Victor Osimhen Biography, Net worth in 2024 and Grass to Grace story

Welcome to this page about Victor Osimhen Biography, net worth in 2024 and Grass to Grace story via Afrokonnect. Victor James Osimhen was born on the 29th of December 1998, in the city of Lagos, Nigeria to the family of Mr. Patrick Osimhen.

Victor was the last of six children born by his parents. Victor Osimhen is Known for his composure and finishing. He is widely regarded as one of the most promising and most in-demand African footballers.

In 2017, Victor Osimhen made the move to German club VfL Wolfsburg, marking his entry into European football. Although his time at Wolfsburg saw limited first-team opportunities, Osimhen continued to impress with his performances for the club’s youth teams and during loan spells at various clubs.

A significant turning point came in 2019 when Osimhen joined Lille OSC in France’s Ligue 1. His debut season with Lille showcased his goal-scoring prowess, agility, and adaptability on the pitch. Osimhen’s contributions played a crucial role in Lille securing a fourth-place finish in the league, and he finished the season as the club’s top scorer.

Osimhen’s outstanding performances at Lille attracted the attention of Italian Serie A giants Napoli, leading to a high-profile transfer in the summer of 2020. The move marked a new chapter in his career, as he joined a club with a rich footballing history and a strong tradition of nurturing top strikers.

Victor James Osimhen Net Worth in 2024, Biography and Early Life Career

It took no time for Victor’s dream of being a professional footballer to begin to materialize. A local football scouts noticed him and invited him for a trial with Ulitmate Strikers Academy which he passed.

In 2014, Victor Osimhen’s performance with Ultimate Strikers earns him an invite to Nigeria’s U-17 team. Victor was vital in helping the team qualify for the U-17 FIFA World Cup which was held in Chile which he went on to win.

At the U-17 World Cup, He bagged the highest goal scorer award after scoring 10 goals and also the FIFA U-17 World Cup Silver Ball.

Challenges and Resilience:

While Osimhen’s ascent has been impressive, it has not been without challenges. Injuries and the competitive nature of European football presented hurdles that tested his resilience. However, Osimhen’s ability to overcome setbacks and maintain a positive mindset underscored his mental strength and determination to succeed at the highest level.

Despite facing adversities, Osimhen’s commitment to continuous improvement and his unwavering work ethic have endeared him to fans and teammates alike. His performances on the field, characterized by explosive speed, clinical finishing, and an instinct for goal-scoring, have solidified his reputation as one of the most promising young strikers in European football.

International Achievements:

On the international stage, Victor Osimhen has been a key figure for the Nigerian national team, often donning the iconic green jersey with pride. His contributions to the Super Eagles have been instrumental in the team’s quest for success in African competitions and on the global stage.

Osimhen’s involvement in international tournaments, including the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) and FIFA World Cup qualifiers, has showcased his ability to perform under pressure and deliver crucial goals for his country. As a leading figure in Nigeria’s new generation of football talent, Osimhen carries the hopes of a nation eager to see success on the global football stage.

Personal Attributes and Playing Style:

Victor Osimhen’s success can be attributed not only to his physical attributes, such as speed, strength, and agility, but also to his technical proficiency and football intelligence. His ability to create scoring opportunities, make intelligent runs off the ball, and finish with clinical precision has set him apart as a complete striker.

Off the field, Osimhen is known for his humility, dedication, and commitment to giving back to the community. His journey from the streets of Lagos to the top echelons of European football serves as an inspiration to aspiring footballers across Africa and beyond.

Victor Osimhen Biography, Net worth in 2024 and Grass to Grace story

Victor Osimhen is a Nigerian professional football player who currently plays as a striker for Serie A club, Napoli, and the Nigerian national team. He was born on December 29, 1998, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Osimhen started his professional football career at the Ultimate Strikers Academy in Lagos before moving to Europe to play for several clubs including VfL Wolfsburg, Charleroi, and Lille.

He rose to prominence during the 2019-2020 season when he was the top scorer in the Belgian league, playing for Charleroi. In August 2020, Osimhen signed for Italian club Napoli in a deal worth €70 million, becoming the most expensive African player at the time.

He has since become a key player for the club, helping them win the 2020-2021 Coppa Italia. Osimhen is also a regular player for the Nigerian national team, having represented the country at various youth levels before making his senior debut in 2017.

He has since played in several international matches, including the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, where he helped Nigeria finish in third place. Osimhen is considered one of the most promising young football players in Africa and has won several individual awards for his performances, including the 2020 Marc-Vivien Foe Award for the best African player in Ligue 1.

Victor Osimhen Biography, Net worth in 2024, Education and Career Buildup

Victor Oshimen attended Olusosun Primary School in Ikeja, Lagos. The football field in this School served as the football meeting point for all school pupils and youngsters in the community.

After Hawking in the daytime, Victor and join other boys to go to the football field to watch the local team play. His elder brother was a local football star in the community.

Road to fame

After the World Cup victor was in high demand, the likes of Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham Hotspur were all after him. Surprisingly Victor Osimhen rejected all offers because another middle-weight club had offered him the biggest money.

Osimhen announced to the world that he would be pursuing his professional career with German Bundesliga club, Wolfsburg. Shortly after he became the 2015 African Youth Player of the Year in 2016,

He played from 2017-19 for Wolfsburg then went to Charleroi for a brief loan before joining  French side Lille, Victor Osimhen scored 13 goals in 27 appearances for Lille before signing for Napoli in 2020.

The turning point in Osimhen’s career came during the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup held in Chile. Representing Nigeria, Osimhen made a significant impact, finishing as the tournament’s top scorer and leading Nigeria to victory. His goal-scoring exploits, including a hat-trick against Brazil in the group stage, garnered widespread acclaim and drew the attention of scouts from top football clubs around the world.

Osimhen’s stellar performance at the U-17 World Cup not only earned him the Golden Boot as the tournament’s leading scorer but also laid the groundwork for a move to Europe, where he would continue his football journey at the professional level.

How much is Victor Osimhen worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024?

Osimhen’s current market value is estimated at €27.00m and he’s ranked number two among the players at LOSC Lille. Victor Osimhen has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million which equals over 1,034,850,000 Nigerian Naira.

Now that we’ve seen Victor Osimhen Biography and net worth let’s round up with his wages and salary.

Victor Osimhen salary in 2024

Osimhen is also expected to earn €5 million Euros a year (an average of £96K per week). Well, if you include image rights and bonuses it would make Victor Osimhen the second highest-earning Nigerian footballer in Europe.

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Profile Summary

Victor Osimhen Biography And net worth
Victor Osimhen – Via Afrokonnect


Victor James Osimhen

Date of Birth

29th December 1998

Place of Birth

Lagos, Nigeria



Net worth

$2.5 million which equals 1,034,850,000 Nigerian Naira

Conclusion on Osimhen Net Worth in 2024 and Biography

Victor Osimhen’s early life was marked by the challenges that often accompany pursuing a career in professional football. Raised in a modest family, he discovered his passion for the sport at a young age, playing football in the streets of Lagos. His raw talent quickly caught the attention of local scouts, opening the door to a future that would see him transcend local competitions and venture into the international football arena.

Osimhen’s early football journey saw him playing for various youth teams in Nigeria, honing his skills and laying the foundation for a career that would take him to new heights. His exceptional goal-scoring ability and speed on the field distinguished him from his peers, setting the stage for what would become a remarkable ascent in the world of football.

Victor Osimhen’s story is a testament to the transformative power of talent, hard work, and perseverance. From his early days playing football in the streets of Lagos to becoming a prominent figure in top European leagues, Osimhen’s journey reflects not only his personal triumph but also his role as a symbol of hope for aspiring footballers in Nigeria and beyond.

As he continues to make strides in his career with Napoli and the Nigerian national team, the football world eagerly anticipates the next chapters in the remarkable story of Victor Osimhen—a young, dynamic striker whose journey has become an inspiring narrative in the beautiful game. We hope you enjoyed this article about Victor Osimhen Biography, net worth in 2024 and Grass to Grace story via Afrokonnect.


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