Israel DMW Biography, Net Worth 2024, Career and Controversy

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Afeare Israel DMW is a politician and socialite from Nigeria. He rose to prominence after being hired as Davido’s personal logistics manager. We are going to talk about his early life, his education, his profession, his accomplishments, his presence on social media, the issues that have surrounded him, and his net worth in this post.

Israel DMW Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Career and Controversy

Background Information and Early Life

On October 4, 1991, Israel DMW was born in Edo State, which is located in South South Nigeria. He and all of his siblings were brought up in Edo state, where both of his parents were born and bred. Both of his parents are Edo state natives.

Israel hails from the county of Esan Land, practices Christianity, and received his education in International Studies and Diplomacy at Ambrose Alli University. Afeare Isreal is the name that Israel’s parents chose for him, although he is more commonly known by his nickname, which is Isreal DMW.

Israel DMW Biography, Net Worth, Career and Controversy

Family and Career

Isreal DMW was welcomed into the world by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Afeare. Both of his parents hail from the state of Edo in Nigeria. As previously established, he attended primary and secondary school in the state of Edo before continuing his education at Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma.

After that, Israel DMW moved on to pursue his university education. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the university, having majored in International Studies and Diplomacy during his time there.

Israel DMW Professional Career working with Davido

After finishing his schooling, Isreal DMW made the decision to relocate to Lagos with the hope of finding better opportunities there. In Lagos, he was able to secure employment with the Nigerian musician Davido.

He worked for him as both the manager of his logistics and his personal assistant. Isreal DMW has, over the course of his career, exhibited an extraordinary level of dedication and loyalty to his employer, whom he now refers to as a brother.

Israel DMW Biography, Net Worth, Career and Controversy

Achievement and Influence

Isreal DMW is currently based in the state of Lagos, and he has collaborated with a significant number of other Nigerian musicians in the past. A few short weeks after Davido had given him a brand new Venza car as a gift, he was engaged in a terrible accident in Benin City.

His brand new automobile was involved in a collision with an incoming vehicle, which led to severe injuries and extensive property damage. After the accident, he was able to make a full recovery and return to his responsibilities.

Isreal DMW gave a performance at the O2 Arena in London during the month of March 2022, serving as the tour’s official opening act. He addressed the throng in his native language while clothed in the traditional clothing of his Edo ancestors, which roused the excitement of the audience.

After the show, people from all around the world shared their delight for the performance on various social media platforms.

Israel DMW Biography, Net Worth, Career and Controversy

Israel DMW Controversies and Saga

When Isreal DMW voiced his opinion regarding DJ Cuppy and Zlatan’s split at the beginning of 2021, he immediately became the subject of heated debate. According to him, the disagreement between the two began when DJ Cuppy did not properly reward Zlatan for his contributions to the song “Gelato” as well as her fundraising efforts.

He stated that this was the root of the conflict. Despite this, DJ Cuppy dismissed the claim made by Isreal DMW and threatened to sue him for defamation of character. As the year progressed, in August 2021, Davido terminated Isreal DMW’s employment as a result of a comment the latter had made on social media regarding an allegation of fraud made by the deputy commissioner of police.

Isreal DMW has taken to social media to voice their disapproval of the FBI in the wake of the arrest of Abba Kyari, the deputy commissioner of police. As a consequence of this, Isreal DMW was fired from his position as Davido’s assistant. Davido had also threatened to absolve him of all of his responsibilities permanently.

Isreal DMW, on the other hand, did not stop pleading and soliciting, and he even requested other individuals for assistance in pleading his case to his supervisor. After waiting another three months, Davido brought him back on as his logistic manager and promoter.

Israel DMW Current Estimated Net Worth in Dollar and Naira in 2024

Although it is unknown to the general public how much money Israel DMW has, it is estimated that he has a net worth of forty thousand dollars (40,000 USD), if you convert that to Nigerian currency, it will be around 18,402,480 Naira.

This conclusion is drawn from his financial success as a result of his employment as Davido’s personal assistant and logistics manager, in addition to his impact on social media.


Israel DMW Biography, Net Worth, Career and Controversy

Israel DMW Biography, Net Worth, Career and Controversy
Isreal DMW & Davido

Profile Summary

Full NameAfeare Israel DMW
Date of BirthOctober 4, 1991
Place of BirthEdo State, Nigeria
EducationBachelor of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy
CareerPersonal Logistics Manager and Assistant to Davido
AchievementsPerformed at Davido’s tour at the O2 Arena in London
Social Media HandlesInstagram: @IsrealDMW
ControversiesComments about DJ Cuppy and Zlatan’s separation
Suspension from work by Davido following social media comment
Net Worth$40,000 USD

Social Media Handles

On Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, Isreal DMW has amassed a sizable number of followers. You can contact him through his Twitter account, which is @IsrealDMW.

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