As an upcoming Artist you need to know that Your families and friends are not your fans.

They are your supporters.

You should be able to know the difference, they support you even when you sing or release trash.

Your fans are people you might not even know personally, this set of people follow your brand, buy your music, tickets and download your contents (cherish them when you met them).


Who is an Upcoming Artist ?

According to a publication by Pulse NG, an upcoming artist is basically artist who hasn’t been a memorable, consistent fixture of mainstream consciousness for more than 2-4 years with the requisite discography (optional), a recognizable brand and the commercial clout.

What upcoming artist should know ?

To succeed as an upcoming Artist you need to Start selling records, start having views on your youtube, sound cloud, Spotify and other Digital stores.

You need to start going to shows, events and Club appearances ( for Circular artist ).

Start meeting people that are relevant to your career, get a manager because you can’t do all the work alone.

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Have your songs on blogs that get Tons of visits daily for free download since you’re not mainstream yet.

Grow your social media presence for marketing strategy not just show off.

Don’t get comfortable with sweet comment from families and friends, some of them are sugarcoats and not necessarily true.

Unless you start waking up to messages from strangers/followers telling you they love your sound then you’re still within the family and friends zone.

A type of fame that makes you think you are a celebrity already, but truth is you are not.

How can I become a successful artist in Nigeria ?

If You’re still an upcoming act, stop saying “haters this and haters that”.

Because Most people don’t even care about you, so you need to give them a reason to.

Focus on making good music, Be unique and perfect your sound.


How do you promote yourself as an upcoming artist?

You need to create relationship with Radio stations, Dj’s and media houses around you first.

Pay them a token or Tip them to play your songs on their platforms because nobody likes FREE work.

Either ways, make it happen, if Dj’s and Radio stations don’t play your songs there’s no way you’ll be heard out there.

Below are few steps on how you can promote yourself as an upcoming artist:

  1. Do the unusual.
  2. Become a nationalists.
  3. Enter a music competition.
  4. Create a unique dance step or style.
  5. Raise some dust.
  6. Align with the big boys and roll with them.
  7. Feature a big name in the industry
  8. Talent and Hardwork.

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