BOJ Biography, Music Career, Net Worth in 2024 and Age

BOJ Biography, Music Career and Net Worth
Boj - via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about BOJ Biography, Music Career, Albums, Songs, Net Worth in 2024 and more, via Afrokonnect.

Bolaji Odojuken (Born on the 22nd of April, 1994), popularly known by his stage name BOJ is an British-Nigerian singer, Songwriter and record producer. He has been working in the Alternative (in short, Alte) And Afropop Music industry since 2007 and so far.

He hasn’t had much of an impact on the Afrobeat music scene overall, but he is well known by Alternative Music Lovers (matter of fact, the genre Alte, was coined by he and his friends known as the DRB LASGIDI). In this blog post, we will take a look at the biography of BOJ, his Musical Career, Albums and more.

BOJ Biography, Music Career, Net Worth in 2024 and Age

Early Life and Background Information

Bolaji Odojuken was born on the 22nd of April 1994 in London, England, to Nigerian Parents. He was raised in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He had a Music filled childhood while growing up since his parents let him to listen to songs from well-known Musicians like Lauryn Hill, Lagbaja, Wyclef Jean and many more, who were BOJ’s role models and Music influencers, while growing up.

He attended Malvern College in Worcestershire, England for his early school days, he went on to study Business Management and Audio Engineering in University, which is perhaps why he went on to become a record producer in later life. We now move to his career as a Musician.



Well, BOJ is popularly known for been part of the Popular Alte Music Trio Group called DRB LASGIDI (pronounced as “Dr. B Las-Gidi). He Joined and co-founded the group which housed his two friends, Teezee and Fresh L.

The group do Music together as a group and disband when they go solo and also feature themselves. But, DRB LASGIDI will be another Article on it’s own. The are part of the movement and to a large extent pioneering the Alte music and fashion.

BOJ’s solo career took flight with the release of his debut single, “Bolaji” followed by his critically acclaimed mixtape, “BOTM” (Bolaji To The Microphone) which was released on the 14th December, 2014.

The single Bolaji To The Microphone won the Best Alternative Song at the Ninth edition of the Headies Awards. His ability to seamlessly fuse elements of Afrobeat, R&B and Rap was what made him gain recognition as a promising Alte Artist.

BOJ’s collaboration with other prominent Afrobeat and Alte Artists including the likes of Skepta, Wizkid, Ajebutter22 and many more, further strengthened his name in the Alte Genre of Music.

BOJ later went on to sign a record label deal with HF Music and released his debut Album, titled “Magic” on the 13th of October, 2017, under the Record Label. BOJ also released two collaborative EPs with Ajebutter22, The First being “Make E No Cause Fight” in 2018 with Ajebutter22 and “Make E No Cause Fight 2” in 2019 with Ajebutter22 and Falz The Bad Guy.

In 2019 BOJ Signed a publishing and distribution deal with Moves Recordings. Under the Record Label, he released so many songs featuring popular Afrobeat and Alte Genre artists like Tiwa Savage, Davido, Mr Eazi, Amaarae and lots more.

BOJ was also featured on Dave’s “Lazarus” song. He released his second studio Album titled “Gbagada Express” on the 22nd of April, 2022 on his 28th Birthday. The Album title come from his hometown , Gbagada, Lagos State Nigeria and featured several Afrobeats and Alternative Genre Artists.


  • BOTM mixtape (2014)
  • Magic (2017)
  • Make E No Cause Fight (2018) with Ajebutter22
  • Make E No Cause Fight 2 with Ajebutter22 and Falz

BOJ picture

BOJ Biography, Music Career and Net Worth
Boj – via Afrokonnect


  • Bolaji On The Microphone
  • Your Love (Mogbe) ft Afro Nation ft Tiwa Savage
  • Abracadabra ft Davido and Mr Eazi
  • Lazarus ftd by Dave
  • Money and Laughter ft Zamir and Amaarae


BOJ’s 2014 Song, Boj On The Microphone, won him Best Alternative Song of the year at the 9th edition of the Headies Awards.


Even if the exact numbers may differ, it is undeniable that BOJ’s success in the music industry has resulted in financial wealth. The many revenue streams that he has accumulated have contributed to his overall riches. These revenue streams include album sales and royalties, endorsement partnerships, and live appearances.

In addition to his financial success, the biography of BOJ acts as a source of motivation for aspiring artists. It emphasises the significance of remaining loyal to one’s artistic vision and persevering in the face of adversity.

As he continues to develop and push the frontiers of African music, it is probable that his impact on the industry and his net worth will continue to expand, further confirming his position as one of the most prominent singers in Nigeria. According to info we found online while conducting a research, BOJ is worth about $500,000. In Nigerian Naira that will be over 781,992,500.



BOJ sings/rap in different Music genres, he uses Afrobeat, Dancehall, Reggae, RNB and many more in his songs, making he and his songs Belonging to the Alte (Alternative in full) Genre.


  • Instagram: @bojonthemicrophone
  • Twitter: @BojDRB


HF Music, Moves Recordings, Native Records, DRB LASGIDI


  1. Do you know that the Genre or Term Alte, was coined by DRB LASGIDI in which BOJ is a member of the Group?. The Genre takes the elements of Afrobeat, RNB, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae and bringing out a new sound now known as Alte, so we can say DRB LASGIDI are the Grandfathers of Alte Music.
  2. Do you know that BOJ released his second studio Album on his 28th birthday, been the 22 of April, 2022?. Well now you know. 
  3. DYK that sometime in 2023, BOJ stated that Gen Z Afrobeat stars like Rema and Fireboy DML belong to the Alte Music Genre. Putting it into consideration, this can be true as Rema himself defines his sound as Afro Rave and not purely Afrobeat, it maybe Alte all along, since it’s comprises of different genres coming together, and Rema do mix a lot of genres in his songs, same with Fireboy. Do you think this is true, well for me, fckn yes.


In conclusion, the biography of BOJ, who was born Bolaji Ojudokan, is a demonstration of the power that enthusiasm, ingenuity, and tenacity have in the Nigerian music industry. Beginning in his early days in Lagos, Nigeria, BOJ has carved out a special place for himself by combining elements of hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat to create his own distinctive style.

Throughout the course of his career, BOJ has displayed an impressive level of flexibility as a singer, composer, and producer. He has worked with some of the most prominent figures in the African music industry and has garnered global appreciation for his contributions to the genre. It is a credit to his talent and determination that he was able to make it from being an underground musician to becoming successful in the mainstream.

BOJ’s Journey from his early days with DRB LASGIDI to his solo career has been nothing short of inspirational. His knack for blending genres, soulful vocals and lyrics have made him become a prominent names in the Alternative Music Genre. We pray and hope that he do more in the Alte Music industry and beyond.

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