Benefits of Co-working Spaces for Freelancers

Welcome to this post on benefits of co-working spaces for freelancers, via Afrokonnect. Freelancers requires a lot of factors to excel in their chosen field such as creativity, productivity and networking skills, these factors be gotten through co-working spaces.

Co-working spaces is the best alternative a freelancer can get to a private office as freelancers can get bored, lonely and distracted if they work alone mostly. It is also important to note that some freelancers profit heavily from working at home, as they concentrate more and isn’t stressful but it doesn’t work for all as there are numerous distractions such as kids shouting, loud neighbors and demanding pets. Co-working spaces provide a solution to freelancers faced with the issues listed above as it provides them with a conducive environment.

What are Co-working Spaces?

They can also be called “new homes” for remote workers as they are the perfect office environments for freelancers. Co-working spaces are growing rapidly in popularity and are frequently being used among freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, Etc.

They act as a perfect alternative to the typical “work-from-home” phenomenon that’s rampant everywhere, freelancers and remote workers can now work alongside other professionals in their field remotely, i.e.

Get a home or center, furnish it with typical necessities of a remote worker, gather other remote workers like yourself and work. Co-working spaces are also ideal for remote works who don’t have enough money to set up a private office in their home. Co-working spaces are very cheap to run as items needed are shared which eliminates excess expenses.

How to set up a Co-working Space?

The aim of anyone when creating a Co-working space is to identify and lure other remote professionals to make use of his/her co-working space. For this to actualize, it is important that your co-working space is one that’ll foster collaboration and ensure creativity. Here are a few tips to consider when planning the creation of an effective co-working space:

1) Make research:

Before you open a co-working space in your locality, you have to ensure that there is demand and not assume that “if you build it, they’ll come”. The idea of co-working space is new to various freelancers so you will have to sell the idea to them and convince them on the benefits.


You also have to make extensive research on the kind of professionals living in your locality to ensure that you target the right audience.

2) Focus on the functionality:

Co-working spaces are known for their creative artistic designs which are meant to create an energetic environment for freelancers and remote workers. If you aim to follow this particular trend, it will cost a lot which leaves you with a choice to determine how functional your co-working space will be. To excel above other competitors, you have to ensure that yours meets the general demand requirements and even surpasses them.

3) The Location:

You can’t set up your co-working space in a desert (i.e. an isolated area) as workers won’t consider this a safe space, the location of your co-working space has to be convenient, safe and easy to locate.

4) Get the required necessities:

There are some necessities that must be available in a co-working space to ensure its functionality such as high-speed internet, furniture, Etc. These necessities has to be available prior to the launch of a co-working space as no worker would love to work in an environment where they are not comfortable.

5) Get advice from veterans:

This is very important as they are experienced and would likely show you the do’s and don’ts of the business; they can also act as a mentor to ensure your success in the field.

Benefits of Co-working spaces for freelancers

The era of working from home is gradually phasing out as workers/freelancers are now venturing out to work. Here are some benefits of co-working space for freelancers and why you should give it a try:

1) They ensure enhanced productivity:

Numerous freelancers are known to transform an empty space in their house to a workstation or use a seat in their favourite coffee shop and work there but as fascinating as this might sound, they are efficient and comfortable which has resulted in the decline of freelancers’ productivity.

A good co-working space can change that rapidly as you are being provided with a comfortable work set-up on a platter of gold without any effort. These co-working spaces can also be found anywhere worldwide which saves you from the poor network connections hotels are known for.

2) Connect with similar professionals as yourself:

This is literally the most important part of this initiative, as you, a freelancer, have the opportunity to connect with other freelancer such as you and even those who are successful in your field.

This will help a lot as you stand a chance to gain massive experience from top professionals; Freelancers are known to be one of the loneliest people in the world, but co-working spaces provides you the opportunity to connect with humans and regain your lost human social skills. This can also serve as a great motivation to you and a major opening in your freelancing career.

3) Leave your home:

Imagine you have food, water, constant electricity and high speed internet, as a freelancer I think your life is complete and there is no reason for you to leave the house. This isn’t good as it causes a great deal of negativity to your mental health; everyone needs space from everything even your “HOME”. A co-working space provides you with a remedy to this as you leave your home, interact with humans and exercise a bit.

4) Availability of necessary amenities:

An average freelancer may not be able to provide himself/herself with all the necessary equipment in their line of profession which could cause a huge deal of unproductivity.

After being part of a co-working space, you’ll have access to a lot of amenities and freelancers can even find niche targeted co-working spaces for recording music or content. Co-working spaces are mostly endowed with a kitchen area where you find an unending list of snacks and soft drinks for relaxation and curing hunger.


Freelancers are known to be independent as they prefer doing most of their tasks on their own, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need the help of someone or need the benefits attached to a co-working space,

So I’ll advice you drop your ego, search round for the nearest co-working space and enjoy the benefits of co-working spaces for freelancers. Most co-working spaces are equipped with 24/7 access which entails that those working at night or weekends have access to them,

Alongside the numerous benefits attached to working with people of similar interest. Co-working spaces are designed for freelancers so try one and I promise you won’t be disappointed, thanks for reading and I hope to see you another time on Afrokonnect.



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