Barry Jhay Net worth in 2024, Biography, age and real name

Barry Jhay Net worth, Biography,
Barry Jhay - Via Afrokonnect

Welcome to this post about Barry Jhay Net worth in 2024, Biography, age and real name via Afrokonnect.

In this article we will be bringing you credible information about Barry Jhay’s journey into the industry, he is one of the best in what he does for a number of reasons, one of which is Hard work and Consistency.

We will be exploring his career, biography and of course his Net Worth this year, you are going to discover why the Afro-pop artist joined music when he initially didn’t wanted to. So, on that note let’s start with this article already.

Barry Jhay Biography, Career and Net worth in 2024

Early Life and Background Information

First of all, I know a lot of people know him as Barry Jhay because that is his stage name. However, Barry Jhay’s real legal name is Oluwakayode Junior Balogun.

Barry Jhay was born in Ibadan, Oyo state, located in the south-western part of Nigeria, Oyo state is predominantly occupied by the Yorubas, which had a big influence in shaping his style and sound today.

Barry Jhay was born on the 13th February in 1993 and he is the son of Fuji music legend Ayinde Barrister, his father is the renowned Fuji singer, Sikiru Ololade Ayinde Balogun, popularly known as Ayinde Balogun.

While growing up as a child Barry Jhay started his nursery and primary school education alongside his siblings. Unfortunately, he didn’t proceed all the way to the university level.

According to him music was the only thing he loves and cherish, so even when he was going to school he was not able to understand any other thing aside from music production and sound engineering,

As a result, Barry Jhay had to drop out of school to focus on music and music only, though his parents weren’t in support of the initial idea, they gradually learned to support him, giving the fact that they also had a strong musical background.

Fast forward, today Barry Jhay is recognized as a professional Nigerian musician, in the next section of this post we will be looking at his career, Songs and Net Worth.

Barry Jhay Career, Songs and Net worth in 2024

You probably have listened to Barry Jhay’s father without even knowing, his father was a professional singer and that alone had a huge impact on Barry Jhay. Interestingly, Barry Jhay started recording music since he was just 5 years old, he used to follow his Dad to music concert and shows the he gradually developed passion for singing.

Though there’s another phase before he actually discovered his talent and passion for music. In his early days when the vision was still blurry, Barry Jhay used to cry whenever his father tells him that he would become a musician,

According to him before he discovered his interest in music he never thought he’ll become an artist that people will listen to. The story changed when his father passed away, Barry was forced to keep up his father’s legendary name and continue from where he stopped.

Songs and Discography

Barry Jhay is a popular Nigerian highlife musician with hit singles, album and several collaboration to his credit, he released the album “Barry Back” on the 28th February in 2020, Barry Back recorded more than 5 million streams on all music streaming platforms.

He signed a deal with Cash Nation Entertainment music label, the label responsible for releasing his 2020 debut album Barry Back, though his recent release was handled by Bang Hitz Music and distributed by Defabs Digital,

It is still unclear if Barry Jhay left Cash Nation Entertainment music label because of the tension between him and Kashy Gordon, the CEO of CashNation Entertainment.


Some of the songs Barry Jhay has released include;

  • Aiye – 2018
  • Normal Level – 2018
  • Go Down – 2018
  • Don Pablo – 2018
  • Olodo (feat. DJ Sound) – 2018
  • Akoredele – 2019
  • Tomorrow – 2019
  • Melanin – 2019
  • O Ga Ra – 2019
  • Grace – 2020
  • Muje – 2020
  • Jaye – 2020
  • Japa – 2020
  • Barry Back (Album) 2020
  • Ori – 2021
  • Ayewada – 2021
  • Rora – 2021
  • Shako – 2021
  • Kabiyesi – 2021
  • Lagos Party x Psycho Yp – 2022
  • Rumors X Mino G – 2022

Barry Jhay Net worth in 2024, Biography, age and real name

Controversy: Did Barry Jhay killed his friend?

A report broke the internet on Sunday, March 7, 2021. According to the report, Kashy Gordon, the CEO of CashNation Entertainment fell from the balcony of a building in Ghana and died.

The cause of Kashy’s death were sketchy at that time, with Some sources claiming Kashy committed suicide and others claimed Barry Jhay, the frontline artiste of the label, was involved in Kashy’s death.

However, Barry Jhay debunked all allegations via his Instagram page, he shared screenshots of a statement from his lawyers and the investigative report from the Ghanaian police.

These past few days have been drastically life changing for me with resounding frame of reflections,” Barry Jhay wrote in the caption via his official Instagram. At the end of the day Court releases Barry Jhay as CCTV shows Kashy committed Suicide.

Awards and Recognition

Everything changed for Barry Jhay after “Aiye”, he became more popular and started getting recognition, Aiye was a hip-hop song he released in 2018, the song earned him the nomination at “The Headies Award for Best Street-Hop Artiste”.

In 2018 he was nominated as the “Most Promising Act of the Year” at City People Music Award. In 2019 he was also nominated for “Best Street-Hop Artiste” at The Headies Award.

Barry Jhay won the “Best New Act of the Year” at City People Music Awards in 2018. In same 2019 he won “Rookie of The Year” at The Headies Award.

Barry Jhay Net worth in Naira and Dollars in 2024

The introduction of streaming platforms has really created another stream of income of Musicians worldwide. In Nigeria most celebrities earn through endorsements, royalties and performance fee,

Barry Jhay is among the artist racking huge amounts for Live performances, incase you don’t know Barry Jhay is also the owner and CEO of a clothing brand “Xvi.Xii.x”. From his multiple streams of income Barry Jhay has an estimated Net worth of $300,000 in 2024, which equals over 125,103,000 Nigerian Naira.

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Profile Summary

Barry Jhay Net worth, Biography,
Barry Jhay – Via Afrokonnect

Real name

Oluwakayode Junior Balogun

Stage name

Barry Jhay

Date of birth

13th February, 1993


Singer & Songwriter



Net worth

$300,000 (125,103,000  Nigerian Naira)

Conclusion about Barry Jhay Net Worth in 2024 and Biography 

Barry Jhay is becoming a big name in Nigerian music. His unique sound, heartfelt lyrics, and soulful shows are drawing people in. Barry’s story shows how ability, resilience, and determination can help you go from being poor to becoming famous very quickly.

With hits like “Aiye” and “Don Pablo,” Barry Jhay has proven himself to be one of Nigeria’s most promising Afrobeats acts. He has been praised by both fans and critics for his unique ability to combine traditional Yoruba sounds with modern production methods. This makes him a real innovator in the genre.

In addition to being a great musician, Barry Jhay’s stories demonstrate his sincerity, which strikes a deep emotional chord with viewers. People connect with him because he is open and honest about his own problems and successes, which creates a strong bond between artist and fan.

Barry Jhay’s future in the music business looks brighter than ever as he continues to grow as an artist and explore new music styles. Because he is so talented, so passionate, and so determined to succeed, he is going to make an even bigger effect on the music scene around the world in the years to come.

In the end, Barry Jhay’s rise from a hopeful musician to a real music star shows how talented and dedicated he is. He has won over fans all over the world with his contagious energy and undeniable charm.

He has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music business and beyond. Even though he is still reaching new heights, Barry Jhay will be remembered for many years to come as a leader in music. Hopefully you enjoyed this article about Barry Jhay Net worth in 2024, Biography, age and real name via Afrokonnect.



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