Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth 2024, Salary & Girlfriend

Welcome to this publication about Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth in 2024, Salary, Girlfriend, Cars and more via Afrokonnect. Here, you’ll find information about Kenyan professional football player Victor Wanyama.

Wanyama presently plays for MLS Club Montreal and we will reveal everything about the player, including his background, family life, and his net worth. Victor Wanyama, who hailed from a small town in Kenya, went on to enjoy remarkable success in the major leagues of Europe.

The Kenyan star has been very successful in the role of defensive midfielder due to the fact that he possesses several essential skills, such as physical strength, defensive reflexes, and positional awareness. He plays from that deep-line position, where he is so comfortable.

After scoring the game-winning goal for Cletic in the 2012 UEFA Champions League against Barcelona, Victor Wanyama became the first Kenyan superstar to score a goal in the competition. His professional and personal life have both had ups and downs since then.

A great deal of information regarding his fascinating life will be provided in this essay. Therefore, let’s get started without further ado, shall we?

Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth in 2024, Salary, Tattoos, Girlfriend, Cars and more

Professional Club Career

High school was where Victor Wanyama first began his career as a football player, just like many kids out there. Wanyama travelled to Europe to play for the Swedish team Helsingborg after having previously played for two clubs in the Kenyan Premier League, namely Nairobi City Stars and AFC Leopards.

After falling in love with the breathtaking activity, he continued to take pleasure in the journey itself. In 2008, Wanyama became the first player in his family to secure a senior professional contract with the Belgian club Beerschot AC.

Victor is blessed with a powerful physique and would always play with a lot of effort and determination in each tackle. His hard tackle on Matas Suárez was a one-time occurrence, but it was too much. As a result of the incident, he was given a fine and then suspended for three games.

Wanyama was a target of Celtic’s recruitment efforts in 2010, but Beerschot prevented the deal from going through. The Scottish Premiership team made another attempt on their target on July 9, 2011, and this time they were successful in closing the deal.

Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth in 2024, Salary, Tattoos, Girlfriend, Cars and more

Wanyama was a reliable player in the middle of the pitch who also contributed to the offence, as evidenced by his 13 goals and nine assists over the course of 91 appearances. On July 11, 2013, Wanyama made the move to Southampton, which is a club in the Premier League.

Because of his outstanding play throughout the month of September 2014, the African Player of the Month award was given to him by the league. In total, he appeared in 85 games while wearing the Saints’ jersey.

On June 23, 2016, Wanyama signed a contract with the Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur. The defensive midfielder had a positive working relationship with the manager at the time, Mauricio Pochettino, who was also essential in the player’s development.

The Kenyan superstar also appeared in over 69 games for the North London club, Tottenham. Wanyama started his new job at CF Montreal on March 3, 2020. In recent years, he adopted a more combative demeanour after working with Thierry Henry as his manager.

Recently, he has shown remarkable improvement in both his attacking contributions and his work with the ball, which he has been putting to use to initiate pivotal plays.

Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth in 2024, Salary, Tattoos, Girlfriend, Cars and more

Professional International career

Wanyama, Victor a career on the international stage has been remarkable and always inspiring, in May of 2007, while he was only 15 years old, Wanyama made his debut for the national team of his country.

He quickly rose through the ranks and became an important figure for his country. The Kenyan player was given a position of leadership in his country’s team after he turned in a strong performance in the qualifying matches for the 2010 World Cup.

When he was named captain in 2013, he led his country to victory in a number of major international competitions.

The Family of Victor Wanyama

On June 25th, 1991, Victor Wanyama was welcomed into the world by his parents, Noah and Mildred Wanyama. At this time, we do not know what his parents do for a living because there is a paucity of information.

The Kenyan hero has two additional brothers who also play at the highest level of the sport. When he was a member of Inter Milan, his brother McDonald made history by being the first Kenyan footballer to compete in the Champions League. Wanyama’s brother Thomas competed only in Kenyan leagues during his playing career.

Victor Wanyama Girlfriend – Tracy Macniven

Wanyama’s relationship with his girlfriend Tracy Macniven has lasted for a significant amount of time. The stunning woman from Kenya is a professional model who has done work for a number of well-known companies in her home country.

In recent years, she has emerged as Wanyama’s most ardent advocate and supporter. The pair maintains a tight relationship with one another and makes the most of their time together.

Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth in 2024, Salary, Tattoos, Girlfriend, Cars and more

Sponsorship and Endorsement

At this time, we are unable to determine whether or not Wanyama has any sponsorship deals. On his Instagram account, he is not endorsing any products or companies. As a result, we were unable to locate any further information on the subject.

However, Wanyama is top player and he certainly has some endorsement gig with top brands that are running in millions.


Victor Wanyama net worth and salary in 2024

The amount that Victor Wanyama earns and his net worth will be unveiled to you in this section, following a fruitful stint with Tottenham, Victor Wanyama moved on to CF Montréal to continue his career. The brilliant forward was offered a large contract by the Canadian squad, which paid a significant sum for the transfer of his rights and paid a significant amount for his services.

At the moment, he brings in an annual salary of 2 Million Euros (or 1.8 Million Pound). We have done some calculations, and they indicate that Victor Wanyama has a net worth of approximately 12 million Euros.

Contracts related to his professional work as a footballer are the biggest contributors to his income. The fact that Victor Wanyama is well past the years of his prime has led to a decline in his overall performance.

His declining growth rate may cause some concern for his future earnings, despite the fact that he is already making a very respectable living. At this point, it does not appear likely that you will receive a big pay increase in the nearest future but we will keep an eye.

Victor Wanyama Social Media

Wanyama is active on major social media platforms and you can find him on:

  • TWITTER: @VictorWanyama
  • INSTAGRAM: @Victorwanyama
  • FACEBOOK: @VictorWanyamaMugubi

Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth in 2024, Salary, Tattoos, Girlfriend, Cars and more


What is Victor Wanyama’s net worth?

Wanyama has an estimated net worth of 12 Million Euros.

How many clubs have Victor Wanyama played for?

Wanyama’s professional club experience includes stints with Beerschot, Celtic, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, and CF Montréal. He began his career at Beerschot.

How old is Victor Wanyama?

He will be 32 years old this year.

Nationality of Victor Wanyama?

He hails from Kenya and represent his country in all competition.

Has Victor Wanyama ever won a World Cup?

He does not have any world cup victories to his name.

Facts and Wiki Summary

Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth, Salary, Tattoos, Girlfriend, Cars and more
Victor Wanyama in Training for his club side, FC Montreal – via Afrokonnect
Birth PlaceNairobi, Kenya
Father’s NameNoah Wanyama
Mother’s NameMildred Wanyama
Star SignCancer
Net Worth€12 Million
Age33 years
Date of Birth25 June 1991
PositionDefensive Midfielder
Youth ClubsJMJ Youth Academy, Nairobi City Stars, AFC Leopards,  Helsingborg
Senior ClubsBeerschot, Celtic, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur,  CF Montréal
Achievements (Selected)Scottish Premier League(x2): 2011–12, 2012–13, Scottish Cup: 2012–13, Canadian Championship: 2021
GirlfriendTracy Macniven
Social MediaFacebookTwitter

Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth in 2024, Salary, Tattoos, Girlfriend, Cars and more


Victor Wanyama is a Kenyan professional footballer who primarily plays as a midfielder. He had an extensive career in both club and international football. Here are some key points about him:

Early Career: Victor Wanyama was born on June 25, 1991, in Nairobi, Kenya. He began his professional football career with local Kenyan club AFC Leopards before moving to Europe to pursue a higher level of competition.

European Career: Wanyama played for several clubs in Europe, with notable spells at Celtic FC in Scotland, Southampton FC and Tottenham Hotspurs in the English Premier League. His performances with these clubs earned him recognition as a strong and versatile midfielder.

Tottenham Hotspur: In 2016, Wanyama transferred to Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. During his time with the club, he became known for his defensive prowess and ball-winning abilities in midfield.

International Career: Victor Wanyama has been a prominent figure in the Kenyan national team, representing Kenya in various international competitions, including African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifiers.

Move to Major League Soccer (MLS): In 2020, Wanyama made a move to Major League Soccer (MLS) by signing with the Montreal Impact, which later became known as CF Montreal.

He continued to showcase his skills in midfield in North America. For the most recent updates on Victor Wanyama’s career, I recommend checking the latest news and reliable sources like his social media pages.

On that note, this brings us to the end of this post about Victor Wanyama Biography, Net worth in 2024, Salary, Girlfriend, Cars and more via Afrokonnect. Are you a supporter of Victor? We will love to hear your thoughts via the comment section.


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