How to Start a Cleaning Service Business in Nigeria

Welcome to this guide, courtesy of Afrokonnect, on how to kickstart your journey into owning a successful cleaning service business in Nigeria. Whether you’re looking to clean up homes, offices or public spaces, this article is the perfect guide to help you through the required steps for success.

From doing your research to providing superior customer service, this article discusses every essential step in building your business. Read on to discover the secrets to not only starting but also excelling in the cleaning industry of Nigeria.

  • How to start simple cleaning business
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First, let’s discuss whether or not a cleaning service is a good business to


Yes, a cleaning service business is a good business to start for the
following reasons:

  • It has low startup costs
  • There is flexibility in terms of services and hours
  • A steady demand for cleaning services

With proper planning and strategizing, a cleaning service has a big potential to be sustainable and profitable.

How to start simple cleaning business in Nigeria


Researching the market is like exploring a map before embarking on a journey. In the context of starting a cleaning service business in Nigeria, market research means taking time to understand the cleaning industry in your area.

This involves gathering information about what types of cleaning services people need, who your competitors are and how much they charge. Through this, you get a clear picture of what customers want and what they are willing to pay for it.

All this information helps you in planning your cleaning service business well-from deciding which services to offer to setting the right prices. It is almost like having a treasure map that guides you to where the potential customers and opportunities are, so you can start your business journey on the right path.


This can be compared to creating a detailed blueprint for your cleaning business. It’s like planning your journey before you embark on it to minimise hiccups along the line.

In this plan, you will note down things like what cleaning services you’ll provide, how much you’ll charge and also how you’ll find customers. Through this plan, you will also estimate how much money you’ll need to start and how you’ll manage your expenses.

This plan will help you make sure you know where you’re going and how t reach there. It will help you stay organized and focused, just like having a clearly outlined map when travelling to a new place.


These are the rules and permissions you need to follow to run your cleaning business properly. In Nigeria, you need to officially register your business, get some documents from the government and possibly get insurance to keep your business safe.

These legal steps, present your business as real and trustworthy in the eyes of customers. This step should not be overlooked because it ensures that you are following the right rules and it protects you and your customers.

Just like wearing a seatbelt to keep everyone safe when driving, these legal steps keep your business safe and respected.


This step can be likened to creating a menu for your cleaning business. It involves deciding what tasks you will do for your customers. This means figuring out if you will clean offices, houses or other places.

You should also think about whether you’ll offer special cleaning services like carpet cleaning or windows cleaning. When you define your services, it will help you know exactly what you’re offering and helps customers understand what to expect.

Just like a menu tells you what foods are available at a restaurant, defining your services tells your customers what kind of cleaning you will do. This is an important step because it will help you focus on what you are good at and lets customers choose they cleaning services they require. It is like setting the stage for your cleaning business to shine and show what it can do.

STARTING A CLEANING COMPANY – Cleaning Service Business in Nigeria


Training your team is like teaching a group of friends the ins and outs of a new game. This step involves showing your cleaning staff the right and best ways to clean.

You will teach them how to use cleaning tools, which products to use and how to handle different cleaning situations. When your team is properly trained, they can carry out their duties effectively and satisfy customers.

Just like practicing a game makes you better at playing it, training your team makes them better at cleaning. This step is a must-do because it ensures that your staff knows how to perform their tasks well, leading to pleased customers and a thriving business.

Armed with this step, your team has an excellent playbook to provide excellent service and make your business stand out among many.

How to Start a Successful Cleaning Service Business in Nigeria


Strategic pricing is like setting the right price tag on your cleaning services. It means you are carefully choosing how much to charge customers for the services you’re offering. To do this, you have to consider several factors like how much your competitors are charging, costs of acquiring cleaning tools and what customers are willing to pay.

Just as a chef prices a dish based on ingredients and customer preferences, strategic pricing helps you find the middle ground where your services are valuable, yet affordable. This step is essential because it helps you cover your expenses, make a profit and attract customers.

It’s like finding the right point on a scale – not too high that people can walk away and not too low that you can’t afford to sustain your business. With strategic pricing, your cleaning business can clean up the market by offering great value and earning the rewards of your hard-work.


Superior customer service is like going the extra mile to make your customers feel happy and valued. In Nigeria, it means treating your customers with respect, listening to their needs and making sure they are satisfied with your cleaning services.

Just as a friend offers help when you need it, unmatched customer service shows your customers that you care about their living or working spaces and their well-being. This step is important because happy customers are likely to return and tell others about your excellent customer service.

Through this, you build a strong foundation for your cleaning business by creating loyal relationships and positive word-of-mouth referrals. With superior customer service, your cleaning business can shine by leaving a sparkling impression on every client, leading to a path of success and growth.

Successful cleaning business tips – Cleaning Service Business in Nigeria


By investing in quality supplies and equipments, you have the right tools for the job. This means that you have to buy reliable cleaning products and tools that get the job done well.

Like a painter needs good brushes to create a masterpiece, quality supplies and equipment helps you and your team to work efficiently and deliver great results. This step is crucial because using the right tools makes your work more effective, which leads to happier customers.

It’s like building a strong foundation for your cleaning business by showing that you are serious about providing top-notch service. With quality supplies and equipments, your cleaning service business can thrive, impress clients and pave the way for success and trust in the competitive cleaning market.



Effective branding is similar to giving your cleaning business a recognisable personality and identity. This means creating a memorable and professional image for your company through a well-designed logo, a catchy name and an attractive visual style.

Just as a unique outfit helps you stand out in a crowd, effective branding sets your cleaning business apart and makes it easy for customers to remember you. This step is important because strong branding builds trust and helps you connect with potential customers.

It helps you leave a lasting impression that makes people think of your business first when they need cleaning services. With effective branding, your cleaning business can make a strong first impression, establish credibility and sweep its way to success in the competitive market.


When you pursue growth and expansion, you spread your wings to reach new heights in your cleaning business. This means that you gradually offer more cleaning services, hire additional staff and explore new areas to clean.

Just as a plant grows by branching out, pursuing expansion allows your cleaning business to reach more customers and increase your income. This step is important because as your business gets bigger, you can serve a larger audience and become more well-known.

It is like planting seeds that turn into a thriving garden of success. With growth and expansion, your cleaning business can sweep into new opportunities, earn more profits and establish a strong presence in the cleaning market of Nigeria.

How to Start a Successful Cleaning Service Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Cleaning Service Business in Nigeria


As you embark on your journey to create a successful cleaning service business in Nigeria, you have to remember that every step that you carry out properly brings you closer to your goal.

When you understand the market, offer quality service and nurture good customer relationship, you lay the foundation for success. As you venture into this exciting path, we wish you all the best and hope your new venture flourishes and prospers. Cheers!


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