Bobrisky Net Worth in 2024, Biography and Controversies

Welcome to our new article about Bobrisky Net Worth in 2024, Biography and Controversies via Afrokonnect. Even though Gay is legally prohibited in Nigeria and some African Countries, there’s still a high rate of this practices all over the continent.

Well we’re not here to debate weather this act is right or wrong, so for the sake of this publication we’re going to Cover a lot about one of Nigerian’s famous Crossdresser. Bobrisky is arguably the richest Nigerian Crossdresser and in this post you’ll know about his Net worth, biography and controversies.

Because Bobrisky is known for his lavish and extravagant lifestyle. The question of what is Bobrisky net worth in 2021 has been on the lips of many Nigerians and beyond.

So, without any more procrastination let’s dive into the main focus of the day.

Bobrisky Biography, Crossdressing and Net Worth in 2024

Before we proceed into his Net Worth it’s only right if we take a look at his background information. Information Such as his Educational Background, Real name, origin and Date of birth.

Bobrisky Before his transformation was just a Regular Nigerian trying to survive and make ends meet for him. ALSO READ:- Temi Otedola Net worth and Biography.

Who is Bobrisky?

First of all the name Bobrisky is only a stage name and his nickname, his real name and Legal means of identity is Idris Olarenwaju Okuneye, he was born on the August 31, 1992, in Lagos, Nigeria into a Polygamous home.

His mother had 3 children with Bobrisky the last of them before she passed away, while his father Alhaji Okuneye had 9 children from 3 wives and Bobrisky is still the last child. His father was known to be a good and responsible man in the Ejigbo community, Where he has been living since 1995.

Educational Background and Early Life 

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju Popularly known as Bobrisky attended King’s College Lagos for his Secondary Education, after Graduating he proceeded to the University of Lagos, where he bagged a Bachelors Degree.

Now that we’ve seen a bit about Bobrisky’s Background information like his date of birth, real name and family. Let’s hop into his Controversies, relationship with other celebrities and Net worth.

Trailblazing in Self-Expression:

By publicly embracing their femininity and blurring the barriers between gender expression, Bobrisky challenged the conventions that are prevalent in a culture that adheres to gender norms that are rigorously defined.

Bobrisky has become an image of self-confidence and empowerment for many people as a result of his daring wardrobe choices, his flamboyant persona, and his larger-than-life presence on social media.

Controversy and Criticism:

There has been a large amount of pushback and criticism directed towards Bobrisky from more conservative members of Nigerian society, despite the fact that he is very popular.

Because of his unorthodox way of life and his commitment to speaking their minds, he has become a target for moral policing and societal judgement. Bobrisky, on the other hand, has maintained his resilience in the face of adversity, refusing to be silenced or to adapt to the demands of society.

Bobrisky’s Controversies, Net Worth, Biography and Relationships 2024

Over the years Bobrisky has had some couple of Controversies about his Status, relationships and personality as a whole. Many people are of the view that Bobrisky came into the limelight as a result of social media dragging.

Even though that’s partially true it is worthy of notice that Bobrisky is a creative person and knows how to engage his audience, some of his controversies that made it to the headlines include but not limited to the ones with Tonto, James Brown, Toyin Lawani among others.

Controversies and scandals 

Before we Digest the Bobrisky Net worth, let’s us quickly look at his controversial moments,

Bobrisky Net Worth, Biography
Bobrisky – Via Afrokonnect

Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh were known to be best of friends. Both of them have been spotted together at events and on several vacations,

However, recently their relationship has been shaky as they’ve stopped Flaunting on social media, a move that has raised eyebrows on social media.

According to some fans and unverified rumors Tonto Dikeh ended her relationship with Bobrisky to focus on her ambition of making it big as a philanthropist and entrepreneur, while working hand in hand with top government officials and she won’t want to be affiliated with any scandals.

On the other hand Bobrisky has responded by saying that those waiting for their fallout will have to wait another 100 years. In February 2021, Bobrisky once again pledged his loyalty to his best friend Tonto Dikeh amidst rumours of a fallout.

Bobrisky and James Brown saga

James Brown is another popular Nigerian Crossdresser who’s sometimes regarded as a Bobrisky Protege. Just recently James brown called out Bobrisky for threatening and planning to kill him.

According to James Brown, Bobrisky was accusing him of stealing his contents. Also Read About:- Stefflon Don Net Worth, Career and Biography 

However, Bobrisky replied by sharing a conversation of himself and James Brown as he threatened to send him to jail. James Brown responded that he has been there before and would not be intimidated by Bobrisky’s threat.

This whole fight between Bobrisky and James Brown was summarized in the video  by Top Notch Naija media on YouTube.

Boyfriend and Relationship

If you follow Bobrisky you’ll realized he’s a person that loves to show off everything online, especially his relationship. More so, Bobrisky claims Nigerian politicians loves him and gives him a lot of money.

Recently, the Controversial cross-dresser Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky took to social media to shower love and affection on his anonymous boyfriend. According to Bobrisky, his boyfriend has been lavishing him with love and affection,

He noted that he has not been spending money from his account ever since the year began as his boyfriend has been making provisions for all his needs.

Bobrisky who couldn’t hide how he felt about the love and care he’s being showed by his boyfriend burst into tears as he thanked him for his good gesture.

Bobrisky Net Worth in 2024, Biography and life before transformation

Before transformation Bobrisky wasn’t a wealthy individual as he wasn’t born with a silver Spoon. In an interview some years ago with Adesuwa, Bobrisky revealed that he got tired of Poverty and his desperation gave birth to him bleaching his skin to become Bobrisky a crossdresser and skincare entrepreneur.

Bobrisky Net Worth in Naira in 2024

The Nigerian crossdresser gained fame and huge chunk of his wealth not only as a crossdresser, he’s also a skincare ambassador to a lot of huge brands out there.

Bobrisky major source of wealth comes as Social media influencer to many skincare, Fashion and sexual enhancement brands. Bobrisky currently has a car collection worth over N300 million naira. Including his;

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE43 AMG 4MATIC Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz CLA250
  • 2019 Range Rover
  • Mercedes-Benz ML500
  • Mercedes Benz G wagon Brabus G63 worth N140 million naira.

In 2017 Bobrisky reportedly bought a five-bedroom duplex worth 400 million naira in Chevron Close, Lekki Lagos. According to Bobrisky the price of all decorations and furnish is N12 million.

All said and done, the Controversial Nigerian Crossdresser Bobrisky net worth is estimated at $3 million in 2024, which equals over 4,466,226,000. Which makes Bobrisky one of the richest Instagram influencers in Nigeria in 2024.


Bobrisky Surgery Video

This Video below is about Bobrisky Surgery Video to remove his Manhood as compiled by MJ Fun Zone;

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Bobrisky Best Friend

Just like we’ve previously stated, Some of you might have already known Bobrisky’s best friend is Tonto Dikeh.

Bobrisky Old Pictures

You can also watch the video below as Bobrisky’s old Pictures are revealed;

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Conclusion on Bobrisky Net Worth in 2024 and Biography

As long as Bobrisky is dealing with the challenges of fame and public criticism, he will be remembered as a leader in promoting self-expression and empowerment.

People either appreciate Bobrisky for his bravery or criticise him for the choices they made. Either way, he has left his mark on Nigerian pop culture and helped make the entertainment industry more accepting and open to everyone.

In the end, Bobrisky’s rise from social media star to cultural hero shows how powerful self-confidence, resilience, and speaking your mind without shame can be. You can’t deny Bobrisky’s influence on Nigerian pop culture, whether you like them or not.

This brings us to the end of this article about Bobrisky Net Worth in 2024, Biography And Controversies via Afrokonnect. Are you a fan of Bobrisky or Not? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions via the comments section below.


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