you will send 1000 Naira to 08123023781.

Obviously, the simplicity and convenient USSD code transfer is why both the young and old use it, the interesting part is that this service is available to all the major network providers in Nigeria i.e MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat subscribers at no extra fee.

How to Reset PIN for UBA Bank USSD Transaction

There is no need to panic if you forget or misplaced your PIN, with UBA USSD code you can easily change/reset your PIN. To do this, dial *919#. Select ‘PIN Setup’ from the option to change/reset your PIN.

How to use UBA USSD Code to Perform Card less Withdrawal in 2024

UBA Bank USSD Transfer codes: Buy airtime, Send money and Pay bills

To use the USSD code AND perform card-less withdrawal on ATM follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1:

Dial *919*30*Amount# on your mobile phone

  • Step 2:

Enter your PIN

  • 3rd Step:

Choose the account to be debited

  • Step 4:

Generate a one-time PIN code for verification (OTP)

  • Step 5:

You will receive a withdrawal code via SMS

  • 6th Step:

Go to the nearest UBA bank around you

  • Step 7:

Press any button at the ATM point 

  • 8th Step:

Select Pay Code or Card-less Withdrawal on the ATM 

  • Step 9:

Then enter your withdrawal passcode

  • 10th Step:

Now enter your one-time code

  • Step 11:

Enter the amount you will like to withdraw

Final Step: Cash-out

Latest UBA Mobile Banking USSD Codes

Conclusions and Summary

  • To check your UBA account balance – dial *919*00#
  • UBA short USSD code for self recharge or airtime Top Up – dial *919*Amount#
  • For UBA short code to recharge for third-party like family & Friends – dial *919* Phone number* Amount#
  • For UBA transfer code to another UBA Account – dial *919*3*account number*amount#
  • Short code to load UBA Prepaid Card – dial *919*32#
  • UBA ussd transfer code to other banks – dial *919*4*account number*amount#
  • UBA ussd code to pay bills other bills – *919*5#
  • For UBA transfer code without ATM card (ATM cardless withdrawal code) – dial *919*30*Amount#

This brings us to the end of this article about Latest and Updated UBA Bank USSD transfer Codes in 2024 (United Bank for Africa) via Afrokonnect.


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