Solomon Lange Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Awards & Wife

Solomon Lange Net worth and Biography
Solomon Lange via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about Solomon Lange Net worth in 2024, Biography, songs, Albums, Awards, Wife and more via Afrokonnect.

Solomon Lange is a well-known Hausa Gospel artist from Nigeria who was born and raised in the state of Kaduna. In addition to being a performer, he is also a clergyman who has travelled wide around the world. Additional post content can be found below.

Solomon Lange Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Awards & Wife

Early Life and Background Information

Solomon Lange was born on July 23rd, 1978 and his hometown is Wasa, which is located in Kaduna state, which is located in Northern Nigeria. He was raised as a Christian and attended a Baptist church throughout his childhood.

Solomon Lange was born into the family of Deacon John and Mrs. Theresa Lange. He had his elementary and secondary education in Kaduna, the state in which he was born and raised.

Subsequently, he continued his studies by enrolling in Kaduna State Polytechnic, where he majored in Mass Communication. This was the next step in his educational journey. Currently, this is the only information that we have regarding his early life, education, and family history. Now we will discuss his career in the music industry. RECOMMENDED: Nathaniel Bassey Net Worth and Biography.

A Professional Career in Music

Solomon Lange is said to have begun his musical career at the tender age of nine. His career got off to a full start when started working with “Kale Visions Ministry”, that was the name of the band that he joined when he began professional music.

This was directed by Dapo Kalejaiye, who passed away before its release. A terrible event led to the dissolution of another band that he was a member of, but the band eventually disbanded.

In the year 2002, Solomon transitioned from being a member of any music band or group to becoming a solo artist. There are two albums that he has published, and they are titled Na Gode (2008) and Alheri (2012).

He is responsible for the creation of a number of successful songs, which are extremely well-liked by fans of Gospel music, particularly Hausa Christians. Solomon Lange sings in a combination of the Hausa language and the English language, and he only performs praise songs that are of a soul-lifting and uplifting nature, which bless the heart of the listener.

The gospel minister and performer has a need for high notes when he is singing. Solomon has also performed on stage alongside several well-known gospel ministers over the years, including the late Sammie Okposo, Donnie McClurkin, DA’ Truth, Panama Percy Paul, Judy Jacobs, Micah Stamplay, Mallam Razphil, Ron Kennoly, and a number of other notable individuals.

As more time passes, we pray that Solomon will continue to provide us with worship tunes that are uplifting to the soul (until he retires, of course). Alheri, Grace, Grateful, My Offering, Victory, Yabo, Na Gode, Mai Girma, and Victory are some of the songs that have become his most successful successes. You may get additional information about his music down below.

Discography of Solomon Lange


Great albums of music have been released by Solomon Lange, and they are inclusive:

  • Alheri (2012)
  • Grateful – 2014
  • Na Gode (2014)
  • My Offering – 2016
  • Victory – 2017
  • You have done me well – 2020
  • God of Miracle – 2022
  • At Carol Night – 2024


Several accolades and honours have been bestowed upon Solomon Lange. Only a few of them are included below:

  1. In October of 2017, his song “Yabo,” which is quite famous, was put forth for consideration for an award at the Nigerian Music Video Awards.
  2. Solomon Lange was the recipient of the Peace Ambassador award from the former first lady of Nigeria in recognition of his efforts to promote peace among the numerous religions and tribes that make up Nigeria.
  3. On the 31st of March, 2021, in Abuja, he was given the position of Ambassador representative of Surram City Estate.

Solomon Lange Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Awards & Wife


The prominent members of his family that we are aware of are his father, Deacon John Lange, and his mother, Mrs. Theresa Lange. He is also married Flora Lange and they are blessed with beautiful kids.

Who is the Wife of Solomon Lange?

The couple Solomon Lange and Flora Lange are married. In addition to being a vocalist, she is also a fashion designer and a makeup artist. Their wedding took place on May 2, 2015, and in 2016, they became parents to a sweet little girl.


  • On Facebook: solomonlange
  • Instagram: Solomon Lange
  • It is @Solomonlange on Twitter (X).


Solomon Lange Net worth and Biography
Solomon Lange via Afrokonnect

One of the most well-known Hausa Gospel musicians and ministers now active in the world is Solomon Lange. Within the realm of gospel music, he has made a significant contribution.

He is our best wish for a happy and prosperous life. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog; please leave your opinions and favourite song by him in the comment area. Thank you for your time.

What do you think about this minister? we will love to hear your thought via the comment section below. On that note, this brings us to the end of this post about Solomon Lange Biography, songs, Albums, Awards, Wife and more via Afrokonnect.



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