Top 10 Best Free Weight Loss Apps for Men & Women 2024

Top 10 Best Free Weight Loss Apps for both men and women in 2024 via Afrokonnect, welcome to this article, let’s quickly clear somethings before we proceed.


Weight loss apps are all the rage this season, they are apps that help you exercise and track your feeding habits, count calories, record water intake and so on, all for the purpose of losing weight.

As much as it is important to love your body, it is equally as important to maintain an healthy weight to lessen the risk of health problems like heart disease and obesity. The strides made in technology so far has brought with it, apps that aid and promote healthy weight loss and these apps have a variety of features specially made to suit individual fitness goals.

So, whether you’re trying to lose weight as a challenge, for work purposes [like modelling], to lose fat and build muscle or just to stay healthy, there are various apps that can help you achieve this and more. Read on to find out 10 of the best free weight loss apps for both Men and Women.

Top 10 Best Free Weight Loss Apps in 2024


MyFitnessPal is a weight loss app that helps users calculate their bodies daily calorie needs based on the information about the user given to the app, not only that but the app also allows users to log whatever they eat throughout the day into the app and from a nutrition database with millions of foods, the calories contained in such foods are determined.

At the end of the day, MyFitnessPal would provide a report showing the calories and nutrients the user consumed throughout the day, the app also helps users track their weight and gives access to a lot of healthy recipes users can try.


This app is primarily a calorie counter, it helps you keep track of your nutrition and weight loss using a personalized daily calorie budget, as time goes by, the app provides reports in the form of charts and statistics to help the user better understand their food and calories.

Another important feature is the diabetes tracker app which helps users with diabetes keep track of important information, informations like symptoms, nutrition, blood sugar levels, exercise and their medications.


Cronometer is a weight loss app unlike any other, while most weight loss apps only allow you track the amount of calories consumed, with Cronometer, after you log your food intake, the app can help you track over 80 micronutrients contained in your meal,

Basically, the app functions in a way that let’s you ingest optimal nutrients while staying within the confines of your daily calorie intake recommendation, with the app, you can also track your fitness and upload pictures of your body to compare your weight loss over time.

Best Free Weight Loss Apps in 2024


Fooducate is a nutrition scanner app that permits you to scan various foods barcodes and receive detailed information on such foods including nutrition constitution and ingredients, with the app, you can filter out foods that have unhealthy ingredients and get recommendations for healthier options to try instead. The app has various other features like allergens detection in food and tracking off exercise and calorie intake.


This is a popular weight loss app that helps users lose weight through assigning of a daily calorie intake goal, which depends on the users age, weight, sex, height and weight loss goals.

The app allows users to track their food intake, exercise and other health indicators like blood sugar levels and blood pressure, users are also offered health coaching to encourage careful eating practices.


Studies have shown that people who have social support are better at losing weight and sustaining their weight loss than people without such support, this support being discussed is one of the many features offered by the FatSecret app.

Other features include tracking of food intake, exercise and weight, also, a vast collection of healthy food recipes and the option to connect and interact with other users who have similar goals like you.

Best Free Weight Loss Apps in 2024


Fitbits are wearable activity trackers that help users keep track of all physical activity performed, for example, miles walked or amount of stairs and also watches vital signs like heart rate.

Using a fitbit gives the user automatic access to the fitbit app which is where all your physical activity information is stored and other informations like water and food intake is also tracked. Other features include its strong community features, awards for reaching certain milestones in your physical activity and option to set alarms as reminders to start exercise.


Formerly known as weight watchers, the WW app is a digital program that allows you to log your weight and food intake daily to keep track of the nutrients you have consumed each day,

It also comes with extra features like healthy recipes to try, live coaching, physical activity tracker and a barcode scanner that makes it easier to enter foods and their nutrient constitutions.

Best Free Weight Loss Apps for men and Women in 2024


Lose it! is a weight loss app that helps count calories and track weight, after downloading the app, users can log in their age, weight and health goals. Through analysis of this information, lose it! would generate a personalized weight loss plan that would help the user reach their weight goals.

As for the calorie counting feature, after logging in their statistics into the app, the app will recommends a daily calorie need plan for the user and the user can log in his or her food intake into the app and the amount of calories consumed from taking such foods is determined and reflected in the app.

Another benefit users get from using the app is the community component which allows users to take part in challenges and ask questions or share information on a platform, also, using the app to track your weight will enable you to see your weight changes presented on a graph and this helps you know how much closer you are to achieving your weight loss goal.


Peopleone health is an app that is very similar to the WW app in that users can log their meals, weight and exercise to track their weight loss progress and nutrient intake. The app also has an exercise demo component which contains exercises that aid users in losing weight and detailed descriptions and pictures on how to correctly perform the exercise to ensure the best effect on your body.


Free Weight Loss Apps for Women in 2024

  • Lose Weight for Women at Home

This app is specially designed for women to exercise and lose body fat at home, the app features 2-7 minutes long workouts that permit women to work out anytime and anywhere.

It has four difficulty levels and also allows users customize their workout routines, an added feature is the workout reminder set into the app to help you be more disciplined with your exercise schedule.


Rated best in motivation by, My Diet Coach is a fitness app that provides a fun way to stay motivated, while keeping fit through calorie counting and exercise tracking. The app has a variety of features including; in-app challenges and rewards, barcode scanner to get nutritional information on packaged foods, food diary, goal settings and reminders to help you stick to schedule in order to achieve your goals.

Other notable mentions include;


Best Weight Loss Apps for Men in 2024


This is an app specially designed for people who want to work out but are not ready to go to the gym, there is a variety of workouts available on the app including but not limited to; yoga, stretching, cardio workouts and full body workouts. Users get access to a tracker, timer and have the option to connect with a personal trainer.


Your energy levels, workout capacity and hunger levels are linked to your hydration and with the waterlogged app, users are allowed to set reminders for themselves,

These reminders could be either scheduled or random and they are for reminding users to drink water to make sure they meet their daily drinking goals. Other apps like this includes;


Best Weight Loss Plan App for Men and Women in 2024

Top 10 Best Free Weight Loss Apps for Men & Women 2022

While exercise is the most recommended way to lose weight, not everyone can find the time to workout at home or visit the gym. A solution to this issue is the use of weight loss diet plans apps, which through your weight loss goals can develop a personalized weight loss diet plan to help you shed some pounds. Some of these apps are;


Fun Weight Loss App in 2024

To be honest, losing weight is not an easy process, you have to be strict with yourself and stop completely, some dietary habits that you might have had for a long time, it takes patience and time for results. But it’s all on your hands to get started and change your habits, the first step could be including gummies that help you lose weight in your diet, little by little you will see the changes. And as the saying goes; old habits die hard.

Due to how arduous the process of losing weight is, some people choose to just not bother with it. Nowadays, there are apps that add a fun factor to losing weight and while they function like other weight loss app in helping you stay dedicated to your goals, they make sure you enjoy yourself every step of the way.

Dietbet: allows you make money while losing weight,

Zombies: Runner motivates you to run by simulating a zombie apocalypse ,

Rock my run: creates a music playlist for you which through a radical technology [body driven music] will adjust to fit your speed during workouts.

Best Free Weight Loss Apps In 2024


In conclusion, while the apps mentioned above are mostly safe to use, you should still consult with your doctor before taking drastic weight loss measures to avoid severely harming your health. Cheers! There you have it, Best Free Weight Loss Apps for both men and women in 2024 via Afrokonnect.


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