Best Place to Live in Canada | Safest & Most Affordable Cities (Top 5)

Best Place to Live in Canada / safest and most affordable Cities In Canada

Top 5 Best Place to Live in Canada, the Safest and Most Affordable places to settle down in Canada via Afrokonnect. Moving to Canada is a stellar decision, a wonderful decision at that, Because it has been ranked by many blogs and travel websites as one of the best places to live in the world.

In fact, a perfect place to settle as an immigrant. Also, as a tourist, you’re assured of safety in Canada. Over the years, many immigrants have moved to Canada for various tangible reasons,

Including tourism, safety, standard education, lucrative career, standard living, standard health care facilities, amongst other reasons.

Safest Place to live in Canada in 2024

So, whether you’re looking to live in Canada for the food, amazing cultural aesthetics, or for a better education and a lucrative career,

In this article you’ll be covered on the best and safest places to live in Canada as an immigrant or as a tourist who is going for holidays.

Talking about the landmass of the North American state of Canada, It is so massive that it is regarded as second only to Russia.

You can imagine how big the country is, with a country of this size, You could see how there might be at least a couple of flummoxing different options when it comes to deciding where you would want to live.

That is why you must get to this article to the very end because you’ll be informed on the following, based on opinions and reviews:

  • Safest place to live in Canada
  • Safest place to live in Canada not affected by natural disasters
  • Best places to live in Canada with your family
  • And, as an immigrant, what cities are the best for you.

So, we’ll be starting with the top 5 best places to live in Canada, Read on.


5 Best Places to Live in Canada in 2024

In this section, I’ll talk about the top 5 Best Places to live in Canada.

Canada is an English speaking country— majorly, but to live on soke of these best places about to be  mentioned here in this article, you’ll need to be a little bit francophone, at least, conversationally.

Alright, having said that, let’s get into the place you’ll love — the 5 best places in Canada.

Montréal, Quebec

Montréal, is a city in the Canadian State of Quebec that is known specially for one of the tastiest cuisines in North America. In terms of food, for people who love food trust me, Montréal is the right place you’d like to love in.

Canada has Montréal on its shoulder of pride when it comes to satisfying tourists and visitors with food. I’m a foodie myself, and when I visit Canada, I’ll head straight to Montréal, Québec to have some smoked meat (which I’ll love), poutinez and maple syrup.

Apart from the outstanding food, which the locals of Montréal would give you, as an immigrant bit tourist,

You don’t have to spend much on things as the cost of living is ver low. So, you still have the chance of saving a few bucks.

In terms of providing the best tertiary education for international students, according to the world ranking (2018), Montreal stands at the topmost position among the ten best student-friendly cities, not just in Canada, but also in the Americas.

Montrèal is a home to many celebrated universities like McGill University, which is ranked number 24 across the world.

In Montréal and basically in the Québec province, French is the dominant language. So, if you only speak English, you should be at least a bilingual speaker to communicate effectively among the locals.

About Montréal

In the Québec province, Montréal QC is the largest city with an area of 431.5km². It is situated on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and named after Mt.Royal, which is also known as the triple peaked hill.

Its boroughs, many of which were once independent cities, Include neighborhoods ranging from cobblestoned, French colonial Vieux-Montréal, With the Gothic Revival Notre-Dame Basilica at its centre – to bohemian Plateau,

Over 1.78 million people live in Montréal as of 2017 according to the United Nations, It was founded on the 17th, May, 1642— 17th century.

You can also read more about the average Cost of Living in Canada in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Winnipeg and Calgary.

Boucherville, Québec

For a classic rural adventurous experience that will remain evergreen in your memory,

Boucherville, a city also in the Québec province has got you covered.

In terms of overcoming the limits of your own physical form, if you’re an outdoor person Boucherville is the best city for you to live in.

It also has affordable housing and low cost of living,

From the national parks in Boucherville is a three-hour drive at most to the US border.

So, you can go to another country within a space of three hours from Boucherville.

About Boucherville

Boucherville is a small city also in the Québec province,

It was founded in 1667 by Pierre Boucher, for whom the city was later named.

If you’d settle in this area, you should be able to speak a little French — at least as a tourist or a new immigrant.

Boucherville is a city sprawling around 81, 10km² with a population of 40,753 as at 2011.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a medium-sized city sprawling around 115km²,

And, because of its cultural centers and ethnical diversity, it has become one of the best cities to live in Canada, especially for tourism purposes.

Also, it is a popular site for filming, arts, music, theater, and pop-culture.

The famous Vancouver Art Gallery is known for its spectacular works by the regional artists,

As well as the National Museum of Anthropology.

Furthermore, Vancouver ranks high among the most international student-friendly cities in the world.

So, moving to Vancouver as one of the best places to live in Canada would be a great decision, even as an international student.

You get to mix with other students ethnically, making yourself vast in other student’s culture.

Vancouver is one if the safest cities in the world,

It is ranked 17th, so you don’t have to worry about getting mugged as an expatriate.

Best Place to Live in Canada in 2024

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is a metropolis in the Ontario province in Canada, For decades, it has been mistaken for the Canadian capital.

Well, people are not wrong when they regard Toronto as the capital; it is actually the financial capital of the country, as well as the most populous city in the country.

This is because most Canadians and immigrants have occupied the city for a primary reason, Which is to get their desired job opportunity, earn a standard living, and live a life they can enjoy.

Toronto is also known as the skyscraper capital of Canada because of it’s many tall buildings and firms and companies, In fact, it is home to the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Apart from that, in addition to its financial and career opportunities, Toronto is also home to the Big Five, Canada’s biggest banks, and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of money to be made from this city. However, the cost of living is very high, which complements the features of the city itself.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is regarded as the fishing city of Canada, It is well known for it’s coastal position on the Canadian peninsula of Nova Scotia.

So if you love to fish and do other sea adventures, Halifax is the best place to live in Canada. With a population of over 400,000, it’s not like you’d be moving into an abandoned village.

Halifax has been regarded as the most affordable city in Canada by many sources. However, it is quite a cold place.

Top 5 Safest Places to Live in Canada With Your Family in 2024

In this section we’ll be looking at the safest places to live in Canada— the safest cities in Canada. This is subsequent to the best places to live in Canada that has been discussed above.

So from the safety and security perspective, we’ll review the best cities you can live in with your family.

  • Québec City
  • Markham, Ontario
  • Coquitlam, British Columbia
  • Oakville, Ontario
  • Montrèal, Québec

Québec City

Ranked as one of the safest cities in the world to settle in, Québec is currently the safest city in Canada at the moment, especially with your family.

Apart from being a wonderful place with a paradise-like cityscape, Québec is a safe and secured place for expatriates who have the fear of becoming victims of criminal assaults.

According to University Magazine, a Canadian based magazine, The crime index in Québec is currently 14.58%, hi While the security and safety is indexed at 85.42%.

So you can be sure of rarely getting mugged in Québec City when you move to Canada with your family. Québec has earlier been mentioned in this post as one of the best places to live in Canada.

Markham, Ontario – Best Place to Live in Canada

Second on the list of the safest places in Canada is the City of Markham, The city is sprawled over an area of 212.4km² with over 347, 970 people,

It is a city in Ontario in the Regional Municipality of York, It is also the largest city in the York region and the 16th largest in Canada.

Markham is a safe city and it is ranked as the second safest in Canada as crime rates are very low and security and safety high. The safety rate of Canada is 76.46%, while the crime rate is 23.04%.

The city is home to thousands of tech firms and industries, making it a technology inclined area with a high employment ratio for tech professionals and other professionals.

Coquitlam, BC

Coquitlam is the sixth-largest city in the British Columbia province, which is Canada’s Lower Mainland.

With a population of over 140,000 it is the third safest city in Canada to live in, Also, it is one of the 21 areas that make up the Metro Vancouver.

Being one of the safest places to live in Canada, tourist and immigrants would love to stay because of it’s picturesque cityscape, theme parks, shopping centers, etc.

If you and your family love outdoor activities and adventures, then Coquitlam is the perfect safe place for you.

Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, mountain climbing, fishing are the major recreational activities in the area. Crime is indexed at 23.75%, so you’re sure to be safe all the time, while safety is indexed at 76.25%.

Best Place to Live in Canada in 2024

Oakville, Ontario

Oakville is generally a peaceful town with hardly no criminal activity. It is ranked as the fourth-safest city to live in Canada.

If you’re a lover of a serene environment coupled with natural sightseeing, and a standard, yet affordable, then Oakville is the right town for you. There are hundreds of natural views and eco-friendly places to visit; hundreds of parks and beautiful lakes.

In terms of safety, Oakville is indexed at 72.53%. Crime is indexed at 27.47% which is low. So, Oakville is another option for you of you’re looking for a safe place for you and your family.

Montréal, Québec

Montréal QC is generally considered to be one of the safest places in Canada bro live, whether as a tourist, immigrant or international student.

Being one of the largest Canadian cities, Montrèal is one of the most popular places for expatriates and has one of the country’s lowest crime rates. Montrèal has safety index of 70.62% and crime index at 29.90%.

Approximately, you we can conclude that Montrèal is 70% safe and secured to live in with your family or even alone. However, Montreal is a large city slightly laden with petty criminals, so you have to be watchful.

Most Affordable Cities to Settle in Canada as an Immigrant in 2024

In this section, we’ll take you through the most affordable cities with low-cost of living in Canada. The Canadian cities about to be mentioned below are of low-cost housing, cheap price of goods and services that will let you save a little extra.

If looking for cheaper Canadian cities to put down roots, look towards smaller cities, especially in Quebec and Ontario.

These cities also offer you job opportunities, career improvement, the best of education, and the most interesting cultural experiences including food, anthropology, arts, music, people, and theatre.

These cities are one of the best places to live in Canada, Let’s move on.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

If you’re looking for a million-dollar job opportunity, and the best of health care and education, Ontario is one of the right places.

But with the lucrative job you’d get in the province of Ontario, you can also live an economically standard life. That doesn’t mean you’re a miser, but you’re trying to live up to standard affordably.

Ontario is often regarded as one of the most expensive provinces in Canada, especially Toronto where the big companies are, but cities like Sault Ste. Marie has debunked that fact and proven to be one of the most affordable cities to settle in Canada.

Sault Ste. Marie is that city where there are a significant number of jobs in all industries, and where you can find rent for about $1000 per month or even less and enjoy all the food, standard of living, and the integral lifestyle of a typical Canadian at a very affordable rate.


Rimouski, Québec – Best Place to Live in Canada as an American, Nigerian or Ghanaian 

The city is located in the Québec province and it is one if the best for immigrants who are looking for an affordable work-study life.

The city is blessed with a natural cityscape that makes sightseeing pleasant and arouses the love of nature. Rimouski is located on the shores of the largest estuary in the world,

The people of Rimouski are often considered to be the luckiest, probably because of their outstanding recreational activities which is common to them.

Sea Kayaking, bird watching, hiking, swimming, etc. Rimouski is that city that provides the best career opportunities especially in science and engineering.

An average worker can comfortably rent an apartment of about $800 per month or even less. Costs of goods and services are of low prices and the best quality too.

Best Place to Live in Canada in 2024

I recommend you watch the video below by Nowhere Diary to have a deeper understanding of all the best places you can live in Canada alone or with family;

Timmins, Ontario

Timmins is also one of the most affordable cities to live in Canada, as well as a city to all nature lovers.

Immigrant, tourist, student, visitors, anyone is welcome to this city nowhere things are affordable and still provides an enjoyable lifestyle for would-be immigrants or resident.

The occupation is mainly on forestry, but the city has more career opportunities in fields like communications, technology, and entertainment. Average housing and accommodation  cost less than $700 per month in this city.

Lévis, Québec

Lévis is another city in Québec that is best for you as tourist or immigrant or international student. In fact, as a business person, the Québec province in general is perfect.

But in terms of affordable rent, education, health care, and other facilities, Lévis is one of the most affordable cities to settle in Canada.

In this city, even as small as it is there’s a very low unemployment rate, and lots of job opportunities with high income, good access to public transportation, and affordable rent in modern apartment buildings in conducive environments.

When it comes to attractions and fun recreational activities for relaxation and entertainment, the city has it all, from shopping malls, historic sights and bridges, and cultural events to sky hills, ferries, and lively restaurants with diverse cuisine.

Moving to Lévis is definitely not a bad idea, in fact it is one of the most stellar decisions in terms of moving to a new location.

Best Place to Live in Canada with a family | Safest & Most Affordable Cities in Canada in 2024

Best Place to Live in Canada / safest and most affordable Cities In Canada

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Bottom Line on the best and Safest place to live in Canada 

Having mentioned the top places to live in Canada, including the most affordable cities,

Moving to Canada to study or be a citizen to live foreve is never a bad idea.

In Canada, you could start a new, standard, yet cash-saving life with the best of education, career, health services, and money-mining jobs.

On that note, this brings us to the end of this article about Top 5 Best Place to Live in Canada, the Safest and Most Affordable places to settle down in Canada via Afrokonnect,

If you feel there are some places in Canada we missed in this Publication then please kindly drop a comment below. Thanks for reading.


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