Best Aviation Schools in South Africa (Top 10 World Ranking) 2024

Best Aviation Schools in South Africa

Top 10 Best Aviation schools in South Africa to attend for Flight training in 2024, the Cheapest and most Affordable based on World Ranking via Afrokonnect. 

Have you ever planned on attending an aviation school in South Africa or anywhere else in the world. But then, you’ve been wondering how much it’ll cost or which aviation school is the best for you?

Well, Consider yourself lucky for coming across this article. In this article, we’ve discussed extensively on the top 10 best aviation schools in South Africa. And also the school fees for these aviation schools. Relax yourself, as we unveil the list.

Top 10 best aviation schools in South Africa in 2024

10. Aeronav Academy Limited

Aeron Academy limited was founded in 1970 and it is located in Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa. This school has been in existence and well known for flight training for the past 45 years.

Also, their academic syllabus is impressive so far, they are very effective at teaching their students the best ways of flying aircraft very easily.

9. Cape Town Flight Center

Cape Town Flight Center academy is one of the flashy and among the best aviation schools in South Africa. They are well equipped with the best equipment and facilities which makes it very convenient for the students to learn easily.

The students in this academy go through some tedious training, and it makes them become very good pilots after they are through with studying.

When students graduate they are given some licenses depending on their program. Some of these licenses including; Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

8. Algoa Flight Center

This is an expert training school located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and it was founded in 1956. Algoa flight center gives aviation training to pilots in a conducive environment with some modern aircraft and expert tutors.

This Academy also offers licenses to students after their training including private pilot license, commercial pilot license and a lot more. Any student who graduated from this school has a greater percentage of getting a job after graduation.

7. Durban Aviation Center

Durban Aviation Center is also one of the best aviation schools in South Africa. This academy is well disciplined and determined in making young pilots become aviation experts.

Like many other aviation universities in South Africa Durban Aviation Center academy grants some licenses to their students after graduation. Some of the licenses given includes; Private Pilot license (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL).

6. Avon Jet Africa

Avon jet African is located at Grand Central Airport, New Road, Midrand, South Africa. This academy is one of the best aviation and flight training schools in South Africa.

The school possesses some of the best facilities and has a wide training land, the educators in this school are experts and have great knowledge about aviation. They are always improving their tutoring skills which bring effectiveness to their students.


5. Progress Flight Academy

Progress flight Academy was founded about 30 years back and it is still in existence, they are located in Port Elizabeth Airport, South Africa and their track records shows they are very reliable.

This academy provides their students with the best equipment and a good aviation course. The Academy’s goal is to provide an aviation industry that can’t be underrated in the world.

Aviation schools in South Africa and their Fees

4. 43 Air School 

This academy is located in a charming and quiet surrounding, port Alfred, South Africa. 43 Air academy has a good and conducive environment for their students.

This academy has trained more than 7000 students and has more than 60 Aircraft for training, also the school provides good accommodation for their students to enable smooth learning,

43 Air academy is the only African aviation school that provides Integrated Airline Transport Pilot License (IATPL).

3. Madiba bay school of flight

Madiba bay school of flight is an aviation training facility in South Africa, it was opened in 2006 and since then it has grown into a reputable flight school that has produced airline pilots for companies covering every globe.

The Madiba bay school offers training for;

  • Private pilot
  • Commercial pilot
  • Multi engine
  • Instrument Rating
  • National CA certificate.

If you’re planning to study in any or the aviation schools in South Africa then it’s important for you to know their school fees and how much it’ll cost you. The fee differs based on where you’re applying from, either you’re applying as an International student or as a South African, the fees are;

  • R 378,000 for South African students which equals around $ 25,000. 
  • R 400,000 for international students which equals around $ 26,460.

Note that the fee is slightly higher for international students because of extra documentation and expenses, if you’re an international student we advice you spare some money for miscellaneous.

How to apply for Madiba Bay Aviation School in South Africa

To apply for the Medina Bay Aviation school you have to undergo a physical medical examination, this will helps to prove that your physical and mental health is sufficient to operate an aircraft, in addition to that, Every International student must require health insurance.

Also, each applying student is required to maintain a minimum of R 5,000 in their school account, the equivalent of that amount in USD equals around $330.

Last but not least, you can go ahead and apply for a student visa. Madiba bay school of flight is located at Port Elizabeth international Airport Boeing, St Walmer Gqebera 6070 South Africa.

2. Central flying Academy

Central flying academy is one of the largest flying schools in South Africa, the school is specialized in training both international and local students.

CFA has its own student accommodation and all aircraft are owned, operated and managed by the CFA management team, this gives them full control of utilization and maintenance ensuring that only the highest standards are maintained.

Similarly, the school offers training in these courses;

  • Commercial pilot
  • Private pilot
  • Multi Engine rating
  • Instrument Rating

Their school fees will cost you R 414,754 which equals around $ 27,436 for both local and international students.

How to apply for Central flying academy

  • Just visit their website

Central flying academy is located at Rand Airport, Hanger 28 Hurricane Road Johannesburg 2062 South Africa.

Which institute is best for Pilot?

1. Johannesburg, School of flying

Johannesburg School of Flying is one of the oldest flying schools in South Africa, with over 3,000 graduates, it has an excellent safety record and efficiency in  service delivery.

The academy is approved by the South African civil aviation authority which is ICAO compliant.

  • Courses offered
  • Private pilot license
  • Instructor Rating
  • Stimulator Training
  • Radio telephony lectures
  • Foreign license validations.

Their school fees will cost you R 414,754 which equals around $ 27,436, additionally, Johannesburg, school of flying is located at spitfire, Germiston, Johannesburg 1401 South Africa.

You can consider South African Visa Application and Requirements if you’re interested in any of the schools.

Aviation Schools in South Africa and their Fees

How much is aviation school in South Africa?

The below contains a list of aviation schools in South Africa and their Fees;

  • Aeronav Academy

Aeronav academy is a SACCA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) accredited training organization, the school was established in1970 and has 45 years experience in the aviation training industry.

It has the best training facilities, thereby providing it’s students with the proper training environment and equipment, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in guidance to all activities to the students.

  • It offers courses on
  • Commercial pilot
  • Airline transport pilot
  • Private pilot

Their school fees is will cost you R 396,370 which equals around $ 26,220.

How to apply for Aeronav academy

  • Enroll with Aeronav academy
  • You are required to deposit R 50,000 (ZAR) upfront for private pilot license courses
  • Obtain a student visa
  • Start training.

Aeronav academy is located at Gate 9A, Airport Road, Lanseria Airport Lanseria, Johannesburg1748, South Africa.

Best Aviation Schools In Africa in 2024

Aviation is part of science that deals with making and flying aircraft, a lot of amazing aviation schools exist all over the world, but we want to look at the best aviation schools in Africa, which are mostly located in South Africa.

South Africa is one of the biggest and most popular African countries in the world, also, South Africa has a very good and outstanding aviation school,

Aviation schools in South Africa are eye-catching and are popular worldwide for doing their best and training up successful pilots.

Fortunately, the best aviation schools in Africa are mostly located in South Africa, below are the best aviation schools in South Africa which have been ranked in the world’s best aviation industry.

  • Aeronav Academy Limited, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • CapeTown Flight Training Centre, Durbanville.
  • Algoa Flight Centre, Port Elizabeth.

Best Aviation school in the World in 2024

The video below is about the top 10 Aviation Universities in Europe based on facilities and services, latest ranking;


Where can I study aviation in South Africa – Is South Africa good for flight training?

  • Algoa Flying Club

The Algoa flying club is an aviation training academy and is considered to be one of the leading flying schools in South Africa, this state of the art, Elite Evolution stimulator is built to meet the rigorous JAR, WSTDA standards.

Algoa flying school was formed in 1929, training pilots on tiger moths, the club was reformed in 1956, it was named after Algoa Bay on the coast at which the city is situated.

This makes the flying school the oldest and most established flying schools in South Africa with 50 years of experience.

Algoa flying school offers training in these courses;

  • Commercial pilot training license
  • Night Rating course
  • Restricted Radio Telephony license
  • General Radio Telephony license
  • Multi Engine Rating and more.

To study at Algoa flying school you should make sure you have around R 394,000 for school fees, the School fees in USD equals around $26,000. Algoa flying club is located at Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape 6065 South Africa.

Cheapest Aviation schools in South Africa

The aviation industry is the business sector dedicated to manufacturing and operation of all types of aircraft, it also includes the activities and industries related to flight.

The biggest of the many uses of aviation are in air travels and military combat. Air traffic controllers are concerned with aviation safety.

Names of cheapest aviation schools in south Africa

  • Madiba bay school of flight
  • Algoa flight club
  • Central flying Academy
  • Johannesburg school of flying
  • Aeronav Academy

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Conclusion on Best Aviation Schools in South Africa 

Best Aviation Schools in South Africa

There’s no doubt that the Aviation industry is a challenging one both financially and educationally. However, with the proper training and low budget fees from these five cheapest Aviation schools in South Africa,

Your dreams of becoming a renowned pilot is secured. These are the best aviation schools in South Africa, which have a lot of benefits,

Aviation schools in South Africa provides more than enough for their students which makes them become expert pilots, this is good for anyone who wants to study or know anything and everything about Aviation.

This brings us to the end of this article about the top 10 Best Aviation schools in South Africa to attend for Flight training in 2024, the Cheapest and most Affordable based on World Ranking via Afrokonnect.


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