Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Net Worth 2024

Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Net Worth


Thabo Bester, popularly known as the Facebook rapist, is a con artist from South Africa, who faked his own death in order to get out of jail and escape the public eye.

Find out all you need to know about Thabo Bester right in this post, including his age, his true identity, how he escaped from jail, and his connection with the famous cosmetic doctor Dr. Nandi Mogudumana.

Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Net Worth 2024


Thabo Bester, who was born on 13 June 1986 and also goes by the name Thomas Motsepe, is a South African inmate, he faked his own death in 2022 in order to escape from jail. Gauteng and Johannesburg are both in South Africa, where Bester hails from.

Thabo Bester spent his childhood years living with his grandmother, who was responsible for his upbringing. Thabo Bester was found guilty of raping two women in 2011 after using Facebook to entice them to a hotel, where he would commit the crime.

His girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu, was raped and murdered, and he was convicted a year later. The department of correctional services said that Bester had passed away on May 3, 2022, after a fire had broken out in his solitary cell at around 3:35 in the morning.

On the other hand, a shopper at Sandton City’s Woolworth department store reported seeing a guy, who looked quite similar to Bester two months after his passing.


The information available suggests that Thabo Bester was born on 13 June 1986. According to this, he will be 38 years old in May of 2024. On the other hand, according to certain other sources, he is now 40+ years old and was born in the year November 5, 1979.


Nandipha Mogudumana, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, is said to be Thabo Bester’s lover. The well-known individual’s nickname in the medical community is Dr. Nandi. The fact that Dr. Nandi has been in the news ever since she was seen out shopping with the Facebook rapist has led many people to think that she is romantically involved with Bester.

Additionally, when the death of Thabo was acted out, Dr. Nandi went to collect his corpse on the pretense that she was his wife. However, in June of the previous year, she was unexpectedly sighted with him when out shopping at Woolworths. It has been reported that Dr. Nandipha and Thabo have gone into hiding ever since the news of their connection with Thabo surfaced.

What is Thabo Bester Net Worth 2024?

In the year 2023, Thabo Bester has an estimated net worth of around $2 Million. As a Rapper, musician, and composer Bester is very well-known in the Mexican music scene. Nearly 11 of Thabo’s professional years have been spent in the music business.

Since his debut, Thabo has become one of Puerto Rico’s most popular and acclaimed musicians. The term Bester is a nickname for him and he performs under the moniker Bester while he sings in Spanish when he performs.


Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Net Worth 2024

Salary and Wages

Many individuals are doing google searches for “Thabo’s Salary,” indicating a high level of interest in this topic. On the other hand, there is no information on Thabo’s salary that can be found anywhere on the internet,

And neither do we have any information regarding Thabo’s salary. You may expect an update from us as soon as we get any more information on Thabo’s salary.

Thabo Bester Case

The story of Thabo Bester is not one of redemption or remorse, but rather a chilling testament to the depths of human deception. Faking his own death to evade the consequences of his actions, he sought to escape the public eye and justice itself.

However, his elaborate charade serves as a stark reminder that truth can never be fully obscured. Bester’s actions highlight the dangers posed by individuals with malicious intent, exploiting the trust of others for personal gain.

His crimes serve as a call to action for society to remain vigilant and to foster a culture of accountability. By shedding light on his deceptive tactics, we can empower others to recognize the warning signs and protect themselves from potential predators.

The story of Thabo Bester is a tragic one, involving victims whose lives were forever altered by his actions. It serves as a stark reminder that we must strive for a society that prioritizes the safety and well-being of its members.

Through education, awareness, and a collective commitment to justice, we can work towards preventing such heinous acts and fostering a society where trust is valued and protected.

While Thabo Bester may have temporarily eluded the consequences of his crimes, the truth will always have a way of surfacing. By exposing the disturbing reality behind his actions, we can ensure that his victims are not forgotten and that the pursuit of justice remains relentless.

Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Net Worth 2024


Name: Thabo Bester
Nick Name: Facebook Rapist,  Thomas Motsepe
Nationality: South Africa
Place of Birth: Gauteng, South Africa
Date of Birth: November 5, 1979
Girlfriend: Dr Nandipha Mogudumana
Net worth $2 Million

Summary about Thabo Bester Biography and Net Worth

Thabo Bester Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Thabo Bester, better known as the Facebook rapist, is a notorious con artist who manipulated and deceived countless individuals, leaving a trail of devastation in his wake. Hailing from South Africa, his actions shook the nation, and the repercussions of his crimes continue to reverberate through society.

In conclusion, the tale of Thabo Bester, the Facebook rapist and con artist, is a cautionary tale that demands our attention. It underscores the importance of vigilance, accountability, and the collective responsibility to protect one another.

By learning from such cases, we can work towards a safer and more just society, one where individuals like Bester find no refuge and where the voices of the victims are heard and validated.


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