Pastor Paul Enenche Biography, Career and Net Worth in 2024

Pastor Paul Enenche Biography, Career and Net Worth
Pastor Paul Enenche - Via Afrokonnect

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Paul Idoko Enenche is the full name of Paul Enenche, a well-known gospel musician, pastor, and educator. His stage name is Paul Enenche. He was born on June 4, 1968, making him well over 54 years old at this point.

The union between him and Dr. Becky Enenche resulted in the birth of four children: a daughter named Deborah, two daughters named Daniella and Destiny, and a son named Daniel.

Pastor Paul Enenche Biography, Career, Family, Net Worth in 2024 and Age

The Life Story of Paul Enenche

Dr. Paul Idoko Enenche is a well-known Christian pastor in Nigeria, as well as an author, preacher, televangelist, musician, and educationist. He was born on June 4th, 1968 in Otukpo, which is located in the state of Benue in Nigeria.

He was born into a famous family; his father was Chief D.E. Eneche, the paramount ruler of the Orokam District in the Ogbadibo Local Government Area, and his brother was General John Enenche, the spokesman for the Nigerian military.

With a Ph.D. in Christian ministry under his belt, Dr. Enenche is not only an accomplished educator but also a revered spiritual leader in his community. The University of Jos in Nigeria is where he completed his education and became qualified to practice medicine,

So he is a trained medical doctor. Before he felt called to the ministry, Dr. Enenche worked as a physician in the medical field. Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC) is a ministry that has hundreds of thousands of worshippers in locations all over the world.

Dr. Enenche is the founder of DIGC and also serves as its senior pastor. The churches that make up the network that make up the DIGC can be found not only in over twenty states in Nigeria but also in a number of other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Liberia.

They have been blessed with four children thanks to the fact that he is married to Dr. Becky Enenche, who is also in the medical field. She owns and operates Dunamis International Schools in her capacity as proprietress.

Pastor Paul Enenche Biography, Career, Family, Net Worth in 2024 and Age

The Profession of Paul Enenche

A profound release of the word of God, miracles, signs, and wonders, and a palpable presence of God are some of the distinguishing characteristics of Dr. Paul Enenche’s ministry and the ministry interventions that he leads.

According to The Nigerian Voice, he is an apostle who is currently on a mission to assist people in discovering, rediscovering, and recovering their destinies. After abstaining from food for three days in a mountainous region on the outskirts of Jos in 1996, Dr. Enenche was able to get a crystal clear picture of what he was supposed to be doing with his life.

On November 10, 1996, he laid the groundwork for what would later become Dunamis International Gospel Centre. Since then, the organization has become a household name and expanded to include multiple locations across Nigeria and other nations.

Five full services are held every Sunday at the church, with two additional services held every Wednesday evening to accommodate those who cannot find seats at the five Sunday services.

Additionally, Dr. Enenche is the host of the popular television and radio series “Destiny Encounter” and the publisher of “The Seeds of Destiny,” a devotional that is published on a monthly basis and contains daily readings.

In addition to that, he is the author of a great number of motivational books. “connecting humanity with the person, presence, passion, purpose, potential, principles, and power of the Almighty and releasing them to subdue and dominate the earth now—and possess heaven at the end” is the mission of the ministry led by Dr. Paul Enenche.

Dr. Enenche is a man who has been blessed with the dual gifts of scientific knowledge as a medical doctor and the anointing of God to heal. As a result, his meetings are known for freeing large numbers of people from various types of sickness and oppression. Additionally, he takes a firm stance against the corruption of Christian rituals.

Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, Smith Wigglesworth, John Wesley, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, and Archbishop Benson Idahosa are some of the spiritual fathers and mentors who have had an influence on Dr. Paul Enenche’s ministry. Bishop David Oyedepo regards him as a close friend and considers him to be his spiritual son.

Pastor Paul Enenche Biography, Career, Family, Net Worth in 2024 and Age

Paul Enenche Discography

Under the label Intimacy Music, he distributed an album with the title “Heart’s Desire.” The following are some of his songs:


  • Heart’s Desire – 2016
  • Ainya – 2016
  • Traditional Worship -2016
  • Anti-Depressant Praise – 2016
  • In his Presence – 2016
  • Plan your life – 2017
  • Oh Prince of Peace – 2019
  • In His Presence – 2019
  • Close to God – 2020


  • Back with a Testimony – 2016
  • With You Lord (EP) – 2019
  • Elee – 2019
  • Let Me Want What You Want – 2020
  • Tongues of Fire – 2020
  • Almighty God – 2022
  • Nara Ekele – 2022
  • You Are Always There -2022
  • I want to live where you are – 2022
  • Heaven Down Pour – 2023
  • You are my strength – 2023
  • Heavy Downpour – 2023

Books Published by Paul Enenche

  • The Story of the Glory
  • Principal Secrets of Principal People
  • 21 Laws of Life
  • Wisdom of Planning and Time Use
  • 15 Kingdom Strategies for Survival
  • The Story of the Glory

Pastor Paul Enenche Biography, Career, Family, Net Worth and Age

Marriage and Family Life

He has been married to Dr. Becky Enenche for many years, and the couple has been blessed with four children: three daughters who go by the names Deborah, Daniella, and Destiny, and one son who goes by the name Daniel.

Dr. Becky Enenche is a multi-talented individual who not only practices medicine but also holds positions as a pastor, televangelist, musician, and educator. She was born on October 23rd, 1970, making her two years younger than her husband at the time of their wedding.

Rebecca Inyangbe Ibu was her name before she got married, but now she goes by Becky Enenche. Rebecca Inyangbe Ibu was her maiden name. Seeds of Destiny is a daily devotional guide that is published on a monthly basis, and Dr. Becky Enenche is the author of the guide.

Many people who are interested in enhancing their spiritual lives can draw motivation and direction from this book, which serves in that capacity as a source of inspiration.

Dr. Becky Enenche is able to bring a fresh point of view and a wealth of valuable insights to her roles as a spiritual leader and a mentor thanks to her background in the fields of medicine, education, and spirituality.

Pastor Paul Enenche Current Estimated Net worth in Dollars and Naira in 2024

Paul Enenche is one of the wealthiest pastors in Nigeria and is best known for his work as a pastor and musician. He is also one of the most well-known people in Nigeria. It is estimated that Pastor Paul Idoko Enenche has a net worth of $20 million, which equals over 9,201,760,000 Nigerian Naira.


Profile Summary

Pastor Paul Enenche Biography, Career and Net Worth
Pastor Paul Enenche – Via Afrokonnect
Birth Name Paul Idoko Enenche
Wife Dr. Becky Enenche
Date of Birth June 4th, 1968
Record label Intimacy Music
Nationality Nigerian
Career Songwriter, musician, writer, pastor, educationist
Twitter @drpaulenenche
Net Worth $20 million
Instagram @drpastorpaulenenche
Year Active 1996 till date

Where exactly does Paul Enenche make his home?

He has established a home in Nigeria, where he continues to create wonderful works of Christian literature and music.

The various social media handles

You can follow Paul Enenche on Instagram at @drpastorpaulenenche and on Twitter at @drpaulche. Paul Enenche is very active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and he has amassed a large number of followers on his social media account.


How much money does Paul Enenche have in the bank?

It is estimated that he has a net worth of twenty million dollars.

Who is Pastor Paul Enenche’s wife?

Dr. Paul Enenche wife’s name is Dr. Becky Enenche. They have been married for years and are blessed with kids.

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