Largest Cities in United States – 10 Safest Places in USA 2024

Largest and Safest cities in United States (USA)

This post is about the top 10 Largest cities in United States of America and the safest places to live in USA either to relocate, work or study in 2024 via Afrokonnect.

In this article we will be exploring the biggest and safest cities in USA, if you are planning to relocate to US or you are already in America and you are trying to figure out the safest town and cities to live then read on.

This article will help and guide you all through your next move. There is a general myth that most populated and the largest cities in the world have higher crime rates, so, this article will encompass factors like population density, job opportunities, standard of living as well as safety, Crime rate and security.

According to United States office of management and Budget (OMB) there are 392 metropolitan statistical areas in USA, including 8 from Puerto Rico. Similarly, the United States has 50 independent states, some of these states are highly populated, even more populated than some countries,

Popular cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are some of the most densely populated states in USA. The number of people immigrating to these cities has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of the country’s economy, for instance, some of these most populous cities in the United States have population of over 5 million people,

In fact, New York City alone, which is the largest city in US since 1790 has a population of over 8.5 million residents, that is more than the population in some African countries, without further ado lets dive in and explore.

Top 10 Largest cities in United States – Safest Places to live in USA in 2024

10. Massachusetts

This state has about 27,335 km2 and it is the most populated state in the New England region. The region falls under the Boston-Cambridge-Newton, thereby forming the northern arc of the US northeast megalopolis.

Massachusetts is ranked 10th on this list of the largest and safest cities in the United States, unlike other populated states around the world which are mostly characterized by high crime rate, Massachusetts is pretty much safe. Businesses and foreigners tend to adapt faster in Massachusetts compared to other states around the country.

When it comes to opportunities, Massachusetts is not too far left behind, the state government is constantly working on creating new jobs as well as proving security for is citizens,

Massachusetts has an estimated population of 6.96 million, it is one of the safest places to live in the United States of America, especially if your priority is security and business oriented.

Safest City to live in America – Largest Cities in the United States in 2024

9. Georgia, Atlanta

At the moment Georgia has an estimated population of 3,688,647, it is one of the original thirteen states with 153,910 km2. The Georgian area residents live under a heavily decentralized collection of governments,

Less than one in ten residents of the metropolitan area lived inside Atlanta city, even though its economic, cultural and demographic centre is Atlanta. According to Metro Atlanta, designated by the United States Office of Management and Budget, Georgia is the most populous metro area,

Similarly, it remains the ninth-largest metropolitan statistical area (MSA) in the United States, this makes Georgia one of the top 10 largest states in the USA by population.

In terms of safety the state is not known for high crime rate, in fact Georgia is below average when it comes to criminal and illegal activities. Georgia recorded a violent rate of 3.4 and a property crime rate of only 23.8 which is fair considering the population it has,

So, if you are planning to relocate to the US, these are the type of places you should be looking to consider.

8. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington takes the 8th spot on this list, it is one of the top 10 largest metropolitan areas in the United State. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan is composed of 12 counties within the U.S state of Texas,

It is gradually becoming the next frontier market in the USA; Dallas is a large commercial and industrial city in the northeastern Texas. Notably, it is the economic and cultural hub of North Texas, Dallas, its GDP amounted to 477 billion U.S dollars.

The metropolitan region’s economy is primarily based on banking, commerce, insurance, telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare, medical research, transportation and logistics.

When it comes to safety, with a crime rate of 45 per 1,000 residents, Dallas has one of the highest crime rates in America, although you can make money in this city, Dallas is not the best option for foreigners and immigrants who don’t know their way in the country.

Cheapest and Safest Place to live in USA in 2024

7. Florida

On the 7th spot we have Florida, a state spanning 65,758 square miles with 170,312 km2. Florida has an estimated population of over 21 million residents, making it the largest state in the South Atlantic region of the USA,

If we are talking based of size then Florida is about one-third the size of Spain. The Miami metropolitan area, also known as the Greater is the 72nd largest metropolitan area in the world, also, the Miami metropolitan area is the most populous in Florida and second largest in the south-eastern United States. 

With this high population and size comes the need for essential amenities like security, job opportunities and of course social life, the state has a median household income of about USD 57,700 and ranked at 34th.

In terms of security and crime rate, it recorded a 3.8 incidents per 1,000 people which is below the national violent crime rate of 4.0 per 1,000. Florida also known as the sunshine state did one better in terms of property crime, it recorded 17.7 incidents per 1,000 versus 19.6 nationwide.

Statistically, the most dangerous cities in Florida includes Cocoa, Daytona Beach, Panama City beach, Mariana and Lake City. Florida is not a bad option at all, it is one of safest cities in America currently. 

6. Washington D.C

Washington is one of three states located on the US mainland, it has a coastline on the Pacific Ocean and Washington is one of the thirteen states sharing border with Canada. Canada is also a nice place too, fortunately, we have written an article about the Top 5 best and safest places to live in Canada, you can check it out.

The Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States in the District of Columbia, it is one of the largest cities in USA, at the same time one of the biggest cities in US with 184,666 km2,

The area includes all of the federal district and parts of the U.S. states of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. Washington D.C is one of the most visited cities in the U.S with 20 million average annual visitors,

Most of the administrative and executive affairs of the US is located at the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, which is one of the reasons why Washington is one of the most educated and most affluent metropolitan areas in the US.

In terms of safety the number of homicides in Washington peaked at 482 in 1991 and the city turned out to be the the “murder capital”, though the crime rate has significantly dropped in the last decade.

Currently, crime rate has dropped to it lowest in over 20 years, however, Washington is still not for the faint-hearted, as most people will prefer a calmer city, According to U.S Census Bureau the population in DC declined by 2%, Over 20,043 people left the city from its total population of 689,545.

Biggest and Largest Cities in America

5. Houston, Texas

Also known as the Woodlands-Sugar Land, it is the largest state on the U.S. mainland and the second largest in the United States. Texas is located in the southwestern united states on the Gulf of Mexico.

The Woodlands-Sugar Land is the sixth-most populous metropolitan statistical area in the United States based list, with a total population of over 29 million residents according to census estimates, Greater Houston is second-most populous in Texas.

According to statistical fact Texas is one of largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Texas has an area size of 268,596 square miles (695,662 km2), which is almost the size of France,

In terms of economy, it is the second largest by GDP in United States only after California. Port of Houston is the second-largest port in the United States and the sixteenth largest in the world,

This also contribute to the economic growth, leads, and assist the nation in international trade. Safety and security are factors you should consider, fortunately, the property crime rate in Texas fell from 24.1 to 22.5 which is a good sign.

Overall, Texas is a good place to consider, it is one of the safest big cities to live in USA. Before we continue, here are the Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Texas.

4. Pennsylvania – Safest cities in USA

Here comes one of the British colonies that formed the United States, it is a mid-Atlantic state. Pennsylvania has a total area of 46,055 sq miles (119,283 km2) and currently ranking 33rd in the US,

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, also known as “The Keystone State”, is about half the size of the United Kingdom. The Delaware Valley Metropolitan Area is located in the North-eastern United States,

It forms part of a larger urbanized area known as the Northeast megalopolis. Philadelphia is by far the largest municipality in the Delaware Valley, and serves as the region’s major commercial, cultural and industrial centre.

The contribution of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia to the American economy cannot be underestimated. In fact, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the real Pennsylvania gross domestic product (GDP) was 713.69 billion U.S dollars. 

Now let’s talk about security, the crime rate in Pennsylvania is 27.39 per 1,000 residents during a standard year. Based on statistics the southern part of Pennsylvania is considered to be safer for resident.


3. Chicago, Illinois

Let’s talk about Chicago, the third largest city in the United States of America. According to Macrotrends the current metro area population of Chicago is 8,901,000, a 0.27% increase. 

Chicago metropolitan area or Chicagoland as otherwise known is the metropolitan area of Chicago and its suburbs, it covers 14 counties in the U.S with an area of 606.1 km².

Now this city is a popular destination for foreigners and tourists travelers. Chicago isn’t just the largest city in Illinois; it’s where most of the state’s residents live, if you’re looking to start a career then this place is also good option,

Because the region is home to more than 400 major corporate headquarters, including 31 in the Fortune 500. The Chicago metropolitan area has one of the world’s largest and most diversified economies,

Chicago recorded more than six million full and part-time employees as well as generating an annual gross regional product (GRP) of over totaled US$770.7 billion.

Let’s not forget that Chicago area is also a good option for foreign students,

You can find most of the leading universities in Chicago, including the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, DePaul University and Loyola University.

Finally, we can’t talk about Chicago and not discuss safety and crime rate. Travelsafe rated Chicago 8% safer than other US cities, 1 out of 105 people is likely to become a victim of violent crime or a target of mugging in Chicago.

Based on responses from Block club Chicago 9% of city-dwellers rated their own neighbourhood’s safety as “excellent”, 24% called it “good” 24% of respondents described the city overall as “somewhat safe” or “very safe” With about 30% calling it “somewhat unsafe” and 46 percent deeming Chicago “very unsafe”.

Safest cities in United States (USA) IN 2024

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city in California, it was founded in September 1781, it has an Area of 1,299 km². This city has a population of over 4 million people, including both locals and legal immigrants,

The Los Angeles metropolitan area is the most populous metropolitan area in the western United States and the largest in the area in the United States.

Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in the world not just in the USA. Hollywood stars, TV & movie industries, it gorgeous beaches as well as its recreational activities all contributed to making L.A very popular,

Let’s not forget L.A is one of the most favorite destination for millions of people around the world, especially celebrities. Los Angeles and Orange counties are the first and third-most populous counties in California respectively.

In terms of crime and safety, Los Angeles recorded a total violent crime rate peaked at 365.0. Total property crime was recorded at 1,243.1, Homicide 6.4 while rape was 32.9 according to Wikipedia.

According FEMA, Los Angeles County is the number one most dangerous city in the United States. Economist ranked Los Angeles as the 17th safest city out of 60 cities worldwide,

Generally speaking LA it’s considered to be a safe city internationally, if you mind your business you’ll stay out of trouble.

1. New York City

The number one spot is occupied by mighty New York, also called called New York City or NYC, it has a total Land area of 783.8 km². New York has a Population of more than 8.38 million residents, making it the most populous city in United States,

Many people see New York as the major hub in US because it is the world’s most populous megacities. The New York metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass,

Namely, the metropolitan area includes New York City, Long Island, the Mid and Lower Hudson Valley in New York State. Many people have described New York as the cultural, financial and media capital of the world,

This is not far from the truth because NYC has a significant influence on world commerce, entertainment, Tourism, Technology and Photography. In fact, NYC is the most photographed city in the world at the moment.

When it comes to economy, New York is yet again leading the race, New York’s GDP was recorded and reported to be over 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars according to statista,

The GDP has steadily risen in the last two decades and the number is expected to keep rising, Especially if the world can pull through the world economic crisis affecting several businesses.

When it comes to crime rate and safety, New York City recorded a total violent crime rate of 438.7. Homicide 5.5, Rape 16.9, Robbery 157.1 and Aggravated assault 259.1.


Biggest and Safest cities in USA in 2024





Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Georgia, Atlanta


Dallas, Texas




Washington D.C


Houston, Texas




Chicago, Illinois


Los Angeles, California


New York City


While you’re looking for the largest or biggest cities in USA. You should consider factors like the economy, your safety and of course social life. These are factors that can determine your experience in anywhere you finally decide to live.

Note: The U.S. Census Bureau conducts official census counts every ten years, as a result, some of the numbers reported in this publication might be slightly more or less depending on when you stumble on this article.


Largest and Safest cities in United States (USA)

What are the 4 main regions of the United States?

So basically the United States of America has four main regions which are:

Region 1 – Northeast: with New England and the Middle Atlantic region.

2 – Midwest: consisting of the East North Central and the West North Central region.

Region 3 – South: includes three subdivisions: South Atlantic, East South Central, and West South Central.

Region 4 – West: Region West includes the Mountain and the Pacific region.

This brings us to the end of this publication about the Top 10 Largest cities in United States of America and safest places to live in USA either to relocate, work or study in 2024 via Afrokonnect.

Thank you for reading through, hopefully the article was helpful. Let us know what you think via the comment section before you leave, Good luck.


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