How to start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

How to start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

Laundry and dry cleaning business is another cool way of making money without having to spend too much.

Laundry is a very common term used amongst people in all parts of the world to describe clothes or Linen that have to be washed.

Many a time, people directly interchange the words laundry and dry cleaning when trying to analyze the business.

This has led to a very false conception that Dry Cleaning is limited to just clothes/linen washing. 

Well, in this article you’ll know the difference and how to start your own laundry and Dry cleaning Business.

In a nut shell, Dry cleaning is cleaning service not limited to laundry, and should be best described as a highly specialized cleaning venture.

It requires a great deal of expertise and efficiency.

Dry cleaning service involves other items including but not limited to cleanliness of rugs, upholstery, windows, walls (especially tiles) etc.

However, The fact that Dry cleaning is not limited to Laundry alone does not mean it is compulsory for you to take up responsibility of the other items.

You can decide to stick with clothing basically, with this being the most lucrative aspect or part of Dry Cleaning.

Note: “don’t do what everyone else is doing, be the best at what you do”.

This saying is applicable in every business including in Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business.  

How do I start a laundry and dry cleaning business?

How to start a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business – Afrokonnect

The dry cleaning business has become highly competitive and so,

If you are going to run a Dry cleaning Business,

You must try to be better than every other laundry man/woman around that area.

This means you have to Know and take note of;

A) The different kinds of Soap to be used at interval,

B) What frequency to run your machines at, how long hard you scrub materials if you’re operating manual.

C) How to properly starch clothes,

D) The methods needed in getting extremely tough stains of whites, etc.

What equipment is needed for dry cleaning business?

They’re countless equipment needed when starting a laundry and dry cleaning business but below are the most critical and important ones you’ll need.

  1. Washers
  2. Pressing machine
  3. Dryer
  4. Steam boilers
  5. Commercial washing supplies including hangers, tags, pressing irons, packaging nylon, ironing table, buckets, Basins, starch, Garment Conveyor , Stain removing chemicals etc)
  6. A Power Generating Set (Nothing less than 7.0HP)
  7. Industrial ironing boards
  8. Steamers
  9. Business cards, handbills and other advert materials (for adverts and promotions).

How to start a Laundry and Dry cleaning business in Nigeria

We recommend you Watch to video below to give you more insightful information.

For Starters, describe what your Business is all about.

This is very important, as this is what will distinguish you from every other Dry cleaning Service.

When people asked what you’re  into, your description should go like;

Here at ( Your Business name ), We are into washing of all kinds of apparels, garments, clothing, rugs, curtains etc.

Also we use modern superior techniques.

We do proper and thorough washing, crisp starching, clean drying, ironing, garment packaging and Deliver promptly.

There are a lot of add-on services that we offer to spice up our dry cleaning Service”.

For instance, rather than Just wait for your customers to come to you,

You could take up the initiative and decide to do a mobile laundry service.

You can reach customers who are either too far to come and meet you or too busy and will be in need of home service.

Other Less popular yet more effective services to improve your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service includes lunching an online platform.

The online platform should contain where customers can make payments, order for a pickup and track records.

Haven done all that, you’ll need a tag line to stand out from competitors.

Your tagline should be Accessible, mobile, prompt, affordable, trusted, comfortable and an excellent service provider.

You would note that some of the words are in bold, this is no coincidence.

After a very lengthy survey carried out, it was discovered that most people would rather go for laundry services that are prompt, affordable

and keeps them happy with a good and excellent service.

Set out Goals and Vision

Laundry Business

  1. To increase in profit gradient all year round through aggressive customer gain.
  2. To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 70% of our customer base is repeat business.
  3. Push sales by making sure customers are satisfied by our pricing, service rendition, and seasonal promos.
  4. To employ sales/marketing rep who would be tasked to get customers from far and near.
  5. To have at least five branches in every city in Nigeria
  6. Effectively run our mobile arm as well as we run our stationed office.
  7. To be an household name in the laundry & dry cleaning company in the country.
  8. To exceed the customers’ expectations by providing quality service and exceptional customer care services in a loving and caring way.
  9. And to make our staffs comfortable, inspired and motivated for work

Is a dry cleaning business profitable?

Laundry and dry cleaning business has proven to be a profitable and lucrative investment.

However, this takes a lot of discipline, Hard work and commitment.

Let’s assume If the cost of dry cleaning an average item (asides suits and other special clothing) is set at #350

And you have client bringing in an average of 12 clothes at a time, if you have a daily patronage of 15 clients,

Then you should be making a daily average of ( analysis Below ); 

Price for each piece of clothing – #350

Number of items per customer – 12

Daily patronage – 15

Daily income = price per clothing x number of items x daily patronage

Therefore, daily income = 350 x 12 x 15 = #63,000

With this you can estimate how much you will make per month,

If you work every day except Sundays, you should be making and average of #1,638,000.

Although this will reduce when you take out taxes and maintenance fees.

Major Benefits of the Dry Cleaning Business

  • Affordable to startup.
  • Professional services are offered.
  • Laundry gets done quickly, You can even pay for express service if you really cannot wait.
  • Preserves the quality of the clothes.
  • It improves the hygiene of the customer.

How much does it cost to start a dry cleaning business?

Location/Rent is the first cost you’ll need to settle,

though this depends on a lot of variables like State and province you’ll like your business situated.

This is where the whole business operations would take place.

I’ve seen a lot of starters handle laundry operations from their houses to cut down cost.

We’ll advice you secure a place with enough space if you can,

It’ll serve for both office operations and most likely if there’s a backyard where the laundry can take place.

Second cost you’ll need to settle is the purchase of your laundry equipment and furnishing.

Thirdly, you’ll need to Obtain necessary permits and licenses to start operating.

This is avoid unnecessary harassment by government and to ensure you’re operating as a legal business.

This is little breakdown but note that it might be slightly different in your area as some prices tend to differ by location.

  • Business registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria – #40,000 (this is an approximate figure)
  • Rental of business space – #350,000 (it could be less or more, depending on your location)
  • Buying equipment and supplies – #150,000 (this could also differ, depending on your location)

With the above list, you should be spending an estimate of about #540,000 on start up.

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Ongoing cost of running The Business

Insurance, marketing cost, supply, utilities, Rent and staffs renumeration are  all recurring expenses.

Other miscellaneous expenses might arise during your day to day operations so I’ll advice you keep funds for that.

To do well in this business you will have to enjoy cleaning clothes and making them nice for others.

It is important to pay attention to the details, not lose track of the customers items and make sure the results of the washing, cleaning, pressing and/or folding are excellent.

You will need to work with many different chemicals, some of which are known to be quite toxic.

You will have to be comfortable with handling dirty laundry.

Some might be very smelly and even disgusting before it is cleaned.

Wearing gloves and protective equipment will be an important thing to do to protect your health.

Challenges in The business

Every business venture you’ll think of in the world has challenges.

Below are few challenges you should expect during your dry cleaning business:

  • Sometimes clothes could go missing, it becomes the responsibility of the business owner to ensure the client is duly compensated.
  • Clothes could get burnt or destroyed during the laundering process.
  • Poor electricity could be a major source of concern, especially in Nigeria. This makes the owner spend more on sourcing a secondary source of power supply.
  • Delivery times could be incredibly short in some cases.
  • Building a reliable customer base might be challenging because there are several dry cleaning agencies springing up daily and it is difficult to satisfy people.
  • Access to clean water.
  • Difficulty in getting skilled staff.

Due to the availability of washing machines most people rarely feel  the need to go to a Dry Cleaner.  

However, anyone who has used these machines will notice that they are not 100% effective in removing stains totally.

Hence an expert will be needed to handle the clothes.

Laundry and dry cleaning equipment are somewhat expensive for starters with little capital.


The video below would help you succeed in your business career so we highly recommend you watch.

We hope you Enjoyed and learnt from this article, don’t forget to share and leave a comment.



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