Nasty C Net Worth in 2024, Music Career and Biography

What is nasty C net worth?

You’re about to find out Nasty C Net Worth in 2024, Short Biography and his Music Background, via Afrokonnect. Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo popularly known as Nasty C is one of the best rappers in South Africa.

Not only the best, Nasty C is also one of the richest rappers in Africa. Nasty C’s journey into the music industry began at a young age. He gained widespread attention with the release of his debut mixtape, “One Kid a Thousand Coffins,” in 2013, which showcased his raw talent and lyrical prowess. 

The South African rapper rose to prominence after releasing his mixtape, Price City in 2015. Since then, a lot of people have wondered and asked How much is Nasty C’s net worth? So, in this article you’ll discover how much is the estimated net worth of Nasty C and his short biography.

Nasty C Net Worth in 2024, Music Career, Relationship and Biography

Early Life and Background Information

Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo is a South African hip hop rapper popularly known as Nasty C. He was born on 11 February 1997 in Diepkloof, a borough of Soweto, Johannesburg.

Nasty C lost his mother in a fatal car accident while he was only 11 months old. He was raised by his father, David Maviyo Ngcobo in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Nasty C was influenced by his brother, Siyabonga Ngcobo into the rap genre when he was nine.

At age fifteen, Junior Ngcobo premiered his debut mixtape One Kid, a Thousand Coffins on 14 May 2012. While on 4 April 2014, he then released his debut EP L.A.M.E (Levitating Above My Enemies).

Beyond his success in the studio, Nasty C has made a mark through his electrifying live performances. He has graced major stages and festivals, earning a reputation as an engaging and dynamic performer. His stage presence, coupled with his charismatic delivery, has contributed to the overall experience of his music.

Nasty C Net Worth in 2024, Music Career, Relationship and Biography

10 February 2015, he released his second mixtape Price City which produced the successful single “Juice Back” which shot him to glory. The song, Juice Back was later remixed by Gemini Major featuring Davido and Cassper Nyovest on 20 November 2015. Junior Ngcobo became the youngest awardee at the 2015 South African Hip Hop Awards, tagged the Best Freshman Award.

Nasty C continues his exploit after the mixtapes and one EP. He went on to released his critically acclaimed debut album “Bad Hair” in 2016. The album featured collaborations with prominent artists such as Cassper Nyovest and French Montana. Nasty C’s ability to seamlessly blend local influences with international sounds, coupled with his introspective lyrics, set him apart and garnered him a dedicated fan base.

Nasty C released another album “String and Bling” in 2018 which was connected and supported by his first tour, The Ivyson Tour. The album featured hit singles like “King” and “Jungle,” showcasing Nasty C’s growth as an artist. “Strings and Bling” not only dominated the South African charts but also earned him international recognition.

Nasty C’s music often explores themes of his personal experiences, the struggles of growing up in a challenging environment, and the aspirations he holds for himself and his community. His storytelling ability and the authenticity of his lyrics have resonated with fans not only in South Africa but also globally.

Come March 2020, Nasty C signed with Def Jam Records and released the single “There They Go” as his debut single in the United States. This move positioned him on a global stage and opened up new opportunities for collaboration and exposure. His signing to Def Jam marked a significant milestone for African hip-hop, showcasing the increasing global recognition of talent from the continent.

In addition to his solo career, Nasty C has collaborated with a range of artists from different genres. His collaborative spirit is evident in tracks with artists such as Rowlene, A$AP Ferg, and T.I. These collaborations have not only expanded his musical horizons but have also contributed to the diversification of African hip-hop on the international scene.


  • Juice Back (Single, 2015)
  • Bad Hair (Album, 2016)
  • Strings And Bling (Album, 2018)
  • Zulu Man with some Power (Album, 2020)
  • There They Go (Single, 2020)
  • Ivyson Army Tour Mixtape (2022)
  • I love it Here (Album, 2023)

These are some of Nasty C’s latest songs and albums we could attribute to his professional career, although he has some featured all these years of soaring within the music industry.

Cars and Influence

Nasty C’s influence is not limited to the entertainment sphere; he is also recognized for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in initiatives aimed at uplifting disadvantaged communities, particularly in South Africa.

His commitment to social causes adds another layer to his public persona, showcasing a desire to make a positive impact beyond the realm of music. Junior Ngcobo is a big fan of Mercedes. He owns Mercedes AMG GT which boasts an incredible look with a fascination with a good sports car and a top speed of 340Km/h. He also purchased Mercedes AMG C43 in 2018 from the German car manufacturers.

Nasty C Net Worth in Rands and Dollars in 2024?

Nasty C’s impact extends beyond music. He is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, and in 2020, he launched his record label, Tall Racks Records. This move reflects his commitment to nurturing and promoting emerging talent in the South African music industry.

According to a much reliable source, Nasty C net worth is estimated at $2 million in 2024, which equals the value of over 37.3 million in Rands, making him of the richest South African rapper.



How old is nasty c now?

Nasty C was born on the 11th February 1997 so that means he is in his late 20’s at the moment.

Where was nasty C born?

Nasty C was born in South Africa, precisely in Diepkloof, a borough of Soweto, Johannesburg. However, Nasty C an indigene of Durban, the third most populous city in South Africa.

Who is nasty C’s girlfriend?

Wh o is nasty C's girlfriend?
Sammie And Nasty C – Afrokonnect

Ntombizodwa Beatrice Sibanyoni

While on tour in Kenya December 2018, Nasty C mentioned that his girl Ntombizodwa Beatrice Sibanyoni provides emotional support throughout his music career. Recently, he celebrated his six-year anniversary with a girl named Sammie In an interview with Tshisha Live on TV.

Nasty C revealed that he waited until Sammie was through with high school before exposing her. He also states that he did not want the fame and limelight to distract Sammie. Nonetheless, Sammie seems to be adjusting well to this new life.


Profile Summary

Real Name Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo
Stage name Nasty C
Nationality South African 
Occupation Musician and Songwriter 
Genre  Rap and HipHop 
Net worth $2 Million – (37.3 million in Rands)
Date of birth February 11, 1997
Relationship Ntombizodwa Beatrice Sibanyoni
Place of Birth Durban, South Africa

Nasty C Net Worth in 2024, Music Career, Relationship and Biography

What is nasty C net worth?


Nasty C, whose real name is Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobo, is a South African rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He gained significant recognition and popularity in the hip-hop scene both in South Africa and internationally.

Nasty C was born on February 11, 1997, in Durban, South Africa. He rose to prominence with the release of his mixtapes, which showcased his lyrical prowess and unique style.

Nasty C’s music often tackles themes such as his personal experiences, social issues, and his journey as an artist. His versatile flow and ability to switch between different styles and genres have garnered him a wide fan base.

Nasty C has collaborated with renowned artists both in South Africa and abroad, further establishing his presence in the global music industry.

Throughout his career, Nasty C has received numerous accolades and nominations, including multiple South African Hip Hop Awards and BET Awards. He continues to push boundaries and make waves with his music, solidifying his position as one of the leading figures in African hip-hop.

Aside from his musical endeavours, Nasty C has also been involved in philanthropic activities, using his platform to make a positive impact in his community. He remains an influential figure and an inspiration to aspiring artists, particularly in South Africa, as he continues to push the boundaries of African hip-hop and make his mark on the international stage.

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