Skepta Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Brother & Daughter

Skepta Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Relationship, Brother and Daughter

Welcome to this post about Skepta Biography, Real Age, Songs, Current estimated Net Worth, Relationship with Adele, his Height, Nike deal and his Daughter, via Afrokonnect.

Skepta is a powerful force in the world of grime music, making his place with an identifiable sound and outspoken lyrics.

Joseph Junior Adenuga originally from Tottenham, London, has made a name for himself in the music industry by rising from underground to become a worldwide success.

This piece looks into Skepta’s interesting career, examining crucial moments in his life, the echoing beats of his most memorable songs, and the financial success that has carried him into the world of significant net worth.

Join us on this journey through Skepta’s life and career, an artist who has not only moulded the grime genre but has also become a cultural figure in his own right.

Who is Skepta?

Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr is a prominent British Grime MC, Rapper, and Record Producer whose stage name is Skepta.

He is most known for taking part in the legendary Biggest Clash in Grime History with another MC, Devilman, during the video release of “Lord Of The Mics 2” grime challenge.

Skepta Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Relationship, Brother and Daughter

Early Life and Background Information

Born on September 19, 1982, in Tottenham, North London, Skepta became a child of Nigerian parents.

He was born into a family of six, which included three siblings and parents who were Yoruba (Father) and Igbo (Mother) by tribe.

Skepta has three siblings: his brother Jason, a graphic designer; his sister Julie, a radio presenter; and his brother JME, a fellow musician.

His rise from the slums of North London to international recognition is a monument to his perseverance and love of music.

Skepta, along with his siblings, including fellow grime singer JME (Jamie Adenuga), was raised in a Nigerian-British family and was exposed to a complex combination of cultural influences that would eventually find expression in his music.

Skepta’s early experiences influenced his viewpoint and drove his artistic goals as he grew up in a neighbourhood noted for its vitality and hardships.

The rough urban atmosphere of Tottenham provided the backdrop against which he refined his art, immersing himself in London’s growing grime culture.

Skeppy founded the grime brand “Meridian Crew” alongside his brother JME, which became a turning point that set the stage for his success in the future.

That phase was marked by underground concerts, mixtapes, and an unwavering dedication to perfecting his own sound.

Skepta’s music became a mirror of his experiences as he negotiated the complexity of his milieu, delivering a raw and honest representation of life on the streets.

This honesty struck a chord with fans, paving the way for Skepta’s meteoric rise in the grime genre, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with.

Skepta Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Relationship, Brother and Daughter

Professional Music and Career as an MC

Skepta has had a successful career as a Grime MC, Rapper, and Record Producer.

He and his brother were members of Roll Deep for a while before departing to form their own band, Boy Better Know, in 2006.

His career began with the formation of this band. Skepta fought with another Grime MC, Devilman, for the Boy Better Know DVD, which became one of the biggest battles in Grime history.

In 2007, Skepta released his first studio album, “Greatest Hits,” under the Boy Better Know label.

He also released his debut mixtape, “Joseph Junior Adenuga,” in honour of his name.

In 2009, he released his second album “Microphone Champion” on his own label, Boy Better Know.

Skepta’s third album, “Doin’ It Again,” was released in 2011 on AATW. Skepta released his fourth studio album named “Konnichiwa” in 2016, which generated the hits “That’s Not Me” and “Shutdown”.

He was even also nominated for a Mercury Prize for that particular album after release.

Skepta produced and featured on Asap Rocky’s tune “Praise The Lord (Da Shine)” in 2018, which went on to become both artists’ highest charting record in 2019.

In 2020, Skepta released “Insomnia,” a joint album with British rappers Chip and Young Adz, as well as his fifth album, “Ignorance Is Bliss.”

Wizkid, Devilman, Jme, Drake, Naomi Campbell, Chip, Young Adz, and more are among the biggest acts with whom he has collaborated during his career.

The Nigerian Chieftaincy title “Amuludun Of Odo-Aje” was bestowed on Skepta in 2018.

Pioneering Grime and Global Dominance

Skepta, has made a name for himself in the British Grime and Rap scene, and is regarded as one of the top Grime MCs in the country.

His music career reflects his pioneering position in the grime genre as well as his ability to transcend geographical borders, solidifying his place as one of the most significant personalities in current British music.

Skepta’s early musical endeavours were highlighted by the establishment of the “Meridian Crew” with his brother, JME, and other local musicians.

He quickly emerged as a renowned MC inside the group, and this collective played a critical part in the growth of the grime scene.

Skepta’s breakthrough came with the publication of his mixtapes, such as “Joseph Junior Adenuga” and “Greatest Hits,” which drew notice due to their frenetic beats and smart lyrics.

Skepta’s fourth studio album, “Konnichiwa,” was released in 2016, and it was critically lauded.

It not only demonstrated his progress as an artist, but it also garnered him the coveted Mercury Prize for Album of the Year.

Skepta’s breakthrough with the album constituted a watershed moment in his career, introducing grime to a wider audience.

Impact on Fashion and Culture

Skepta’s impact stretches beyond music to fashion and society.

He has been recognised for his particular style, and his partnerships with businesses reflect his position as an industry pioneer.

Skepta’s music and MC career are a perfect blend of honesty, originality, and cultural relevancy.

His contributions to grime have left an everlasting stamp on the music world, inspiring a new generation of musicians and propelling the genre to unparalleled global heights.

Skepta Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Relationship, Brother and Daughter



  • Greatest Hits (2007)
  • Microphone Champion (2009)
  • Doin’It Again (2011)
  • Konnichiwa (2016)
  • Ignorance Is Bliss (2019)
  • Insomnia with Chip and Young Adz (2020)


  • Joseph Junior Adenuga (2006)
  • Been There Done That (2010)
  • Community Payback (2011)
  • Blacklisted (2012)
  • The Tim Westwood Mix (2015)
  • All In (2021)

Below are some songs released Officially by Skepta;

  • Ace Wood Flow (2012)
  • Private Caller (2004)
  • That’s Not Me (2016)
  • Duppy (2006)
  • Bullet From A Gun (2019)
  • Look Out (2009)
  • Energy (Stay Far Away) ft Wizkid (2018)
  • Reflecting (2009)
  • Rolex Sweep (2009)
  • Disguise (2009)
  • I Spy (2007)
  • Greaze Mode (2019)
  • Glow In The Dark
  • Doin’ It Again (2007) ….and many more

Awards and Recognitions

Skepta has received several awards, including two Mobo Awards, two BET Awards, one Mercury Prize, and nominations for five Brit Awards.

In 2018, he was given the title “Amuludun Of Odo-Aje,” which translates as “Chief Entertainer Of Odo-Aje” by a Nigerian chieftaincy.

Skepta Current Estimated Net Worth 2024

At the moment Skepta is said to have an estimated net worth believed to be at $2 million US dollars.

He generates money via streaming, touring, label earnings, Modeling, Nike footwear collaborations, and many more sources.


  • Instagram: Big Smoke (@skepta)
  • Twitter (X): Big Smoke (@skepta)
  • Facebook: Skepta


Skepta is 1.83m tall which is equivalent to 6’2 feet, Making him one of the tallest and well built Rappers in England.


Skepta’s Real Name is Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr.


The Nike and Skepta shoe line is a partnership between Nike and Skepta shoe series, namely the Air Max series.

Since 2017, there have been 5 (five) Nike sneakers released in cooperation with Skepta, which are mentioned below.

  • Nike Air Max 97 SK (2017)
  • Nike Air Max 97/BW (2018)
  • The Nike Air Max Deluxe (2018)
  • Nike Shox TL (2019)
  • The Nike Air Max Tailwind 5 “Bright Blue” (2021)


Online rumours about Skepta and Adele being romantically involved were circulating in 2019,

However, following various trends, gossips, and rumours, it was discovered that the two were good friends but not romantically involved.


Skepta also has a sibling who is a rapper and goes by the stage name Jme.

Jaime Adenuga, better known as Jme, is a well-known British rapper and songwriter.

Along with his elder brother, Skepta, he was a co-founder and current CEO of the Boy Better Know gang and label.


Skepta has a kid, a girl, whom he flaunts on social media from time to time, but important information about his daughter’s biography are unknown at the present.

Real name:

Joseph Junior Adenuga

Stage name:


Date of birth:

September 19, 1982


Musician, Model and Producer



Net Worth:

$2 Million



How old is Skepta?

Skepta will be 42 years old in 2024. He was born on September 19th, 1982.

Where is Skepta from?

Skepta was born in Britain but is originally from Nigerian as his both parents are natives of Nigeria.

Where is Skepta from in Nigeria?

Skepta is a native of Western Nigeria’s Ogun State. He proudly represent the region in some of his videos over the years.

Skepta is from which country?

Skepta is dual-national; he is British from England and Nigerian.

How tall is Skepta?

Skepta stands 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Where does Skepta Live?

Skepta presently resides in London, England.

What is Skepta’s net worth?

Skepta’s net worth is estimated to be at $2 million USD.

Are Skepta and Jme Brothers?

Skepta and Jme are really brothers. In truth, Jme is Skepta’s younger biological brother by blood.

Skepta Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Relationship, Brother and Daughter

Skepta Biography, Age, Songs, Net Worth, Relationship, Brother and Daughter


Skepta, also known as The God Father of Grime, rose from obscurity to prominence in the British rap industry, collecting countless awards, recognitions, and brand partnerships.

His influence stretches beyond the notes and rhythms of grime, impacting fashion, culture, and the very fabric of the global music scene.

Skepta’s career displays a relentless quest of musical greatness, from his early days with the Meridian Crew to the triumph of “Konnichiwa” and collaborations with musicians all over the world.

His legacy not only impacts the course of grime, but it also serves as a symbol of resilience, breaking down barriers and challenging traditions.

Thank you for reading, and please share your favourite Skepta song in the comments section before you leave.



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