How to Cancel Auto renewal on Glo Data Plans in 2024

How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo

Welcome to this post about the Simple ways to stop or cancel Auto renewal on Glo data plans via Afrokonnect. It’s important for you to know How to disable auto-renewal on your Glo subscription, according to Glo, one can subscribe to any of its data plans by following simple instructions.

However, the most frustrating issue that we are going to discuss here is “without consent Glo auto-renewal,” which automatically renews the plan you are currently on whenever you recharge up to the amount that you subscribed to or more than that.

As a result of the widespread suspicion that this is an elaborate hoax, people are looking for a way out. You will get the knowledge necessary to disable Auto-Renewal on Glo by reading this article.

Auto-renewal services, which are common across most Nigerian Networks, have caused a great deal of frustration for a lot of consumers and have also caused them to lose their airtime unplanned,

That is why we also published an article about how to cancel automatic renewal on MTN. This is a huge pain, but don’t worry—below you’ll find instructions on how to disable Glo’s auto-renewal feature.

How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo Data Plans in 2024

Sending a text message with the word “CANCEL” to the number 127 will turn off the automatic renewal feature on Glo. After that, you will get a notification informing you that the cancellation of the auto-renewal services that you requested was accomplished. It’s as simple as that, and they will cease taking money out of your account until you specifically tell them to resume doing so.

How to Subscribe to Glo data plan in 2024

Sending the appropriate keyword to 127 in an SMS will get you subscribed to any of Glo’s plans that you choose. Simply phone *777# and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for the service or send the text message MENU to 127 to acquire the plan codes.

I’d like to think that this is how most of us signed up for the Glo data plan, before we were caught up in the Glo Auto-renewal mess, and I’m willing to bet that it is. As I was saying before, there is an exit strategy, just check out the Affordable Glo Data Plans, Prices & Subscription Codes.

The following is a statement from Glo about auto-renewal: When the user’s subscription has run its course, HSI packages may be renewed either automatically or manually. Through the use of the Self Care Portal, you are able to set up any package for automatic renewal.

You have to make certain that adequate credit is on your line by the date of renewal, in order to guarantee that the automatic renewal of your subscription will be successful. You will get a text message from the system in advance of the renewal date, before that day.

Glo automatic renewal of Subscription in 2024

According to the statement, subscribers will be notified before being placed on auto-renewal; However, in most instances, this does not occur because the company has already programmed its systems to continue deducting your airtime,

For a specific service you once used even after the service’s subscription period has ended, this will continue to occur until you send a particular code to their server indicating that you are no longer interested in paying for that plan.

How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo Data Plans in 2024


I hope you found some value in this article. Remember to share this post and leave comments for the benefit of others. In the next posts, you can find update on how to disable the auto-renewal feature on 9mobile, MTN, and Airtel.


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