Top 5 Best Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria

Top 5 Best beaches in Lagos Nigeria

Welcome to this post about top 5 Best beaches in Lagos, Nigeria via Afrokonnect.

If you love going to the beach just like me then stay tuned and continue reading this article. Some people love to go to the beach during holidays or festive periods, While others go to the beach often to relax during the weekend or just to catch some chills,

Whatever your reason might be, in this post I’ll be suggesting the Top 5 Best Beaches in Lagos State. Weather you’re a Lagos based resident or Planning to visits the busiest city in Nigeria,

The list and publications will help you in navigating and Decision Making. Lagos state is known for hustle and bustle which comes with high demand to take a break, chill and rest. Here, we will check out the best beaches in Lagos to visit for fun.

Synopsis Of Lagos City – Top 5 Best beaches in Lagos Nigeria

Aside Lagos being the Business Hub and former capital of Nigeria, Lagos is also Nigerian’s port base, with its port consisting of Apapa Quay.

Apapa Quay, located on Lagos mainland, serves as the major outlet for Nigeria’s exports. Over the years, Lagos state has attracted both foreigners and nationals into the city,

The night life, Entertainment and Faji life in Lagos cannot be matched with any other state in the country. Natural Fun places like the beaches offer a good avenue to unwind during the weekends after work stress.

But then, do you know the best beaches to visit in Lagos? Worry not, we’ve done the research for you just so you don’t have to.


Top 5 best Lagos beaches

If you’ve been to Lagos before you’ll discover the city has lots of Scintillating  beaches,

Some of these beaches are public while some are private-owned beaches,

Beach visitation is the ideal thing you need to get away from the busy and hectic city.

If you want some solitude, alone time with a loved one or with your family,

You can try any of these Beaches in Nigeria Lagos

5. Whispering Palms Resort

Even though Whispering Palms beach is one of the oldest in Lagos, still it remains one of the top sites for vacations,

Till date, Couples going on weekend gate aways, vacations and even honeymoon find this resort quite appealing,

If you’re looking for a beautiful resort that offers a great relaxation venue then Whispering Palms resort should be on your radar,

It is one of the most sought-after tourist places to visit in Lagos.

Whispering Palms resort is one of the best beaches one can visit in Lagos,

There’s a basketball court, swimming pool, a tennis, beach football pitch, volleyball and even a mini-golf course.

The beach is located at the Whispering Palms, Iworo Village, off Lagos Badagry Expressway, Aradagun, Badagry.

Also, Whispering Palms resort isn’t only a beach but in this resort there’s a museum, a zoo, a hotel and a restaurant.

So as you can see Whispering Palms is a full package for anybody that loves fun activities.

4. Atican beach – Private beach in Lagos

Atican beach is the 4th best beach to visit in Lagos on this list and I’ll show you why it deserves to be on the countdown,

First of all It is located off Abraham Adesanya, off the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki which makes it easy to locate,

If You’re residing in Lekki or anywhere on the Island then you’re lucky because this beach remains in your proximity,

Atican beach is a private beach and one of the safest beaches in the city,

Because it’s a private beach, there’s a gate fee unlike other public beaches in Lagos,

The Gate fee at Atican beach varies depending on which day of the week you are visiting,

On weekdays, visitors are to pay less- N500 (Approximately $2), but on weekends, the gate fee is N1000 (Approximately $5).

The Atican beach is not just one of the best beaches in Lagos but also one of Nigeria’s top tourist Location,

One thing the Atican beach is known for is their very clean and serene atmosphere,

Which is almost like an opposite of the noisy Lagos streets, highways, bars and clubs.

Some of the things you’ll enjoy at the beach is their special chicken suya, chicken kebabs, beef and palm drinks,

There are lots of other appealing foods you can order as well.

The Atican beach also offers you a picturesque view of the ocean,

Making this spot perfect for photoshoots, honeymoon, private tour, couples hangout and retreats,

The Atican beach also has supportive features for kids as it has a children’s playground and also offers live band music.

Top 5 Best beaches in Lagos, Nigeria

3. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Yes, The Tarkwa Bay beach isn’t accessible by road as it is located on an island,

So to visit the Tarkwa Bay Beach you’ll need to take a Boat ride which is not Free,

Depending on the type of boat you chose to use, you have to pay some amount of money to be carried to your destination,

However, The boat ride is one of the top things that visitors to the beach enjoy as it offers some form of adventure.

For the local boats, charges range between N4000 to N8000 per ride,

While the more sophisticated speedboats charge as much as N30,000 and above.

It is often better to go as a group to help offset the bills and for more fun.

Gate fee at the Tarkwa Bay is N300, You also have to pay for your space here,

A seating space ranges from N500 to N2,000 depending on the tent’s position on the beach.

Some of the fun activities you can engage in while watching the water includes watersports activities, bike riding as well as other recreational activities,

Also, you will notice different exotic yachts, boats and speedboats around the beach.

Among the mouth watery foods you can buy here include roasted fish, chicken barbecue, suya, rice, pepper soup and other local dishes.

The Tarkwa Bay Beach is quite waveless and is safer for swimming for those that love to swim in beach water,

If you’re coming from outside Lagos or Outside Nigeria there’s no need to worry,

Around the Tarkwa Bay Beach they’re lots of other hotels and resorts around where foreigners usually lodge.

Thus, it is not a surprise to see many foreign tourists taking a walk on the beach.

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2. Oniru Private Beach

The Oniru Private beach is located at no1 Ligali Ayorinde street, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Eti-Osa,

Oniru Beach is another private beach in Lagos owned and managed by a royal family known as the Oniru Royal Family.

This beach isn’t the biggest beach in Lagos but the way it is structured and their hygiene is what makes them special,

The beach is quiet and one of the most beautiful private beaches in Lagos,

Just like other private beaches in Lagos the Oniru Beach isn’t free,

The gate fee here is N1000 for each adult and N200 for parking space.

Some of the Fun things to do at this private beach includes;

Swimming, horse ride, Ferris wheel, dance, taking a romantic walk, enjoying exotic foods, and taking lots of pictures.

The Oniru beach is well-secured and is rated high as well as having a lovely view which makes it our 2nd best beach in Lagos.

Top 5 Best beaches in Lagos, Nigeria

1. Elegushi Beach

This particular beach in Lagos attracts as much as 40,000 visitors every week,

Mostly Sundays recording the highest number of visits,

Now one might be wondering what attracts much people to the Elegushi beach,

Firstly, One of the reasons is because the beach is perfect for nightlife, dancing, fun and adventures.

Secondly, The Elegushi private beach offers an amazing view of the ocean and an ideal venue for social events, picnics, reunions, hangouts etc.

When you visit Elegushi beach you’ll find different delicacies,

Especially local delicacies like pepper soup, fish, Suya and chicken barbecue.

If you love surfing in the waters, you can do that at Elegushi beach,

However, you have to be careful as the ocean does carry strong waves.

Entrance to the beach is not free, You have to pay N1000 as the gate fee,

Also, if you came in your car, you will have to pay a parking fee of about N200.

Another good thing about the Elegushi beach is that it is open to all 24 hours every day,

For this reason, its bars, lounges, night clubs and restaurants are always open,

In fact, the best time to visit this beach is in the evening.

Incase you’ll want to visit the private beach it is located at Ikate Lekki and is owned and managed by the Elegushi Royal Family.

List of Beach in Lagos to visit for fun and relaxation:

Top 5 Best beaches in Lagos Nigeria

These are all nice places that you can go and chill whenever you want to:

  • Whispering Palms Resort
  • Atican Beach Resort
  • Takwa Bay Beach
  • Bonus Point: Lagos Bar Beach
  • Oniru Private Beach
  • Elegushi Beach

Asides from these 5 listed beaches above, Lagos state is also blessed with a range of other beaches including;

Laguna Beach, Tarzan Private Beach, Lekki Beach Resort, La Manga Luxury Beach Villas, Lekki Leisure Lake, Coconut Beach among others.

Best Resort In West Africa

Watch the video below to discover some of the best resort In West Africa located in Lagos, Nigeria;

With this we’ve come to the end of this article about the Top 5 Best beaches in Lagos, Nigeria via Afrokonnect.



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