Sinach Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Albums & Fun Facts

Sinach Net worth and Biography
Nigerian Gospel Singer, Sinach - via Afrokonnect.
Welcome to this post about Sinach Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Albums & Fun Facts, via Afrokonnect.
As a Nigerian Gospel Singer, Songwriter, and Stage Performer, Osinachi Kalu Okoro Egbu is better known by her stage name, Sinach. The 30th of March, 1972 was the day she was born, and she is originally from Afikpo South, which is located in Ebonyi State, Eastern Nigeria.
Sinach is said to have a remarkable net worth of approximately one million dollars and is still counting. Within the scope of this article, we shall reveal to you her life story, her musical career, her accomplishments, and a great deal more. You can read the content of other posts below as well.

Sinach Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Albums & Fun Facts


First of all, Sinach was born on March 30th, 1972, and she is originally from the state of Ebonyi, which is located in Eastern Nigeria. Based on the information obtained from Wikipedia, she is the second daughter out of a total of seven grandchildren.

As is the case with the majority of artists, she began to develop an interest and passion for music when she was a child and was also a member of the church choir.

In terms of her educational background, she attended the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) in Rivers State, Southern Nigeria, where she majored in Physics and graduated with a degree. Read more about Moses Bliss’s biography, age, songs, and awards here.

Professional Music Career of Sinach

As was mentioned earlier, Sinach had a passion for music even when she was very young. Since she was a young child, she has been singing in the chorus at the Christ Embassy church.

On the other hand, she began her career as a professional musician in 2008, precisely the same year that she released her first studio album, which was titled Chapter One. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was the one who provided her with the inspiration and anointing.

There are currently over nine albums that Sinach has published, which include both studio albums and live performance recordings. These albums will be detailed in the Album portion of this post as you continue reading if you are interested.

Sinach has achieved a great deal of success and notoriety in the Nigerian and global gospel music industries as a result of her most popular song, which is named “Way Maker.” The song reached the top of a number of charts and was covered or used by other Gospel artists on numerous occasions and in a considerable number of languages.

Sinach is the Nigerian Female Gospel musician who has received the most recognition, as far as we are aware. She has a following not only in Nigeria but also all across the world.

Throughout her career, she has worked and cooperated with a variety of Gospel artists on various projects. She only performs praise songs in a pop style, along with worship songs that are designed to lift the spirit and emotions of the listener.

I am aware of who I am, “Great are you, Lord,” “Rejoice,” “He did it again,” “precious Jesus,” and “the name of Jesus” are just a few of the songs that she has released that have gained widespread popularity.

Take a look at some of her most well-known tracks as you continue reading. The artist Sinach has collaborated with a number of local and international musicians, including Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Nathaniel Bassey, krik Franklin, and a great deal of other artists.

Regarding her career in music, this is the only information I know. Moving on, let’s talk about her albums and awards.



Some of her albums, both studio albums and live performance recordings are included in the list that can be found below:

  • Chapter One – 2008
  • I’m Blessed – 2010
  • From Glory to Glory – 2013
  • Sinach at Christmas – 2013
  • The name of Jesus – 2014
  • There’s an Overflow – 2018
  • Greatest Lord – 2021
  • The Name Jesus – 2023
  • Not Just A Story – 2023

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To this point, Sinach has been honoured with a number of awards; nevertheless, I will only make a brief mention of them. She has won two Lima Awards, one Dove Award, and one Groove Award that she has also won. At the Wikipedia link that we found on her page, you will be able to learn about all of her awards and become familiar with them.

Sinach Net Worth in 2024 in Naira and Dollars

Sinach is recognised as one of the greatest gospel musicians in the African continent, with an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has become well-known throughout the world for her noteworthy contributions to gospel music in addition to her extraordinary talent.

Converted to Nigerian Naira, Sinach is current worth over ₦ 1,419,116,753. Sinach is noteworthy for being the first African gospel performer to appear on the Billboard charts. Her music has transcended cultural and geographic barriers to touch millions of people worldwide, and her passionate performances and powerful lyrics continue to inspire countless others.


The following are some interesting facts about Sinach that you probably did not know. Have fun!

  • Sinach is married to Mr. Joseph Egbu; the couple tied the knot in 2014 and became parents to a girl later that same year.
  • The way she sings At the 51st Annual Grammy Music Awards, Maker was the first Nigerian to win the award for song of the year. She was also nominated for three awards and won the award for song of the year. The Grammy Recording Academy is affiliated with her as a member.
  • The music video for her song “Way Maker” became the third Nigerian video to reach the milestone of 100 Million views on YouTube, following in the footsteps of Davido’s “Fall” and Yemi Alade’s “Johnny.”
  • Her song “Way Maker” has been covered and remixed by numerous artists in a variety of artistic styles and languages. While the CoronaVirus Pandemic was going on, her song “Way Maker” was also utilised as a motivational song.
  • She is the first Gospel Artiste from Africa to host a tour in India, and she has already toured the country and performed there.
  • We are able to add the letters JP (Jerusalem Pilgrim) to her name because she brought a Bethlehem Hall of Faith Certificate with her when she travelled to Israel in December of 2017.
  • She holds the distinction of being the first African to top the Christian Songwriters chat on Billboard.
  • In addition to being signed to Loveworld Records, she is a member of the Christ Embassy church. Sinach mentioned in an interview that the anointing and prayers of pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church were the source of inspiration for her to pursue a career in Gospel music.
  • She has featured as the headlining act and done motivational shows in more than ten nations. In spite of the fact that we could go on and on about her accomplishments, let’s stop here and provide you with some additional information on her.


As of the time that this post was created, she is currently signed to both Loveworld Records and SLIC. She is a member of Christ Embassy Church, which is owned and established by pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Sinach is an active member before she left Nigeria.

The Contemporary Gospel, traditional African music, and pop music are all elements that are incorporated into Sinach’s music. Praise and adoration are always directed towards God, and her words always give glory and credit to God.

  • is the website.
  • It is on Instagram: @therealsinach
  • Social media: @sinach

Final Thought and Conclusion about Sinach Net Worth in 2024 and Biography

Sinach Net worth and Biography
Nigerian Gospel Singer, Sinach – via Afrokonnect.

Sinach is a source of motivation for a great number of people all around the world. Her songs are uplifting and inspiring, and her lyrics are full of optimism and trust that all will turn out for the best in the relatively near future.

She is an example to follow. At the same time that we wish Maker crooner many more blessings, recognitions, and accomplishments in the future, we hope that she will continue to provide us with more Gospel songs to listen to.

I would like to express my gratitude for reading my blog and encourage you to leave your ideas and comments in the available comment box. On that note, this brings us to the end of this post about Sinach Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Songs, Albums & Fun Facts, via Afrokonnect.



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