The Growth of Mobile Gaming on the African Continent

Mobile Gaming on the African Continent

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Twenty years ago it would have been unfathomable that the technology we carry in our pockets and handbags is more powerful than the average home computer, but year on year, smartphones and tablets grow more advanced, and crucially, more affordable. These factors have had a huge impact, particularly in developing markets such as Africa, where mobile penetration, driven by a young population and ever-increasing infrastructure, has usurped PCs, and bypassed traditional infrastructural challenges.

We use our phones for all aspects of our lives, from banking and investment to entertainment and video streaming. Mobile tech has advanced far enough to make it a legitimate platform for gaming, and young Africans are enjoying console classics, made-for-mobile puzzlers, and casino games that have made their way onto the small screen. Let’s take a closer look at the growth of mobile gaming in Africa.

Mobile Gaming

If you’re old enough to remember Snake on the Nokia 3310, you’ll see just how far mobile gaming has come. Since a full touch screen interface was introduced by Apple in 2007 it has gone from strength to strength, from puzzlers to play on your commute to work, to full-on shooters, sports games, and MMORPGs. Many games have migrated successfully to the small screen, such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and FIFA to name but a few, and there are thousands of titles out there that make use of the latest technology, with futuristic graphics, and which take advantage of the interface capabilities of modern mobile tech. 

Mobile gaming used to be seen as a niche or even a joke in the world of video gaming, but now has respect and legitimacy, thanks to cutting-edge technology, which is becoming ever more affordable in developing parts of the world. The Sub-Saharan mobile market has always been strong in South Africa and Nigeria, and is steadily increasing in other countries, making these games available to millions more online players. 

Mobile Casino Games

One of the fastest-growing gaming genres in recent decades is online casinos — worth an estimated $65bn worldwide, new players are signing up all the time to enjoy games at the card tables, roulette wheels, and slot machines which are becoming more and more cutting-edge all the time, matching the development of smartphone software capabilities. More developed markets such as South Africa have mobile casino review sites like, dissecting the best bonuses, newest games, and user comparison of online casinos, and it won’t be long before developing markets follow suit. 

These sites are designed to helping gamers find reliable, regulated casinos, which offer the best selection of games, promotions and bonuses. And as any internet search will show you, the amount of options new players face can be dizzying and rather overwhelming. Therefore, review and comparison sites are invaluable for newbies to the online casino scene as well as seasoned players. 

Popular Games Across Africa

The continent tends to follow global trends when it comes to the popularity of online games, so the most popular genres should be well known to anyone au fait with the online gaming market. But if you’re not, here are some of the most popular genres and titles currently being enjoyed by players all across Africa.

Puzzles and Sims

Just like the rest of the world, Candy Crush Saga consistently tops the rankings of online puzzlers, with bright, vibrant graphics and dynamic gameplay. There are also interesting strategy games suited for multiplayer, such as Among Us, where players must find an imposter in their midst. 

The Sims and SimCity: Build It are evergreen classics, and perfectly suited to mobile. But there are other great-looking games such as Mini Metro, which allows users to build their underground city subway. 

Shooters and Battle Royale

Mobile Gaming on the African Continent

Call of Duty Mobile continues to dominate the first-person shooter genre across the world, and its popularity is matched in Africa, with millions joining in the action. Again, the capabilities of smartphones and their ubiquity among a young and tech-savvy population drive this genre. 

Battle Royale games are a hectic and engaging way to make the most of mobile gaming. Major titles such as Fortnite, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike have all made their way successfully onto the small screens.

Traditional infrastructure has always been a problem in connecting more remote and rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa to the rest of the world. Not only does the affordability of mobile devices put powerful technology into peoples’ hands, mobile infrastructure bypasses the need for landlines and other anachronistic technology. This boosts all industries, from banking and e-commerce to gaming and entertainment. And with mobile gaming coming on leaps and bounds, the market is set to keep growing across the continent. 



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