5 Easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business

5 Easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business

5 easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business via Afrokonnect.

The Tips in this article will help you in the path of Succeeding in Your Own Small Business, Weather you own a small business or you manage a small or large scale business for other people this publication will help your business grow, at the end of the day if you can try and implement these 5 important tips,

Then we can certainly guarantee you’ll be able to start seeing significant improvement very soon, so ride with me through this article as I reveal to you the secrets I’ve been using.

5 Easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business

1. Customer Care Service

I don’t need to remind you that Customers are always Kings and Queens, according to a study by NewVoiceMedia; up to 51% of customers most likely won’t repeat any type of business with a company that has a poor customer service experience.

So what does that tell you? It means you’re sending new customers to your competitors each time you push a potential customers away, if you treat your customers badly then they’ll leave and never come again, is as simple as that.

Also, countless research have shown that in order to make up for one negative experience it takes several positive ones. READ ALSO:- 15 Small town Business Ideas 

Now enough of the effect of Bad customer service experience, have you ever wondered what happens when you satisfy our customers according to their need?

Truth is it leaves them wanting more, in fact some customers automatically become your unofficial promoters, they’ll help bring in more customers to your business, it increase your credibility and in turn you make more money,

The benefits of Good Customers care services is endless and cannot be overemphasized, which is why it’s so important that you focus on improving your customer service today. By now I know you might be wondering or asking How can I improve my Customer service?

How to improve Customer Care service

To improve your customer service experience I want you to implement this 3 strategies;

  • Find out what types of changes you should make in order to ensure that your business is providing the best services out there,

You can do this by spying on your competitors, I said “Spy” because I don’t want you copy your competitors format, what you should do is Spy on them, pick what you need to pick and Improve on it.

  • Invest in staff training, improve basic communication outlets, or revamp your return policy.

If you have people working for you then you should try and ensure your staffs are well informed with your industry approach and Techniques. However, If you’re a self made entrepreneur and you still don’t have staffs under you then by reading this article you’re already on the right path. You need to constantly improve on yourself by doing research Online, Learn as much as you can from YouTube videos, Quora etc

  • Ask your customers to give you useful feedback on what they think can also be improved. By doing so you’ll get first hand suggestions about the improvements you need to make.

5 Easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business

2. Take your Business Online

Well, if your business lacks online presence in this current digital age then you’re missing a great opportunity, creating a professional-looking website is such an easy and quick task, yet it can do so much for your business.

You can also take advantage of Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, these are some of the most used social networks in the world, you don’t need to know anybody or be in the same geographical location to make transactions.

Start by creating a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account for your business which is absolutely Free, it is worth mentioning that every business has a platforms it thrive the most  so try and know your Target audience,

Discover which app they use the most, so for example, if your Business is more of Visuals contents then Instagram is most suitable, while If your business involves Redirection and Links sharing then Twitter and Facebook is your new home.

If you want your small business to make progress and improve, you need to work on your Online presence, Up to 75% of customers tend to do a research online before making purchases or payment, which is one of the reasons why you need to improve your online presence and make your profiles as professional as possible.

In order to improve your online presence and rank higher on the web, you can work with a digital marketing agency or an SEO one such as Tactica which offers SEO services in Washington DC, they will help you develop a new strategy so your business climbs higher.

Don’t forget to check our article about: 10 online Jobs you can start from Home. In summary, your website and social media profile should be simple and contain of:

  • Your business name
  • Your company’s logo
  • A summary of what your company does, including all of your products and services
  • Contact information
  • Your address and a Google Maps link
  • Your goal
  • Testimonials from your customers

What to do after Starting your own small business to Succeed? 

3. Promotion, Advertisement and Digital Marketing

I use to say “If great Content is King then Promotion is the padlock”, the reason why I usually say this is because no matter how Good or enticing your business and contents may be,

If you don’t get it to the right audience or customers then you won’t make proper sales and conversation. Expanding your marketing efforts is crucial if you want to increase your sales, the best part is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to promote your business.

You can start by running Social media Adverts on Instagram and Facebook. Also, paying influencers to promote your business on social media has proven to be an effective strategy. Also Check out one of our publications about: 10 smart ways to make money online.

Some Effective affordable ways to market your services and products are:

  • Partnering with other professional organizations and brands in your Niche
  • Getting newspapers involved in your charity events
  • Doing cross-promotions
  • Cold calling (believe it or not, it still works)
  • Using a promotion kit
  • Sending promotions alongside your invoices
  • Organizing free workshops and classes
  • Advertising your service on your vehicles by using a vehicle wrap

How can I succeed to start my own business?

4. Make your business a Legal Entity

Weather you like it or not if your business is not registered with a recognized government body there’ll be a limit to your operations. For example in Nigeria if your business isn’t registered with Cooperate affairs commission (CAC) then you can’t open a business account with any bank,

In essence registering your business makes you more credible in front of your customers and the Government authorities. Making sure that all of your paperwork and agreements are handled properly and professionally is also very important. If you can hire a business lawyer it’s an added advantage,

It’s easier to miss some specific details when making a deal with other companies. However with your business lawyer in the picture they’ll make sure everything you do is in line with the law. But, if you can’t get a Commercial lawyer then make sure your business is fully incorporated with the government.

5 Easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business

5. Employ the right staffs not Family and Friends

Lastly, don’t forget your employees and people that work for you, if you make a mistake of employing incompetent family members or friends then your business is likely to crumble,

Employing your friends and family members isn’t totally bad but make sure they’re capable of completing the task given to them, choosing the right ones and even more importantly keeping them is a key to having a successful business.

Prioritize hiring quality staff and keeping them for the long term, this way you show that you value quality over quantity. In addition, make sure your loyal employees have all the best conditions under which they’re working, this will ensure that they stay by your side for a long time at highest level of service.

Conclusion | 5 Easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business

All things considered, in order to make your small business thrive there are several factors you need to keep in mind.

In the end, it all comes down to making sure that both your customers and employees are satisfied with how you work, building a strong online presence, promoting your business properly, making new partnerships and ensuring that you have reliable lawyers to help you make these deals.


How can I make my small business successful?

Bonus Tips:

Instantly send out invoices to clients using Zintego, you may send invoices to clients in record time from the convenience of your mobile device or desktop computer. You’ll be more efficient, presentable, and credible if you do so.

5 Easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business

  • In other to Succeed doing your own small Business you need to make sure you Get Organized.

Prepare to Make Sacrifices because business is built on NO PAIN NO GAIN.

  • Remember to always Keep Detailed Records of activities and transactions.
  • Be Creative and continue putting out useful content to your target audience.

We hope you were able to pick a few tips from this article, you can as well check our Business and Investment page for more content like this one. On that note we’ve come to the end of this publication about 5 Easy ways to Succeed doing your own small Business via Afrokonnect.


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