Nuno Zigi Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Songs and Career

Nuno Zigi Biography And Net worth
Nuno Zigi - Via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about Nuno Zigi Biography, Songs, Career, Lifestyle And Net worth in 2024, via Afrokonnect. Incase you don’t know, Nuno Zigi was born in Nigeria, Nuno Zigi is a multi talented indigenous rapper, his notable skills is his unique rap technique where he combines English language and his own native language, Igbo.

Nuno Zigi attended the famous Denis Memorial Grammer School, he the proceeded to Federal Science Technical College for his secondary school education. Nuno Zigi moved on to University Of Nigeria, Nsukka where he studied for a Bachelors degree.

While growing up Nuno Zigi started music as a teenager and as a teen rapper Nuno Zigi had a dream of getting to the top, which he is on a journey of achieving through consistency and hard work.

Nuno Zigi is a very hard working musician and judging by his start up, we can see a potential of him standing a taste of time. We are able to dig out some information about his music career. Before Nuno Zigi got signed by Phyno into PentHauze he has been making good music covers even before 2017.

Nuno Zigi reflected on his record deal as a dream come through for him, which was triggered by a mind blowing freestyle he did on Phyno’s 2018 hit single. He was signed alongside, Rhatti and Super boy Cheque in late 2018.

Nuno Zigi Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Songs and Career

Nuno Zigi’s entry into the Nigerian music scene gained momentum when he caught the attention of Phyno, one of Nigeria’s leading indigenous rappers. Phyno, known for his lyrical prowess and contributions to the growth of Igbo rap, recognized Nuno’s talent and potential, leading to his signing under Phyno’s Penthauze Music label.

The significance of being signed to Penthauze Music cannot be overstated, as it opened doors for Nuno Zigi to showcase his skills on a broader platform. This association with a well-established figure in the Nigerian music industry signaled a promising start to Nuno’s career.

Nuno Zigi’s affiliation with Penthauze Music has played a pivotal role in shaping his trajectory in the industry. The label, founded by Phyno, has been a powerhouse for promoting indigenous talent and contributing to the growth of Igbo rap. Nuno Zigi’s inclusion in this esteemed roster positions him alongside other notable artists associated with the label.

The mentorship and guidance provided by Phyno and the Penthauze team have likely contributed to Nuno’s artistic development. Being part of a label with a track record of success has undoubtedly provided valuable insights and opportunities for Nuno Zigi to thrive in the competitive Nigerian music landscape.

Songs And Collaborations

From the research we embarked on, Nuno Zigi haven’t released any official songs before his Penthauze deal. However he was good at doing amazing cover and freestyle with his friends. He usually does the freestyle and covers then post it on social media.

He released his first official single under his new label just few days after the label broke the news of his signing, the monster track which he tagged “8th Mode” served as an introduction of the talented rapper.

He was also featured in PentHauze Record released hit track, “Nyem Space” which featured the whole label crew including the likes of Phyno, Rhatti and Super boy Cheque. The project earned over 332 thousand views on YouTube alone. The project also did numbers on other streaming and digital platforms.

Later on, Nuno Zigi ganged up with PentHauze official Disc Jockey and artiste,  J Masta and also DJ Xtacee to unleash amazing potential on their 2019 released street banger, tagged “Isiaja”.


While Nuno Zigi may still be in the early stages of his career, he has already made notable contributions to the Nigerian music scene. His solo projects and collaborations showcase his versatility and potential for longevity in the industry.

Collaborations within the Penthauze Music family and with other artists have allowed Nuno Zigi to expand his creative horizons. Working alongside established acts provides him with opportunities to learn, grow, and further establish his name in the industry.

  • 8th Mood – 2018
  • Thotiana (Freestyle) – 2019
  • Isiaja Ft DJ Xtacee & DJ J Masta – 2019
  • Commando Ft Yung Efizy & DJ Rain – 2019
  • Iyoo – 2020
  • Chupadia – 2021
  • Gae – 2021
  • Lord Lugard – 2022
  • Para – 2022
  • Home for my Heart – 2023
  • Aso Rock – 2023
  • Ifeoma – 2023
  • No Day Off (ALBUM) – 2022

Nuno Zigi’s musical style is characterized by a unique blend of indigenous rap, contemporary hip hop, and a touch of Afrobeat influences. His lyrics often reflect his personal experiences, street consciousness, and societal commentary. Nuno has a knack for storytelling, using his rhymes to paint vivid pictures of life in Nigeria, particularly from the perspective of the streets.

One of Nuno Zigi’s notable strengths is his lyrical prowess, which he deploys to convey messages that resonate with a diverse audience. His ability to seamlessly switch between English and Igbo adds depth to his music, allowing him to connect with fans who appreciate the rich cultural tapestry woven into his verses.

Nuno Zigi Net Worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

As Nuno Zigi continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the Nigerian music industry, the future looks promising for this young and talented rapper. His association with Penthauze Music, coupled with his unique style and lyrical dexterity, positions him as an artist to watch.

Nuno Zigi has the potential to contribute to the evolution of Nigerian hip hop, bringing fresh perspectives and an authentic voice to the forefront. As he refines his craft, explores new collaborations, and engages with his growing fan base, Nuno Zigi’s journey promises exciting developments and contributions to the rich tapestry of Nigerian music.

The fact that Nuno Zigi is still an up coming makes it hard to predict his worth, but judging from the few fact we could lay our hands on we have a rough estimate of Nuno Zigi net worth at ($10,000) 12 million Naira.

Profile Summary

Nuno Zigi Biography And Net worth
Nuno Zigi – Via Afrokonnect
Full Name Name:  Chukwunonso Nwankpa Jnr.
Nickname: Nuno Zigi)
Job Title:  Artist/Musician
Company/Label:  Penthauz Music
Net worth: 12 million Nigerian Naira

Social Media Presence:

In the digital age, artists leverage social media platforms to connect with their audience, and Nuno Zigi is no exception. His active presence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter allows him to engage with fans, share updates about his music, and provide glimpses into his life beyond the studio.

Social media has become an essential tool for artists to build a dedicated fan base, and Nuno Zigi’s strategic use of these platforms indicates an understanding of the importance of connecting with fans in the virtual space.

Conclusion on Nuno Zigi Biography and Net worth in 2024

Nuno Zigi, born Chukwunonso Nwankpa Jnr., is a rising Nigerian rapper and songwriter who has been making a significant impact in the Nigerian music scene. Although he’s relatively new to the industry, Nuno Zigi has quickly gained recognition for his unique style, compelling lyrics, and association with the renowned Nigerian rapper Phyno.

Nuno Zigi was born on August 5, 2000, in Enugu State, Nigeria. Growing up in the vibrant city of Enugu, Nuno developed a passion for music from an early age. His journey into the world of music can be traced back to his formative years, where he honed his skills and nurtured his artistic inclinations.

In conclusion, Nuno Zigi’s story is one of talent, mentorship, and the pursuit of musical excellence. His early successes and association with industry stalwarts suggest that he is on a trajectory to make a lasting impact in the Nigerian music scene.

As he continues to grow as an artist, Nuno Zigi’s commitment to his craft and connection to his roots will likely solidify his place among the emerging stars shaping the future of African music.

On that note, this brings us to the end of this publication about the Nigerian Singer whose name is Nuno Zigi. Let us know what you think via the comment section below, before you leave.


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