The Altè music and how the Altè fashion is taking over the new generation. 

In this publication you’ll discuss the new altè music, Altè fashion and the emerging altè kids.

So let’s dive in very Quickly.

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What is Altè fashion ?

Alté fashion embraces a retro and vintage style, but is sometimes tagged as “new school”.

Nigerians have a deep rooted love for afro beat Music and somehow the Altè fashion finds a balance between the afrobeat contemporary style/culture and the jiggy Altè outfit.

Altè music And Altè fashion 2020
Wavy the creator – Afrokonnect 2020

The alte fashion lifestyle is not left out in the shaping of our minds towards embracing this genre of music.

The altè fashion trends has left us with both genders wearing a Tshirts tucked into a plain trouser pants on a sneakers.

Altè music, Altè fashion and altè kids 2020
Vivian Telya and Williams Salt – Afrokonnect 2020

Both genders can rock Vintage shirts and sometimes big baggy jeans, the ladies often wear accessories like big earrings and a lot of rings on the fingers.

Altè Kids and their Fashion style

The crispy outfit rocked by the altè kids is mostly inspired by the African culture and passion.

Most of which are creatively designed to match the new generational outfit.

Meet some of the emerging altè kids around below;

Altè music, Altè fashion and altè kids 2020
Vivian Telya and Williams Salt – Afrokonnect 2020
Emma Demdau Dashe Via Afrokonnect
Models:- Williams Salt, 
Vivian Telya and 
Emma Demdau Dashe
For - Blacc Urban 
Shot by - Mizanobel Makanjuóla.

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Altè Kids fashion
Palang, Monster Boy and Jemimah Goyomma – Afrokonnect 2020
Altè kids
Cruel Topboi – Afrokonnect
Models:- Monster Boy, Palang
and Jemimah Goyomma 

What is the meaning of Altè music ?

Alté music on the other hand is not mainstream yet but we can boldly say it’s beginning to gain recognition in Nigeria and around the world.

Altè music is a melodic, whimsy, almost-spiritual groove.

Altè music
Nigerian altè singer and fashionista WurlD

The melody and harmony somehow lays over each other, making it a seamless experience in the ear.

Alte music is a sound that comprises a diverse range of styles, sometimes drawing on dancehall, afro beat, R&B, and more.

Uniting the artists is a mutual desire to experiment with genres and strong visual storytelling.

Alte music has this sorting and refreshing sound that makes you to either dance through a song or rock it down slowly.

Altè musicians
Santi – Afrokonnect 2020

Alte music is a combination of different genre of music that allows a lot of music lovers of different sounds queuing to listen to it.

Altè music In 2020

A lot of altè music talents are beginning to emerge from Nigeria and all over the world.

Ranging From but not limited to Santi, Wurld, kida kudz, odunsi, Tems, lady Donli, PrettyboyDo etc.

Tems Nigerian singer
Tems Nigerian singer

This great alte artist are making magic currently.

The infusion of a-little bit of Afro and alte in kele me megbe by Adekunle Gold is a good example of how this artist fuse the different genre and bring out a beautiful alte sound. 

Alte music is here to stay and it’s going to really rock the year 2020.

The word should open Their minds and embrace this genre of music and it’s cool fashion lifestyle.

Even in the Uk, the jiggy Altè sound is beginning to penetrate the radio stations and digital platforms.

Afrokonnect Top 5 Altè musicians from Nigeria in 2020 | Altè music

  1. Santi
  2. WurlD
  3. Kida kudz
  4. Odunsi the engine
  5. Tems


What does Alté mean ?

Alte Means ‘alternative’, often misunderstood for a habit, it is a lifestyle.

Alternative music also known as Altè music
Altè kids 2020 – Afrokonnect ©

A group of Nigerian youths with a unique sense of fashion and music are on the rise with a new sound and style.

What country is Santi from ?

Cruelsantino – AFROKONNECT ©

Cruel santi is from Nigeria, Born in Nigeria and now based between Lagos and Dubai.

Santi’s real is name Osayaba Andrew Ize-Iyamu, he is a major player in his country’s alté scene.

A music-centric movement that is at once alternative and yet incredibly popular.

Who is Wavy the Creator ?

Wavy the Creator is legally known as Jennifer Ejoke, a Nigerian professional recording artist, photographer, fashion designer and film-maker.

Wavy the Creator Jennifer Ejoke
Wavy the Creator ©

She was born in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria and raised in the United States of America.

She is best known for her breakout hit ‘H.I.G.H’ (Her In Greater Heights) and as the official photographer of Nigerian hip-hop artiste Olamide.

The name “Wavy” was derived during a studio recording of a song she was featured in, when her sound was described as “Wavy” by the lead artiste.

Altè music And Altè fashion 2020
Altè music And Altè fashion 2020 – Afrokonnect





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