DJ Maphorisa Net Worth in 2024, Biography & Disc Jockey Career

DJ Maphorisa Net Worth AND Biography
DJ Maphorisa at work - via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about DJ Maphorisa Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Disc Jockey Career, Awards and more via Afrokonnect. Within the ever-changing realm of music, there are particular individuals who leave an enduring impression on the business by virtue of their tremendous talent and unwavering commitment.

In this regard, DJ Maphorisa, a South African record producer and DJ who has established himself as a notable presence in the international music industry, is an example of a luminary. A deep dive into the life story of DJ Maphorisa is presented in this blog post. Topics covered include his early life, his meteoric climb to stardom, and his lasting influence on the music industry.

DJ Maphorisa is said to have a net worth of $3,000,000, which is about 57,147,000 South African rand. In addition to his accomplishments as a DJ and producer, DJ Maphorisa is an astute businessman. Acquaint yourself with his life story, awards, songs, and net worth, among other things.

DJ Maphorisa Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Disc Jockey Career, Awards and more

Early Life and Background Information

DJ Maphorisa was born Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe on November 15, 1987, in the township of Soshanguve, which is located close to Pretoria, South Africa. DJ Maphorisa has always shown an interest in music, even from a young age.

During his spare time, he experimented with different beats and rhythms, which led to the development of his enthusiasm for DJing and production. DJ Maphorisa began his path as a musical artist by drawing inspiration from members of the local music scene as well as the thriving music culture of South Africa.

Professional Career as DJ Maphorisa

DJ Maphorisa became well-known as a result of his collaborations with a wide range of artists, both in South Africa and overseas. Alongside fellow producer DJ Clap, he established the musical partnership known as “Uhuru” in the year 2011. By working together, they were able to produce ground-breaking successes such as “Y-Tjukutja” and “Khona,” which catapulted them to the top of the African music world.

DJ Maphorisa began working with foreign artists such as Drake, Wizkid, and Major Lazer in order to broaden his musical horizons outside the borders of South Africa. These collaborations resulted in the creation of chart-topping classics such as “Soweto Baby” and “Abalele,” which introduced DJ Maphorisa’s distinctive sound to an audience from all over the world.

It was the advent of the Amapiano genre, which is a blend of deep house, jazz, and indigenous South African sounds, that was a pivotal event in DJ Maphorisa’s career. DJ Maphorisa was a seminal figure in the process of popularising this music and establishing it as a phenomenon that is recognised all over the world.

His producing abilities and forward-thinking approach made a huge contribution to the development and progression of Amapiano, which in turn inspired a new generation of musicians and contributed to the transformation of the African music environment.

Awards and Recognition

A multitude of honours and honours have been bestowed upon DJ Maphorisa throughout the course of his career in recognition of the extraordinary contributions he has made to the music business.

Additionally, he has been honoured with a number of South African Music Awards (SAMA), including the Producer of the Year and Collaboration of the Year awards. As an additional point of interest, he has been acknowledged on a global scale, receiving nominations at both the MTV Europe Music Awards and the BET Awards.


The music of DJ MAPHORISA have included some of the DJ’s most popular tunes below:


  • Champagne – 2015
  • Belinda (Remix) – 2015
  • Soweto Baby (feat. Wizkid x Dj Buckz)
  • Blaqboy EP – 2016
  • Good Love (feat. Wizkid) – 2016
  • Africa Unite – 2017
  • Midnight Starring – 2017
  • Alert (feat. Mr Eazi) – 2018
  • Phobias (feat. Cassper Nyovest & Kabza de Small) – 2020
  • Banyana – 2021
  • Abalele x Kabza de small – 2021
  • Canada x Lojay – 2022
  • Themba – 2023
  • Twerka – 2023
  • No suffer – 2024
  • Toumbalo – 2024


  • Scorpion Kings – 2019
  • Piano Hub – 2019
  • Petle Petle – 2021
  • Rumble in the Jungle – 2021
  • Tintswalo – 2021
  • Ba Straata – 2022
  • Chukela – 2023
  • IziTHA – 2023

The list goes on and on.


DJ Maphorisa is reported to have a net worth of $3,000,000 which equals around 57,147,000 South African rand. On the other hand, this cannot be verified because the money continues to accumulate on a daily basis. In addition to his achievements as a DJ and producer, DJ Maphorisa is also a savvy businessman.

During the year 2017, he established his own record label, Blaqboy Music, with the intention of fostering new talent within the Amapiano genre and offering a platform for up-and-coming musicians. DJ Maphorisa continues to push boundaries, create new sounds, and contribute to the evolution of the African music industry through the operation of this business enterprise. RECOMMENDED: Dj Neptune Net worth, Biography and Relationship Life.


There are a number of social media channels that you can follow DJ Maphorisa on, including:

  • This is djmaphorisa (LAWDporry) on Instagram.
  • The DJ Maphorisa Facebook page


The Country origin of DJ Maphorisa?

It is South Africa that DJ Maphorisa hails from. Due to the fact that DJ Maphorisa is from South Africa, he is considered to be a prominent figure in South African culture. It is not true that DJ Maphorisa hails from Nigeria. He hails from the country of South Africa.

When was DJ Maphorisa born?

The fifteenth of November, 1987 was the day that DJ Maphorisa was born.

What is the real name of DJ Maphorisa?

DJ Maphorisa also goes by the legal name Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe in real life.

Who are the Parents of DJ Maphorisa?

Mr. and Mrs. Sekowe are recognised as DJ Maphorisa’s parents.

DJ Maphorisa Net Worth in 2024, Biography, Disc Jockey Career, Awards and more

DJ Maphorisa Net Worth AND Biography
DJ Maphorisa at work – via Afrokonnect


As DJ Maphorisa continues to enthral audiences with his one-of-a-kind sound and forward-thinking approach to music, his legacy continues to be firmly established. His contributions to the Amapiano genre, as well as his partnerships with top musicians from around the world, have helped him establish himself as a pioneer in the field.

As far as the future is concerned, DJ Maphorisa is not showing any signs of slowing down, and fans can eagerly anticipate more ground-breaking music and new initiatives from this musical icon. It is clear from DJ Maphorisa’s biography that he has had an extraordinary journey filled with musical invention, dedication, and brilliance.

This individual has crossed boundaries and left an unmistakable impression on the landscape of music all across the world, beginning with his humble origins and progressing to his astounding successes. DJ Maphorisa is an icon of contemporary African music because his influence will be felt for generations to come as he continues to inspire and mould the industry. His legacy will live on throughout the years.

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