How to Succeed as an Upcoming Artist in Gospel Music

How to Succeed as an Upcoming Artist in Gospel Music via Afrokonnect. Some people think there’s no money in the gospel industry but did you know Sinach has a video on YouTube with over 190 million views?,

Mercy Chinwo also has a record on YouTube that has cross over 25 million views.  Though gospel music is mainly supposed to impact lives positively and spread the good news through music, it is no hidden fact that some of these gospel musician are cashing out big, some even more than Secular artist.

My point is, though generally secular artist make more money there’s still royalties and audiences untapped in the gospel industry, which comes as a no surprise that up and coming artist in gospel industry tends to make it big in the Nigerian music industry and beyond,

For example, most of the richest musicians in Kenya are Gospel Musicians, if you are wondering or asking the question “how do I succeed as an upcoming musician in gospel music” then read on because you’re in the right place.

This article is going to enlighten you about what you need to do in your journey in the gospel industry, we would explore and review in details how to make it big as an Upcoming Artist in Gospel Music.

Note; this information is not limited to Nigerian gospel artists, it can work for Ghanaians, Kenyan and literally everyone regardless of your geographical location, as long as you apply the HCP principle “Hard work, Consistency and Prayer” then you’re good to go.

5 ways to Succeed  as an Upcoming Artist in Gospel Music

1. Set up Management Team

I always tell people that to succeed in the music industry you need a team that believe in you, you don’t have to be in the secular music industry to set up a team, even gospel musicians need a team.

Your team should consist of a photographer, Creative director, Distributor, Manager, A&R among others, you also need a Producer on your team but you should be open to work with other music producers.

The truth is you can’t do all the work all by yourself if you want to succeed. This management team will help propel you to next stage of your career if you are able to set up the right people in your team.

2. Create Relationships and Collaborate

When you collaborate with other musicians or brands you’re basically putting yourself in front of their audience, for instance, If you’re an upcoming gospel artist in Nigeria some of the top artists you should consider working includes the likes of Sammie Okposo, Sinach, Solomon Lange, Nathaniel Bassey etc.

Of course to secure a collaboration there’s a need for an exchange of value so make sure you have something to offer when you’re reaching out for collaboration, you can make things earlier by creating genuine relationships first.

Collaborating with top artists is another ways of becoming relevant in any music industry, as an up and coming artist you should be open to collaboration with both top artists and with upcoming musicians.

3. Apply the HCP Principle – Hard work, Consistency and Prayer

The principal of hard work, Consistency and Prayer has proven to work for both secular and gospel musician all over the world, in todays music industry you dare not rely on your music talent alone because there are millions of people out there more talented,

The only thing that will separate you from other upcoming artist is your desire to work hard, being consistent and ultimately Prayers for God’s grace. The Music industry is becoming more and more competitive by the day, if you are not ready to put in the work and pay your dues then you will be relegated by those who are ready. To avoid relegation then the next point is for you and should be taken serious.

4. Don’t talk down on others and Never Gossip

The music industry is tricky and you never know who’s holding your breakthrough, so you don’t want to start having enemies as an upcoming artist. Be careful with how you treat people on your way up because you might met them on your way down,

Avoid gossiping about your fellow colleagues and revealing too much information regarding contacts or deals. Even if you heard rumors do not spread stories about another fellow artist thinking it will play to your advantage, to avoid unnecessary gossip, screen your team carefully, keep the circle small and admit only the real ones.

5. Put yourself out there and Promote yourself by yourself

Let’s be honest, nobody has your best interest more than YOU, the industry is wild, full of selfish and corny people, if you don’t promote yourself by yourself then you’re likely to be relegated.

Social media is a free great tool for both secular and gospel musicians, you can start by creating your own audience on Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Twitter. Show people what you have to offer and you never know who’s going to see your content, a lot of musicians have blown up because of social media, Great songs and talents have been discovered via social media,

By promoting yourself you can move from an upcoming artist to a highly sought-after celebrity, but first you must promote yourself. Other effective mediums you can use to promote yourself includes via radio, television, blog, influences, OAP, deejays, events, etc,

Please note that though social media is free the above mediums may involve exchange of value in cash, kind or influence, the good news is you can start promoting yourself somewhere without a budget.


Other Tips to Succeed as a Gospel Artist

  • Create Professional Website
  • Reach Out to Local Radio Stations, Blogs, and Podcasts
  • Do Live Concerts and Organize Events
  • Album Launch or Release an E.P (Extended Play)
  • Create a Bands or Organize a Music Groups
  • Learn or become an  Instrumentalist

Gospel Music Industry

The Gospel music industry is a subdivision in the music industry, we have different genres, traditional Gospel songs, modern Christian music, and different Christian music, some people call it the scripture songs industry, although this classification does not limit the music styles represented.

Should Gospel artist Charge fee for Performance and Ministration?

Generally speaking, the gospel industry is influenced by morality, Christianity and conventional society standards. However, the music patterns in gospel industry follows that of secular scene, even though it is a bit behind in terms of royalties and recognition.

This days modern gospel musicians are beginning to embrace the business aspect of music, Gospel artist are beginning to realize that the same effort a secular artist invest in their music is the same effort they invest, so why shouldn’t they be paid or compensated.

Literally both secular and gospel artist pay for music production, Video shoot, Artwork, promotion and so on, saying gospel musicians shouldn’t charge for appearance fee is an abuse on their craft, time and intellectual intelligence.

Upcoming Gospel Artist Education and Training

Though there’s no official education you must have to succeed as an upcoming gospel artist, it is import for you to develop yourself through education and training as that will give you an edge.

Pay attention to what other gospel musicians are doing in the industry, you can enroll in an online music school to broaden your horizons. I always advice both gospel and secular musician to invest in other business or have another source of income in their early music career, music is not a get rich quick scheme, it requires a lot of time and finances especially in the beginning.

Berklee Institution of Music advices striving artists to hone their craft, network with the right people and put in the effort. A college education is not a must but it can further your music understanding. Basically, get education and more information as it will help you build a successful career.

For example, the Gospel Music Association gives opportunity for online program for songwriters, musicians, and prayer leaders, you can enroll in any of the Academies and Christian colleges that provide programs in gospel music.

How to Succeed as an Upcoming Artist in Gospel Music


How to Succeed as an Upcoming Artist in Gospel Music

While succeeding is the ultimate goal of every musician, it is not as easy as you may think, success in Music takes a lot of time, sometimes years of continues hard work. Don’t give up on your dreams and make sure you do the right things and met the right people to elevate your career.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the things Upcoming Gospel Artist Must do to become Successful, this brings us to the end of this article about How to Succeed as an Upcoming Artist in Gospel Music.


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