Blessing CEO Biography, Net Worth in 2024, Arrest & Instagram

Blessing CEO Biography, Net Worth
Blessing CEO - Via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about Blessing CEO Biography, Career, Age, Net Worth in 2024, Arrested, Instagram, Surgery and Liposuction via Afrokonnect. Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, better known by his professional name Blessing CEO, is a well-known social media influencer, entrepreneur, blogger, and relationship expert from Nigeria.

She has gained a lot of popularity thanks to her controversial acts, her dating website (Break Or MakeUp), and her videos that focus on relationships. In this engaging biographical piece, we will examine the life story of Blessing CEO, a prominent figure in Nigerian culture who has a significant impact on the country.

Blessing CEO is expected to have a net worth of approximately $500,000, about 705,470,000 Nigerian Naira in 2024, according to most media publications. Her revenue is derived from the monetization of her social media accounts, dating website, YouTube channel, brand marketing, and original content development. Further post material can be found below.

Blessing CEO Biography, Career, Age, Net Worth in 2024, Arrested, Instagram, Surgery and Liposuction

On the 23rd of May in 1989, Blessing CEO was born to parents who were of Igbo descent. She was born in Ebonyi State, which is located in Eastern Nigeria, and she is originally from that state. She spent her childhood in Ebonyi State, where she was raised with her younger sisters known by the names Amara, Amaka, and Precious, respectively. Both of her parents were responsible for her upbringing throughout her childhood up until she started working.

No specific information is available about the education of the CEO of Blessing, nor is there any information about her family background. Over the course of time, additional post updates will be posted.

Professional Career of Blessing CEO

Blessing CEO is well-known for her role as a social media influencer and blogger. She also runs a dating website called Break Or MakeUp, which helps people find each other. An expert and advisor on relationships, a promoter of brands, and a supporter and promoter of surgical procedures, in particular liposuction (believe me, boss and boss ladies, we have our sources confirm that blessing has done it all).

She is well-known for her expertise in the field of relationships, and she creates videos and social media content that focuses on relationships, mostly on issues pertaining to women’s rights. When it comes to dragging other celebrities, she is called a Controversial Celebrity, but her followers also consider her to be an Expert in Relationships.

Her dating website called Break Or MakeUp allows people who are in relationships to connect with one another, locate their soulmates, resolve relationship conflicts, and more. Additionally, Blessing CEO is the owner of a YouTube channel that bears her name. On this channel, she uploads videos that are related to Relationships as well as trending Social Media News.

In addition to her role as a social media influencer and content creator, she is also a vocal campaigner against gender-based violence, particularly against women. In addition, she is a brand promoter, and she is well-known for promoting cosmetics and clothing for women. She is considered to be quite controversial, and she lives a luxurious lifestyle that she has established for herself. Despite this, she is known to be very controversial.

Blessing CEO Net Worth in Dollars and Naira in 2024

According to the majority of media websites, the projected net worth of the Blessing CEO is somewhere around $500,000, which equals around 705,470,000 Nigerian Naira in 2024. She generates income through the monetization of her social media handles, her YouTube channel, her dating website, the promotion of her brand, and the creation of general content by herself. She has worked with well-known brands such as JennysGlow and including others.


The controversial Blessing CEO is currently 35 years old as of the year 2024. She was born on May 23rd, 1989. Her real name is Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, and she is the CEO of JennysGlow attacked by VeryDarkMan.

Blessing CEO Taken into Arrest – Controversies

In 2019, Onyeze Na Chiko, a Nigerian billionaire based in China, arrested the Blessing CEO after she boasted about the billionaire’s home on social media and claimed that it was hers. In November 2023, the CEO of Blessing was arrested by Davido, a popular Afrobeat sensation, for making the accusation that the singer owed Popular Vehicle Merchant, IVD, a car for N4 Million Naira Plus. Nevertheless, she was released later, and she then produced a video in which she apologised to the Blow My Mind Crooner.

Additionally, the Relationship Expert has been involved in a number of cases and controversies similar to those that were discussed earlier. Additionally, she and Very Dark Man had engaged in conversation with themselves on other occasions.


In the year 2022, Blessing CEO disclosed that she had undergone a surgical procedure known as liposuction, which is a procedure that involves the removal of fat from multiple areas of the body. The Chief Executive Officer of Blessing spoke up and expressed her opinion on liposuction surgery in a piece that was both humorous and jaw-dropping on the website

Ex-husband of the Blessing CEO and Sons

According to, Blessing CEO was previously married to a man who went by the name Lucky when she was only 18 years old. Due to the fact that the marriage was abusive, Blessing was forced to leave through divorce. Up to this point, she is seen hanging around with Zaddies. To my amusement.

It has been said that she has two sons, which is in reality the case because she frequently publishes pictures of them on her many social media profiles. Both of them are known by their respective names, which are Darel Lucky Okoh and Bryan DGreat.

Parents of Blessing CEO

Although not much is known about her parents, she frequently publishes images of them on her social media accounts.


Who is Blessing CEO?

Blessing CEO is a well-known relationship expert in Nigeria, as well as a blogger, social media influencer, advocate for the rights of women, and promoter of brands, among other things.

How Old Blessing CEO?

As of the year 2024, the CEO of Blessing is 35 years old.

Where is Blessing CEO From?

Blessing CEO is originally from the state of Ebonyi in Nigeria.

Who is Blessing CEO husband?

It has been reported by many media outlets that she was previously married to a man named Lucky; however, she parted ways with him owing to an abusive relationship.


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Blessing CEO is a YouTube channel, and Break Or is my website.

Blessing CEO Biography, Career, Age, Net Worth in 2024, Arrested, Instagram, Surgery and Liposuction

Blessing CEO Biography, Net Worth
Blessing CEO – Via Afrokonnect


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