Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya and their Net worth in 2024

Richest and Wealthiest Musicians in Kenya

This post is about the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya and the current Net worth of their wealthiest singers in 2024 via Afrokonnect. Who Are the Top 10 Wealthiest Musicians in Kenya?

As a response to your query, we have compiled a list of the top 10 wealthiest musicians in Kenya. This same Kenyan music business is expanding at a rapid rate,

During the course of its history and existence, it has been responsible for the creation of some of the most successful songs on the African continent.

It is interesting to note that a large number of Kenyan music artists are well-known, a few of them have amassed a fortune as a result of their careers. Today the top 10 wealthiest Kenyan musicians are going to be revealed in this article.

The 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya in 2024

Over the years, Kenyan music industry has shown rapid growth. The country has produced a number of internationally acclaimed musicians and songs that have achieved widespread success.

In addition to this, several people have become quite wealthy as a result of the business. We have produced a list of the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya below;

  1. Sauti Sol NET WORTH in 2024

The band Sauti Sol plays professional Afro-pop music, based on current ranking they are placed number one on the list of the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya,

They are one of Kenya’s most successful musical acts. Sauti Sol is one of the names in the Kenyan music business that is in very high regard,

The band has been responsible for the creation of a number of popular songs and has garnered the attention of fans all over the globe as a result of their exceptional performance.

In addition to this, they have been successful in accumulating a substantial net worth,

Placing Sauti Sol at the very top of the list with an estimated net worth of $3.7 million in 2024, which equals around 444,444,000 Kenyan shillings.


Sauti Sol

Net worth:

$3.7 million

  1. Bahati NET WORTH in 2024

The next band on our list is called Bahati, it is interesting to note that this musician creates music in the Gospel genre. Bahati is currently the richest gospel musician from Kenya.

He has been successful in winning over the hearts of his listeners to adore his work, Bahati’s career has garnered him several prizes in Kenyan music.

Interestingly, he is also a fantastic actor who has acted in a number of movies that were huge box office successes.

Bahati comes in at number two on our list of the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya with a net worth of $2,500,000, which equals around 300,300,000 Kenyan Shillings.



Net worth:

$2.5 million

  1. Lady Wanja NET WORTH in 2024

Her first job in the music industry was as a backup singer for the band Mbiri Young Stars, where she worked under the direction of the band’s leader, Musaimo.

After a few more years of hard work, she achieved success and formed her own band, Queenja Les. In 1991, she published her first album, which was named Ndorogonye.

After releasing the album Mwendwa KK, which has the singles Ndutige Kwiyaba, Muici Wa Itura, Muthuri Teenager and top song “Arume Ni Nyamu”, she became a popular musician.

Since then, she has never stopped garnering attention and has never once turned her gaze in the other direction. Lady Wanja has an estimated net worth of $2 million US dollars which equals around 240,240,000 Kenyan shillings.


Lady Wanja

Net worth:

$2 million

  1. Akothee – NET WORTH

Our ranking of the top 10 wealthiest musicians in Kenya has Akothee at position number four on the list. She is the richest female celebrity in Kenya and a lookout for in the industry.

It is interesting to note that this veteran singer-songwriter became an instant hit when she entered the Kenyan music industry.

Within a short period of time Akothee amassed a net worth of $1.8 million US dollars, making her the richest female celebrity in Kenya. In addition to this, she has shared the stage with a number of the most well-known musicians in the world.

Richest Musicians in Kenya – Wealthiest in 2024

  1. Jaguar – NET WORTH

A veteran musician who rose to fame in the music industry is now serving as a lawmaker in Kenya after winning a seat there, thanks to his popularity.

In addition to this, he is an investor and an entrepreneur, he is the owner of a taxi business, a real estate firm, and a security company, wll of which contribute to the expansion of his net worth.

With a wealth of 1.5 million dollars, Jaguar is one of the most famous musicians in Kenya and is ranked among the Top 10 Richest Musicians in the country. Here are the Top 20 Richest Musicians in Ghana and their Net Worth this years

6. Willy Paul in NET WORTH 2024

On our list of the wealthiest artists in Kenya, Willy Paul is now ranked in the sixth slot. 2010 was the year he shot to fame, and now he is the Chief Executive Officer of the record label he owns and operates, Saldido International Entertainment.

Since he first started working in the music business, the multi-talented musician and songwriter has undergone significant development, which is reflected in the fact that Willy Paul has an estimated net worth now exceeds $1.5 million.


Willy Paul

Net worth:

$1.5 million

  1. Nonini Net Worth in 2024

Hip-hop singer, radio host, and businessman Nonini controls three of Kenya’s most prominent studios. He is well-known in Kenya for his work in these fields.

A charismatic figure in the Kenyan music business who has a background in music. When he signed with Calif Records in 2002, it was the beginning of his rise to success.

Since then, he has created a lot of success songs, which have kept him afloat among the important music artist in Kenya and Africa. Some difficulties forced him to go solo, and since then, he has released a lot of hit songs too.


Richest Musicians in Kenya – Wealthiest in 2024

Before we proceed, here are 8 Lucrative Business Ideas for Music lovers and Musicians.

  1. Size 8 NET WORTH in 2024

We rank Size 8, a popular gospel performer, ninth on our list of the top 10 wealthiest musicians in Kenya. It is incredible, and if you are anything like me, you are probably more shocked by the fact that she is so wealthy that she made the list.

In addition to this, Size 8 has been featured in a number of commercials and promotional advertisements that air on television, each of which contributes a little fortune to her overall riches.


Size 8

Net worth:

$1 million

  1. Wyre Net Worth in 2024

Wyre is a well-known singer, composer, and businessman who hails from Kenya. He is widely regarded as the reigning king of reggae and R&B music in the nation.

Because of the nature of his music, the seasoned musician has collaborated with other prominent musicians throughout his career,

Both in his own country and outside, with a particular emphasis on Jamaican musicians. Wyre has not ceased to produce incredible music, which has resulted in a growing number of devoted followers all around the globe.

Richest Musicians in Kenya – The Wealthiest Kenyan Artists in 2024

Richest and Wealthiest Musicians in Kenya

10. David Mathenge (Nameless) – NET WORTH

David Mathenge, better known by his stage name Nameless, comes in at number ten on our list of the Top 10 Richest Musicians in Kenya. Mathenge has amassed a significant fortune over the course of his career.

Nameless has been producing successful songs from the beginning of his career, which is what has earned him the net worth that he now has.

In a similar vein, he has collaborated with a large number of well-known musicians, which has further announced him to the rest of the globe.


David Mathenge (Nameless)

Net worth:


Richest Musicians in Kenya – Wealthiest Kenyan Musician artists in 2024


We had a great time putting together this list of Kenya’s top earners in the music business to show you who’s earning the big bucks in the country.

It’s interesting to note that, unlike the other nations on the list that we’ve prepared, Kenya seems to be the only country where gospel performers are represented, with two of them appearing on the list.

Before you leave, you can check out the Richest Musicians in South Africa and the Wealthiest Musicians in Nigeria. Thank you for reading to the end, we hope to see you again on the Afrokonnect Platform. Cheers


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